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beck at pancho villa

So.. my friend Damian’s friend Jason saw Beck at Pancho Villa Taqueria in the Mission last night… he writes:

Taqueria Mariachi for a Night:

beck @ pancho villa

Last night Melanie and I went to Pancho Villa for the award-winning deliciousness. As you may know, it’s not unusual for somebody to be
standing in the back playing a guitar. However, the dude playing the guitar last night was Beck. The normal mariachi guy was there and was
looking PISSED (I should’ve gotten a photo of him sulking in the front).

beck @ pancho villa

It was neat because I got the sense that most of the people in Pancho Villa didn’t even know who Beck was. He was singing while people were
eating their burritos, making trips to the salsa bar, walking around him to get to the bathroom, etc. In fact, he was largely ignored, just like everyone else who sings in the back at Pancho Villa. The lesson here:
even a celebrity can’t distract you from a Pancho Villa burrito.

Haha.. good stuff.. Beck plays with Le Tigre tonight at Bill Graham..

7 Responses to “beck at pancho villa”

  1. Bobby Andersen Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me! I’m in SF on a vacation and I went to Pancho Villa literally the night before he came! Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but I’m a huge fan of Beck! I will never forgive myself for this.

  2. Lizelle Says:

    This was a LOL – thanks for posting.

    Very disappointed having missed an opp to see Beck up close and personal.

  3. Mark Crowder Says:

    Can I make the obligatory ‘Cancun is better’ comment?

  4. timmay Says:

    thank god there was no mention of scientology

  5. Davis Freeberg’s Digital Connection » Blog Archive » Clap Hands For Beck On SNL Says:

    [...] Beck is one of those artists who continually surprises me. Every album is different then the next and you never know what to expect from him. This year he played at Yahoo!’s Hack a Day and last year he showed up at Pancho Villa, a great local San Francisco Mexican restaurant, and played for people lucky enough to have come in for dinner. [...]

  6. = ] Beck fan Says:

    Beck also went to Taqueria La Cumbre (I saw him play there) He was so great!

  7. = ] Beck fan Says:

    the food at Taqueria La Cumbre is also better than at Pancho Villa

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