woo! broken ankle update… day 83..

Hooray!! I got my stitches out this week… and now I have a bitchin’ scar. Chicks dig scars, right?

all done!  stitches out.

So, I’m hopefully nearing the end of my broken ankle saga, started nearly three months ago… The doctors all say that I’m healing up great, and with each day, my ankle gains a little more flexibility and a little more strength. It’s kind of cool feeling it get better with each day. Although I’m going to visit the physical therapist on Wednesday for a consult, the doctor says that with each step I take, it’s like self-therapy, so.. the more steps I take, the better I’ll get. But, I do want to get back into playing baseball, riding bikes, dancing crazily, and everything, so.. I figure a PT consult can’t hurt. Also, I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on the InterWeb, and I’ve kept the best broken ankle links I’ve found at my del.ico.us..

So.. I’ve had three months now to sit on my arse and get nice and fat… so I’m super excited to get back out and run around again. Wahoo!

Thanks to my doctors, and thanks to everyone who has been super nice and supportive to me and my gimpy ankle for these past few months!

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  1. Hi…I don’t know you,and you me. But I googled broken ankles,and this website popped up. I find it interesting that you have kept a blog about your recovery stages. Believe it or not……I broke my ankle the exact same way you did. But I was skateboarding….I dislocated my ankle(it was about 90 degrees bent outwards) and I ended up having to go to surgery(thank goodness I didn’t eat anything that day so I could go right into surgery that same afternoon). And after reading your stories….I feel much better that there is an end of the road. It has been three weeks since I broke my ankle and this long cast is driving me insane!
    Thank you for blogging your story.

  2. I stumbled across your blog with a search engine about a dislocated ankle and broken tibula and fibula. I did mine sliding into home about 10 days ago. ugh. Thanks for your blog though. I having been feeling pretty much the same way as you described and it’s nice to know that things get better! good luck next year playing ball!

  3. Hi there I also stummbled across your site, I broke my left ankle on june 23rd 06 (friday)
    It’s been 4 weeks now and I to had to have surgery, I fell off a curb at a gas station by my house ( to sue or not to sue?) and broke my ankle in 3 places and dislocated I was hospitalized that same day and was suposed to have surgery the next day but the doctor had an amergency so I was put on the back burner for another day (sunday I had the surgery plate and 2 screws monday i went home….. I only had a cast on for less then 2 weeks Now I am wearing a walking boot…. If you would like to read my website about my ankle feel free…..Im healing nicely and I started therapy last week The sooner the better and going almost everyday…. Glad to see your doing well best wishes.

  4. awesome….I’m 11 weeks since my ankle crunch. I have 12 screws and a plate. Since week 10 I’ve been progressing pretty well. PT is almost dumb to go to cause I exercise it every second I can. Many, many snaps and crackles come from my foot when I try to put ‘extra’ weight on it now. I think everything is gettnig so much better.

    Thanks for you journey to help people going through this. My employer has been great to me.. I can’t see how anybody could do there job with a shattered ankle!

    My scars on both sides of my foot are sweet! I dig them.


  5. Hello. I stumbled across this blog….and thankfully!! I dislocated my ankle and broke my tibia and fibula doing the hokey pokey on roller skates on 7-13-06. I had surgery 7-19-06 had a plate and 6 screws to put it back together and I’m still in a cast. My fibula isn’t healing well. I switched calcium suplements and am drinking more milk than a baby calf! It was nice to hear I’m not the only one who has had to endure this. I can’t wait to walk again!
    Best wishes to everyone else!

  6. Hey people broke and dislocated my left ankle in a really bad car accident on August 19 (luckY to be alive!!!)…….. plate with 6 screws on the left side of my ankle and a huge screw on the right side…… gross…….tomorrow makes it 5 weeks in this itchy case dying to get it off and get back to life……..good luck eveyone!

