exhausting fun weekend…

loveparade in the shadow of city hallloveparade here we go

Ahh.. I do love living in San Francisco.. It’s been a fun filled few weeks.. Royksopp last week, Her Space Holiday and Stellastarr* this week (and all of those shows were during the week!).

Then, came the weekend.. Every year, the last weekend of September brings gorgeous summer-like weather and a fun-filled weekend of nonstop parties with the arrival of Love Parade and the Folsom Street Fair. It’s the second year of Love Parade in San Francisco, and this year’s route took the party right down Market street, ending up at the Civic Center (conveniently three blocks from my house). Hmm.. I find it a little odd that news.com covered it, but hey, that’s cool, I guess.

crystal method!we're all fans of celesta

Anyway, it was awesome to be at a party in the middle of the day in the shadow of City Hall. Supperclub had a magnificent float decorated much like the Salle Neige, in all white, with two big beds on either end.. The Space Cowboys brought the Unimog as usual, and the good folks at Massive Selector put together a kickass float with Club Six. I spent most of the time with the Cowboys, who were playing sweet, funky breaks.. Crystal Method played on the supperclub float, which was incredible, so I was glad I got to see them..

Whoooo.. This week brings M83 at Mezzanine on Thursday and then Sigur Ros on Saturday in Oakland.. and then Z-Trip later that night at Mezzanine.. need.. more.. red bull… AND the new season of LOST has started.. so much to do!

All of my pics from loveparade are here.

akimbo.. one month update…

I’ve had the Akimbo now for one month, and so far so good…

Content continues to improve, they’ve added the BBC now, so that’s pretty cool. The main thing I watch regularly is the music videos — it’s weird that there’s no cable channel that plays music videos anymore (or at least one that I get — yah, I know there’s M2, but I don’t get that). I’m hoping that they’ll continue to add more channels, since access to content is really what they’re selling here. As the number of subscribers continues to grow, they’ll have more pull with the content providers; which is why it’s great to see that Akimbo is looking for beta testers for Windows Media Center… So.. if you’ve got MCE, go sign up and check it out!


royksopp @ mezzanine

Royksopp came into town last night, and played a show at Mezzanine.. Mezzanine was a fantastic venue for the show — I’ve only seen dj’s there, and the place sets up quite nicely for live acts.. The sound system was fantastic, so the rumbling bass that accompanies most Royksopp tracks was dutifully served — for most of the songs, I could feel my insides reverberating to the beat.. crazy. Annie opened for Royksopp — though she has a few great songs, the crowd didn’t really seem that into her, and for some reason, her sound was much more treble-y, and didn’t seem to work with the system there..

Mezannine has a few great shows lined up for the next few weeks — M83 on September 29th, then Z-TRIP is coming back to SF on October 1st.. .Z-TRIP’s last show was rockin, despite being at a crappy venue (the Regency).. I’m also seeing Sigur Ros on the 1st in Oakland, so that should be quite the busy night… The reviews of the Sigur Ros shows have been phenomenal, so I’m quite looking forward to that…

So much music.. so little time..

supperclub… now open..

crowded house

This weekend, Supperclub San Francisco held its grand opening gala.. I’m just one of the investors, so I really don’t have *that* much to do with the actual place, so I can’t really take much credit for it. Anyway, it’s amazing. The place is gorgeous, with three rooms: a red bar “Le Bar Rouge”, a mirrored-colour changing lounge “La Salle PrivĂ©e”, and the main balconied dining room “La Salle Neige” — all white, beds all around the sides.. Supperclub is already a legendary establishment in Amsterdam and Rome, and San Francisco is their first US venture.

then blue again

The gala opening was spectacular. Themed “wild, silver and white”, I got decked out in an all white tuxedo for the event. Costumes ranged from hot silver dresses to tennis outfits (get it? white!) to one guy who pasted mirror tile all over himself (he would be been quite at home in the limo). The evening was punctuated a sampling of the various performances that will be happening throughout the course of a normal Supperclub meal — djs, drummers, opera singers, drag queens, and even a chocolate orgy.. So, if you’re around San Francisco, be sure to set aside an evening for a visit…

managing my own baseball team…

So, for awhile now, I’ve been playing this game, Out Of The Park Baseball… It’s a baseball simulation (as opposed to fantasy) game. You get to manage everything from your team’s lineups to who gets called up from the minor leagues, to how much you charge for tickets — it’s pretty fun (albeit admittedly geeky). Masnick had been playing in one of the online leagues, and got me to join up..

dennis plays ootp

I manage the Milwaukee Brewers in our league. I had a pretty decent season, going 93-69, winning the wildcard spot for the playoffs.

So anyway — today, the chronicle wrote up quite a great article about OOTP, where I was interviewed and featured in a photo.. Note the photo credit — Andy took that.. Now he’s an officially published photographer, I guess, eh?

In real life, I’ve started playing on yet another softball team — this time here in San Francisco.. We play tonight at 7:35pm at the Jackson fields in Portero Hill, so swing by and cheer us on… We’re 1-4 right now. Last week we lost 32-7 (ouch.) Yes, that’s a softball score, not a football score.

my 10 favorite windows apps..

