ADD Good For Techies!! w00t!

So Mike sent me this link to this article about how people with ADD are more inclined for careers in high tech because their ability to hyperfocus, amongst other things (I guess when you can’t focus very well, you learn to hyperfocus, maybe?) Anyway… I’ve never really been officially diagnosed with ADD or anytihng, but maybe I do exhibit a lot of the signs… I mean.. isn’t my desktop ADD-land?


Yah, that’s what my desktop usually looks like on a normal day.. usually about 5 or 6 active IM sessions, like at least 3 files I’m coding at a time, emails mid-sentence, fun fun… and.. there always needs to be music playing (it’s not on my desktop since I use XM these days).. I can’t concentrate in silence… I don’t really process the actual song that is playing, but I definitely need something on in the background…. People have commented that watching me work is bewildering because I’m constantly switching between windows..

So yah, I dunno, maybe I’m one of the 85 percent of adults that don’t know they have ADD, but if I am and (as explained by the article) if these traits help me be successful in my job, then why is it a “disorder” then?

But, part of me wonders if I’m a product of my environment.. working in tech definitely encourages the multi-tasking-ADD-like environment that I’ve become accustomed working in, no?

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  1. Ah, but by showing us your screen, you reveal that you group similar taskbar buttons. This obviously means you’re not ADD, because you have the time to go search for the right window among the set…

  2. are are what you code…i run my life like multi-threads. i just wish there are ‘unfortunate’ race conditions in my dating life. sigh. it’s a very slow FIFO queue now. ha ha 😛

  3. Dude, i’ve always known i’ve had ADD, i don’t need any article to tell me .. things .. btw, you should say A.D.D. so i dont think “math” when i read your title.

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