  7. Hi Dennis – I was googling for help with my Mum who along with my Dad would you believe broke her ankle about 5 weeks ago and is currently very low and in pain. Her foot gets very hot and feels like its tight inside the cast. I wonder if anyone else has suffered this – sadly my Dad seems to be healing very well and isnt suffering at all so that makes it harder for my Mum

    Any feedback on the ups and downs of the healing progress would be gratefully received

    best wishes and glad things are literally on the mend

  8. Broke my right ankle 10/1/06…orif 10/9/06…7 screws 1 plate..I’m going CRAZY in nwbc!! Tried going back to work yesterday…Stayed just over 3 hrs, got home and slept about 5 1/2 hrs, then went to bed!! I’m enjoying the fact I’m NOT ALONE IN THIS!!! But how long til you were back to work?? As I said, it’s my RT foot-so no driving, but I’ve til 10/23 to see the Doc again and don’t really know if I’m being a slacker, or a nut to try being normal!!! I’m 44 with a 4 and 7 yr old, they don’t like Mommy foot up all day! The few hrs (sitting at a desk) yesterday swelled my leg up so fast it barely fit in the cast, and sure was UNCOMFORTABLE-what were YOUR 2nd week activities all about?
    Be well, all! Thanks for info- and thanks for bitchin’ scar picture- I can now visualize for my next tattoo!!! Valerie

  9. Just an update, I’m still off work (since July 13)…uugh! I can relate with Valerie, I broke my right ankle to and cannot drive. I am a home visitor so if I cannot drive I cannot do my job. I still have a portion of my fibula that is still not healing. I have been switched over to a cam walker (soooo glad to get rid of the cast). At least I can take it off to shower! I have an EMG scheduled next week, I can’t flex or extend my foot…possible nerve damage some where. And so I wait…some more. Everyone heals at their own rate but I’m feeling a little discouraged (o.k. a LOT discouraged). Cudos to Valerie for attempting to go back to work. My doc told me the swelling could last about a year, but I dislocated my ankle as well as broke my tib. 2nd week activities were crutches, eating, lying down with my leg elevated with ice on it of course and scooting around the kitchen on a office chair to fix dinner for my dh and ds. My thoughts of good healing and quick recovery for everyone!

  10. It’s been 8 months since I shattered my ankle. I can finally walk in both tennis shoes (which I found New Balance walking shoes the best during recovery) AND within the last month dress shoes. I wear formal clothes to work again!!! It’s has not been the easiest thing to recover from. But like all things, time does heal this wound too.

    My ankle still feels stiff and is very sensative on the side with the plate. It is very uncomfortable to lay my lower leg on that side still. But I can tell that that feeling is subsiding. Nerve damage caused me to feel like my foot was “wet” when I took the first step after sitting for awhile. Strangest feeling in the world. My ankle still iches all the time.

    I had one pin removed in November and it was and in/out thing. No problems and helped with my mobility going up and down stairs.

    My leg muscles look back to normal, but I still favor the unhurt leg.

    Still have to hold onto something when putting on pants.

    I’ll check back soon for any of your updates.

    1. Hi thakswet,

      I know you posted back in 2007, but I just had to write, because I read your post and saw where you wrote your foot felt like you were stepping on water, when you finally did put it on the ground. I had the exact same thing happen to me. And yes, it was weird! My bottom of my foot felt literally wet – like I was walking on water when in reality, it was a hard wood floor. I hope by now, 2016, you’re good as new now and walking with zero issues! 🙂 (I’m not, but my injury is fairly new. I was hurt in May and had surgery May 13th, Friday).


  11. and one more and very important thing, your doctor MUST take your pain in consideration. If you run out of pain pills that make your recovery easier, ask for more. My doctor wrote a ‘script that I ran out of five times and had to call for more. My doctor simply signed the form without question. Do it before you know you’ll run out. Do not wait until your in pain again.

  12. Hi,

    I have a friend who has broken her tibia and smashed her ankle. She had a four hour surgery to put in a rod. She thinks she’ll but up and around (running/jumping) in six weeks. What do you think??