Ok.. Om started a little meme this week by listing his 10 favorite mac apps, carlo followed suit… and now I wanna play, but I’m not a mac guy, so I’m just going to list my 10 favorite windows apps in the same vein… c’mon, just cuz I don’t have a mac, does that mean I’m not as cool? Anyway.. on to the list.. these are my 10 favorite apps.. When setting up a new computer, these are the apps that I make sure are installed before I start to do anything…

  • TextPad is my text editor of choice — much, much better than Notepad, which is just awful. For editting HTML, config files, SQL, or anything text-y, it’s awesome.
  • ACDSee is what I use as my default image viewer. It’s super-fast, lite, does lossless JPG rotation, and even opens PhotoShop files.. The publisher now has a new, fancy version, but I still install the “Classic” version since it’s got exactly what I need and nothing more.
  • PuTTY has won out over SecureCRT (which I used to use and love) only because I’m a cheap bastard and PuTTY is free.
  • Konfabulator rocks. Apple Dashboard basically stole the whole idea, so I think that’s why they ported the whole thing to Windows since Apple kind of screwed them. Yahoo! just recently bought Konfabulator, so I hope they don’t F it up. I run a whole suite of widgets that run the gamut from clocks to wifi indicators to MLB scores to earthquake monitors.
  • Yahoo! Messenger. I run five instant messaging clients. In order of personal preference, they are YIM, Skype, AIM, MSN and Gtalk. I’ve been using YIM the longest, but I do prefer its interface, overall feel, features and.. yes, smileys. I tried using meta-clients like trillian, but I hate them. And the reason I run so many IMs? Different people are on different IMs, so until interop actually happens, I’m stuck.

Hmm.. that’s only five. But that’s really it for me… Sure, I could list Firefox, Outlook, iTunes, and Excel but now we’re getting out of the realm of “apps” and moving into full on applications, which I think is out of scope for this little bite sized meme.. So that’s it.. If you have any suggestions of any other apps I could use, please let me know…

busy labor day weekend…

It was quite the busy busy labor day weekend.. This was my first labor day weekend in five years that I actually spent here in san francisco, since I usually am at burningman… This year, I held on to my ticket until the very last minute to keep alive the possibility that I might actually make it up there again, but it never happened. This year was the 20th anniversary of the event, and it sure did look like fun. Oh well.. Less than a year till the next burningman, I suppose..

amy & joe

The weekend was kicked off with a bang, with the wedding of my friends, Amy and Joe.. Their wedding was in Sausalito, and went off without a hitch. The ceremony was in this awesome little church atop a hill, followed by the wedding reception just across the street.. It’s been quite the wedding season this year already, this being my third, after Steve & Monnia’s and Jason & Bonnie’s… The reception was at the Alta Mira, which usually has a spectacular view of San Francisco (which was smothered in fog the whole day). Congrats Amy & Joe! (Oh yah, congrats to Steve & Monnia and Jason & Bonnie too.. albeit belated on the blog.. oops).

we drank 169 beers

Sunday was marked by Paul M’s first evite’d event (welcome to the internets, Paul) — a bbq at the famed 629 Elizabeth house. We were graced by Korby’s return to SF for the weekend (it really seems like he didn’t move to NYC).. True to a San Francisco September day, the weather was actually quite warm, though a cold, foggy breeze rolled in midway through to remind us to not leave our jackets out of arm’s reach. As would be expected with any gathering of the jerks, there was an excessive amount of sausage present (both literally and figuratively), an ton of yelling, and copius quantities of beer consumed. Approximately 169 cans and bottles, to be exact. Paul had initially forecast beer consumption at around 80 beers, and clearly he underestimated the amount of beer consumed during several rounds of raucous asshole.

oysters at tomales bay

We groggily awoke Monday and headed for Tomales Bay, for oysters straight from the farm.. Ahh.. more bbq’ing and beer. We were quite weary from the previous night’s outing, so the beer drinking was actually kept to a minimum. The oyster eating was quite sweeeeet.. I highly recommend it — I mean, for like 8 bucks, you get a dozen oysters in a mesh bag that have just been freshly plucked right out of the bay in front of you.. delicious tasty goodness.

Yes, living in San Francisco is good.

my desk, annotated..

my desk

Much like the memory maps that I annotated to illustrate what I remember from my childhood, the flickr desknote meme is composed of a bunch of people taking pictures of their desks and annotating the hell out of the resulting picture on flickr (so click over to look at what all these things are on my desk)…

I actually didn’t take this picture with the intent of adding to the desknotes group — I was chatting with Jason, a wedding photographer, and he mentioned that he’s started taking everything in RAW format as opposed to JPG… So, I tried it out.. RAW is impressively flexible and all, but for most pics I think I’ll still use JPG since it takes a lot more work to get the pictures viewable — and it takes a ton more space (about 2.5mb per picture as compared to 500kb).. and it’s slower.. but, you sure can make some neat pictures with it…