  13. Here I am with 28 screws and 2 plates in my broken lower tibia and fibula and shattered and sheered off right ankle from a auto accident that was in early May. I found this site because I was looking for information concerning athletic support type shoes. I can tell you after the wheelchair gig, crutches , therapy and pain I have been able to walk pretty normal on the outside in flats and 2″ heels but after about 3 hours it starts to re-swell and I begin to have mild tolerable pain which if I have to, I take motrin. The problem with pain pills is that they interfere with bone healing so its better to use ice, a nice large ice pack bought from the medical supply store than the drugs, percocet or whatever.Just restore it after use in the freezer. Good Luck to everyone, I am working to get back on the tennis court. Ps It hurts to run but I can if I can take the pain.

  14. I broke my right ankle while sledding with my husband on Feb 13, 2007, had a 4 hour surgery the next day, I have been trying to stay away from the pain pills because it makes me constupated. I have a cast on but can not put any pressure on ankle for 6 to 8 weeks, hard being layed up when I am normally very busy. I was wondering how long the recovery process takes, I do know that everyone is different, I have doubled my calcum to 2000 ml a day. I sue a walker becasue I am not steady enough to use crutches. I have 2 plates and 12 screws, 4 inch stitches on both sides of my ankle. I have a visit with the Dr tomorrow, I will take photos of my ankle out of the cast and my X-ray. I do like reading from others.

  15. hi i am sorry for your pain etc. i am in good health and was very active. i broke my ankle in october 06. the non weight bearing cast came off in jan 07..i I havebeen going to physical therapy ever since. i still walk with pain and a limp. i also have many screws and 1 plate. i have another surgery to remove i large screw. the other 8 and plate are permanent. i also dont use pain killer. the pain is quite tough, but it does get better. i try to be patient, but it is a slow process. you will feel well again. you nare just at the beginning, but the worst is behind you!!

  16. HI like many other people too i brok my ankle ive havent been to therapy but im just starting to run again. I ride my bike every day and thats been working out just fine if you want ride again go ahead i started 3 weeks after my cast came off and ever since then i’ve been doing BMX tricks dirt jumping and no problems have happend. Running im not sure any time soon but ride a bike every day and you’ll be running soon.

  17. I broke my ankle nov 3rd, screws plate and pain. had the screw removed a lot better walkin but cant seem to do the tip toe thing when walkin. so bored being in the house for so long sometimes dont want to go out , its scary but i have been making myself. just want to walk normal now and do the normal things but recovery seems to have stopped my physio said this is normal and could improve all of a sudden. Anyone else feel like this?

  18. Jan 4 I broke my ankle one plate and 6 screws. just started physio. have an air cast .starting to put weight on it.Still sore , nice to sleep with bare foot FEELS SO GOOD. Scab from staples still tender. Not sure when I will be able to put all my weight back on foot with out cast , ankle feels week and heel feels painful. Any one know when were back to normal.

  19. I broke in several places and dislocated my right ankle on Mar 1st. The Doc said no driving or walking on it for 6 weeks. I also have screws and a plate. Is he being realistic saying 6 weeks or is the reality much longer? He is not a good communicator. Starting Physical Therapy on Monday the 26th, cause he has me in a cami-walker even though I can’t walk on it. I’m worried about work and driving etc.
    Any and all info would be appreciated.

  20. I broke my ankle January 9, ’07, and had surgery Jan 11. Got 9 screws and a plate. Before surgery doc said 6 weeks non weight bearing. After surgery he said 2-3 months. After 1 month said wait 2 more. I go back April 17 for my 3 month visit. If he doesn’t let me start putting weight on it I think I’m going to go crazy!!!

    I have three kids ages 20 months to 7 years and it’s been really tough. The funny thing about this whole thing is that I got roller skates for Christmas and my Mom was all worried I’d break something while skating. I just twisted my ankle walking across the floor when this happened. Skates didn’t even figure into the picture.

    I’ve been going to therapy since about 2 weeks after it happened to work on range of motion. Still having pain on the side where they inserted the 2 big screws that go through both bones. Anyone else having (had) similar pain? The side with the plate doesn’t bother me much at all.

    Good luck to everyone else stuck in a wheelchair or on crutches!

  21. ARGGGG! broke ankle 2 1/2 months ago. I still can’t bear any weigth, doctor said no walking for 3 more weeks but to start theraphy immedialy. I don’t know why it still gets inflated when in a low position. I was wondering if it happens alot or there is something wrong. The doctor said is normal and that is healing good. Good luck to everyone and patience to all.

  22. Thanks for sharing your story. I broke my ankle 3/4/07 by slipping on bubble solution at my daughter’s birthday party (Hawaiian themed…had to have a bubble machine). Doc said he hadn’t seen any other “bubble” breaks before…just my luck to be the first. Your x-rays look almost identical to mine…I broke my left ankle as well. They say misery loves company…but I wouldn’t say I love to hear of anyone else having to go through this, although it did provide me a little comfort reading about your progression through the process. Your positive attitude about it is comendable. I’ve had my ups and downs, but try to see the humor in it(on my good days). They have me using a device called a Roll-A-Bout instead of crutches because I had just had shoulder surgery a few months ago and was on the tail end of physical therapy on that. (never had surgery in my life until the past 6 months, go figure). It’s a neat device..kinda like a scooter, you can Google/Images and type in Roll-a-bout and a pic will come up. It’s really been a lifesaver since I couldn’t do the crutches. Well, I still have 17 more days to go until I get this cast off and get a walking boot. I wish the days would go by faster as I’m sure you did too during your recovery time. I will keep looking forward and remember each day is one day closer to being back to normal…. Thanks again for sharing! Not only was your story informative, but you made it quite entertaining as well!

  23. Nice site. I find I get more depressed as I find that I won’t be up and running as soon as I had hoped! I tripped over a dog bone and broke my right ankle in 2 places on March 3rd. I have a plate and 9 screws on the right side of my foot and a screw on the inside of my foot. I also have a Roll-A-Bout and that has saved my life! Here is why I am depressed. On March 1st, we had a pond and new patio installed and I can’t go out and view it in full because crutches and the roll a bout sink in the mud. On March 2nd, we bought my dream car, a Chrysler 300T, and it was ready on the 3rd and I broke my ankle and I still haven’t driven the damn thing. Also, my Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic LT bike was purchased during the month of January and I only rode it 6 times due to the weather and now it is collecting dust in my garage. Then, I started a new job on March 1st and had to then take off 3 weeks due to the surgery I had on March 12. I get the current cast taken off 4/12 and I don’t know what is happening next. I went into renew my drivers licence and they wouldn’t let me because I can’t drive. Not a good year. I have never been depressed in my life until now. I can’t wait to get out and do life again! Thanks for the info and letting me vent! I feel better now…

  24. I broke my ankel in aug of 2006. and i am not even close to a full recovery. please let me know how your recovery is going i will even leave my phone # 774-696-4933or email me at [email protected] yahoo.com.

  25. I broke my ankle on feb7th 07 and went through surgery 1 week later. I have 8 screws and a plate. I went to the doctor april 6th and he said that the next week i should be placing weight on my ankle and walking with crutches for confidence, the next week i should be walking with my walking boot and no crutches and then the next week i should be walking in shoes. However, this has not been the case. My ankle feels fine when I put pressure on it the problem is the bones and muscles in my foot cause great pain. I have been doing exercises around the house to help strengthen it but it doesn’t seem to work. Supposed to be going to Vegas May 3rd not sure i will be walking by then since i still have to use cructhes. any suggestions on exercises to help speed this process along ?

    Hope everyone heals well and recovers fully

  26. Almost a year since my break. Feeling very good. New girlfriend helped!! Started bowling with the hook. Things got alot better after month 9 or so. Still can’t hike and after a 5 mile walk for MS, it was sore for the night; things are getting better. Final doctor visit cleared me from taking any of the 11 screws out. I hope you have the same good rexovery I had. Good luck!

  27. Everyone wants to know how long it takes to recover and i dont think anyone knows do they! A friend of mine broke his ankle and after the cast came off was playing football after 6 weeks! Dont think Ill be that lucky though. I broke my ankle in 2 places and the cast is coming off in 3 weeks, the last 3 weeks have been the slowest ever. I was just recovering from breaking a vertebrae in my back last summer…hasnt been a good year!

  28. I broke my left ankle also 8 weeks ago, have the plate and 8 screws and still hurts. My doctor removed my cast after 1 day(do to massive swelling) and I was just keeping it wrapped. At week 6 my doctor told me to stop wrapping it and start walking on it with the crutches. Now after two weeks of walking with the crutches I have been only using 1 and not using any at all. It hurts and all to walk after only 8 weeks, but I just can not stand these things. Today I pulled my manual Roush out of the garage and back in and it just hurt to push in the clutch. I am supposed to stop using the crutches in one more week( week 9), but after reading all your stories you have me stressed OUT!!!! Am I being stupid for rushing along? Or just healing really fast? I am 37 years old, so my bones are not like a kid. My doctor also told me that he is never removing the screws? Is that normal? Sorry for the long post, but like I said after reading all these posts, I am kinda ?????

  29. Yes,those posts majorly stressed me out too! I think it varies with every person…as I said I have a friend who was playing football withiin 6 weeks and told me i could fake a good walk after about 2 weeks. I dont think your being stupid for rushing along but would take it careful,maybe leave off driving just for a few more weeks,you dont want to set yourself back! I was under the illusion Id be up bouncing again after a few weeks but after hearing some of those stories,im prepared for it being a little longer! HOWEVER its not going to be THAT long!

  30. I broke tib & fib 3 years ago 2 plates are in there , took months to heal as im diabetic, still pains some after walking some distance , cant run at all , until the break i was a fit 68 yar old , but still do my 3 mile walks a day , good luck to you all with your breaks , Dave

  31. Hi David, I’d get a second opion on the pins. But most Drs wont take them out before the first year is over.
    However as for rushing, you’ll never know what you CAN do with out a bit of the testing of the water. So sometimes yes, you are going to push your self. However, just know that these things can take time.
    Its hard.

  32. Dennis, I broke my ankle mountain biking on 4/10/07 and I’m scheduled to see the doctor to start walking on 5/23/07; both dates 1 year later to the day of your events. Weird,eh? You have a great attitude and your account of what bothers you is so close to my list of complaints that you have made me feel much better. Double weird, eh?

    When I was going into surgery I asked the doctor how long until I was back on my bike again and he said 6 weeks. Clearly he’s never had a broken ankle. Still from what I have read, biking is a great way to recover. I think I’ll stay on the paved bike trail at first though…

    I went back to work 5 days after surgery because I had to. Starting in week 3 work got busy and it helped
    me get my mind off of my pitiful state. I’m still not walking or driving however and I really don’t think that in 2 days everything is going to be like before.

    Good luck to all of us.

  33. I just broke my ankle in 3 places , having plates and pins inserted next week as its too swollen for surgery. Everyone has a great story of how it happened but mine is really sad as it happened when I was hardly moving on my bike ! The bike sort of fell on me and somehow my ankle got caught. I can’t believe I did so much damage . Now I will be out of action for at least 3 months .

  34. i fell off a latter and broke my heel in three spots is there hope that i get back 100percent use, im a 57 year old women had breast cancer and had radation, any doctors or people with the same trouble tell me how long,

  35. I broke my right ankle 4 weeks ago today, May 3rd,07. The pain has not been bad, hurts me more to be stuck inside instead of my flower garden. I had a plate and 7 screws put in. After 2 weeks got the soft cast off and the dr put me in a walking boot….I was so excted for about 5 seconds when he said no weight for 6 more weeks. To add to this I have had back trouble and using the crutches has it out again so I am going back to the chiropractor 2-3 times a week. Also found out Tuesday I have to have some out patient female surgery done next week. I am wondering what I did to deserve this. I have had almost no swelling and only took pain pills for about 5 days. They made me sick to my stomache and at least I lost about 8 lbs. I have been trying not to snack much-have enough weight to lug around on those crutches the way it is-ha ha. I am glad but sad to hear that I am not the only one going thru all this. I am hoping to be able to go on a float trip in July…keep your fingers crossed for me.

  36. I broke my ankle on cinco de mayo (may 5) 2007. I was in the shower when my boyfriend which has a key was banging on the door I came out the shower wet and slipped in my living room broke ankle in three places and dislocating it had a cast on for ten days for swelling to go down then had surgery which meant having two plates and seven screws put in my ankle 3 weeks later I have a walking boot still no beaing weight for 5 more weeks going crazy love my crutches though with four kids ages 7 month to 9 years old everyday is a challage did I leave out I live in a four floor walk up good luck everyone [email protected]

  37. Poor Rick was mowing the lawn and decided to make one pass on the top of the hill on the riding mower…. oops! Well the mower had another idea and stated to slide and tip, so Rick bailed and in the process the mower blade sliced his left calf pretty much clean through. It’s a dirty wound that the dr. tried to close, but it had to be reopened and debrided and now we face a month or more of “wound vac” which looks like a daisy seal a meal on his open wound which is stuffed full of sponge and wrapped up like a deli sandwich. Cool! So we are dragging the wound vac about all over the house and it looks like we are resigned to crutches and a long hot summer… bummer!!! A bummer summer…

  38. Oh wow! Poor you!

    Had surgery on my broken ankle with plate and screws attached some 8 years ago. Begged my surgeon to remove the plate and screws because my ankle was weakening. He refused. Finally found someone who would 7 years later. Had to lie about the pain, which really isn’t so bad. But it was the only way to get the hardware removed. It’s the infirmity and having to use canes, restricted mobility and fear of falling that bothers me. Six months have passed, and still, not much improvement. I still have to use canes to go anywhere and any walking weakens my ankle after only 5 minutes. So count yourselves lucky if all you have is some pain, swelling and scars. You just all make me so jealous with rage.

  39. Broke my fibula in the ankle area on 8/18/06 – – 1 plate, 6 screws. Almost a year now and I still don’t have full range of motion. After being on my feet for extended periods (more than 2 hours) my ankle swells and hurts. It usually feels ok if I don”t stand on it for more than a couple of hours at a time. But it always hurts when I first put weight on it from a sitting position. I’m frustrated, that’s why I started to do a little research on the web. To commiserate with others – – it validates my continued pain. Thanks! I’m trying to decide if I need to go back to the doctor and beg for the plate to be removed.

    I was only off work for one week – – I’m a high school art teacher and I was one week into the new school year at a new school. Luckily I have a large “shop-like” artroom so my wheel chair worked great to get around the room. Took pain medicine the first two weeks. But took motrin like it was candy. I thought the healing procces was extremely slow, but others said it was fast. I’m concerned now about my stamina and continued pain. Am I wishing for too much at the age of 50?

  40. hi there,i broke my ankle in 3 places at kickboxing,which happened at the start of april 2007,was in two casts,and now iam in the aircast boot,been attending physio for the past 3 weeks now and doing exercises at home too,slow but steady progess.ive been told i should be walking by august time,fingers crossed,still abit of swelling and discolouration,but it doesnt seem to be as bad as it was.i get my girlfriend to rub baby oil on my foot and massage it to get rid of the fluid and maintain a healthy colour in the foot.fingers crossed folks iam walking next month.will keep an update on the progess.bye for now

  41. I googled broken ankle and stumbled across your blog. I just wanted to thank you I found it very informative. I broke my ankle Aug 2nd attempting to extend a double to a triple. I also just turned 30 and people are telling me I’m too old to be sliding around with the youngsters. Thanks again and if possible could you post an update on how your leg is doing now.

  42. I broke my ankle on 7/31 walking out to get the newspaper – I tripped. Dislocated and shattered – I have a plate and 8 screws. Today I ge my cast off and I’m thinking how in the world am I going to walk??? I can put a bit of weight on my heel to walk around the house in this hard cast, but anything further is out of the question. I can’t use crutches (bad arthritis) so I’m worried I’m going to be stuck on my butt again. Does it hurt to get the cast off? Should I take any pain meds before I go for my appt??

    Good luck to everyone with your healing!

    p.s. We have a Disneyworld trip planned for early November – I’m going to guess I’m not walking the parks – but lets stay optimistic for now!

  43. I broke my ankle/lower tibia on 7/31 and got my cast off on Sept. 13 as well. I have a walking boot and it hurts when I try and make a walking motion because my foot is still moderatley swollen. It actually feels better for me to use a normal shoe to walk in instead of the boot, but I use the boot just to be safe. Walking on 1 crutch is getting easy and Im going to force myself to walk without crutches in a week.

    Everything seems to be going fine but I just hate the swelling. It’s moderate and not as much as when I first broke my ankle (obviously), but it just looks weird and Im wondering how long it will take before I can see the bones around my ankle.

  44. I broke my left ankle on 10.02.07; the bottom of my fibula bone broke in two. I am so graceful that I accomplised this just by walking from my driveway to my backdoor! I was put in a temporary half-cast at the ER and walked with crutches. The following week the orthopedic surgeon put me in a walking boot. At first I was scared of walking in the boot! I continued to walk with the crutches.

    Because of the broken bone, I then developed blood clots up and down my inner leg. I knew something more than just a broken ankle was wrong because the pain up and down my entire leg was so great. I was hospitalized for a few days while given Lovenox and Coumadin to thin my blood. I continue to take Coumadin daily and have to frequently go to the DR to have my blood checked. I am told that I will have to take Coumadin for the next 6-9 months.

    At the site of the blood clots I then had a large pocket-like area of swollen skin that was bright pink and sore and hot to the touch. I went to the DR who determined that I now have cellulitus. Fortunately, the antibiotics seem to be working quickly and I’m already feeling some relief from the cellulitus after just 24hrs of use.

    I just finished week 2, and I am told that I have to wear my boot for 12 weeks total. I am to go back for x-rays at week 6 to track the progress. To those of you with kids, I understand your frustration! I am 33, widowed, and have 3 children ages 10, 7, and 4. All 4 of us hate me being out of commission!

    I am getting around slowly with just the boot now. My ankle and leg both swell if I am on my feet for too long. I am still taking Vicodin which helps me to sleep since I am most uncomfortable at night. I tend to jerk my leg while sleeping which can really hurt! Since I have to take Coumadin, I cannot take any aspirin, tylenol, or advil.

    Good luck to all of you, and may you have a speedy recovery.

  45. broken tib and fib on aug. 28th screws and plate r.s. 8 weeks to the day and im still swollen. just want 2 walk again!! doctors that tell you 6 weeks are just trying to keep you patient until you go back and they tell you 2 more weeks. long screws on inside of right foot hurt, still i think i can see them protruding!! heel swollen too bad wear shoe.

  46. I broke my ankle stepping down about 18 inches off bleachers at a baseball game on June 2nd. Had surgery the next day which included a metal plate and 5 screws. I was in a temporary cast for two weeks. Then into a plaster cast for 6 weeks. Then in a walking cast but not allowed to put weight on it for another 4 weeks then increase weight bearing by 10 pounds per week. After 4 months of crutches I fired my doctor and went to a new ortho last Friday. He said get rid of the crutches. So I went from about 80 pounds of weight bearing to full weight bearing (I unfortunately weigh over 200 pounds and sitting around the house all summer has not helped the situation). I’m now in excruciating pain from going from nothing to all and my ankle is so swollen that it looks like I have elephantitas. I’m back to using one crutch. Is this normal? Is the swelling and pain EVER going to go away? I’m so depressed. I was fired from my job for being out of work for 4 months. I have a new job but elevating the ankle and icing it 3 times a day is an impossibility. At this point I wonder if I’ll ever really walk again.

  47. I broke my tibia and fibula on July 12th, 2007. The hospital said I would most likely need surgury but went to an outside osteo surgeon and he told me that we will treat this non surgiscaly (which i loved), put me in a boot and stayed non weight bearing for 6 weeks. At that point, for two weeks I was gradually putting weight back on it and then full weight bearing at week 8. The problem is I never got to full weight bearing, I tried, pushed it at the gym like he said to. Well at week 10 he noticed the tibia was shortening, and my leg got shorter, “nothing to worry about” he said. At week 12, still in alot of paid, another X-ray showed it wasn’t healing like it should be(I’m in very good physical shape and work out daily)he put me on a bone stimualtor ($3000 device) which increases blood flow to your bone for another three weeks. At week 15 I got fed up and consulted another doctor (finally), he said it was very bad and he needed to send me to a trauma doctor, I had what was called a tibia plafond fracture, where the bone was crushing down on my joint now. Well at week 17 I had surgury by a trauma doctor who put the screws and plats and an external fixator on my leg(like a permanent errector set attached to my bones) to hold everything together as they had to relengthen my leg and put n bone grafting. It has been one week now and waiting, the extenal fixator will be removed in 6-8 weeks (hopefully)

  48. i have shatered my ankle and broke the bone above my foot on oct 3rd 2007 i fell from a ladder and of course the ladder won the fight i was rushed to the er and had to wait until the ortho dr to come that evening they put on a external fixater to keep everything in place for about 2 weeks and then was re admitted to the hospital where they put 8 screws and one plate the Dr said that cartilage had been damaged and did what could do to fix the problem i was in the hospital 4 days and still on pain meds and musle relaxers tto deal with pain to date i have been bed and recliner riden and only to use a walker and crutches to get around their really is not a formula for this just patients and prayers family and friends to get through this i have adoctors appointment on nov 26th to see what is next just take one day at a time

  49. I broke my ankle November 12 and had surgery 2 days later. I am not really in any tremendous pain as of now. Ask me that question a week ago and it would have been different. Just the itching and slight pain where the stitches are. That part really is the worst as far as being layed up goes. I go in 2 days and get my stitches removed so I am slightly excited about that. I do have a question and would LOVE if someone else can relate…… I have a partial cast that covers 3 sides.
    When I stand up or put my leg down ( anything but elevated ) I get this pain and it feels like my foot is swelling so big in that cast. It just feels like it is squeezing it tightly. This doesn’t make sense as it’s not a full cast and there is some release. Has anyone else felt this too and can I do anything about this? I am really scared that this feeling will transfer to when they put on the full cast and that will be worse since it is fully covered at that point. I really appreciate any advise from someone that can relate.
    P.S. I have really enjoyed reading everyone else’s posts. It is very nice to know I’m not alone because sometimes it sure does feel like it.

  50. Stay positive and don’t get lazy. It will make the recovery time go by faster. Getting around on crutches was actually a good workout for me. I lived in NYC when I broke mine, and I went everywhere on crutches. Three years after breaking my ankle I ran the NYC marathon again. Good luck.

  51. It feels good to know that I’m not alone. I was really starting to get depressed. I broke my ankle playing in an annual fraternity football game. It was the alums vs the undergrads. I’m 32 and was the second to oldest guy there. But I was in such good shape that they had me play running back. I scored a TD and the next play I had after that, I broke it on Nov. 18th.

    The worst part is – I don’t have insurance. I had an interview 2 days later and was in too much pain to go. I thought it was only a really bad sprain at the time and wanted to avoid the “getting medical treatment in the US with no insurance thing”. Went to the ER a week later and found out I broke it pretty good. I’m trying not to get depressed. Paid for everything out of pocket and drained my savings. Its also starting to strain my marriage a little as I was typically the big bread winner until this awful year of mine.

    Had surgery Tuesday 12/11 and ortho said I should be able to walk in 6-8 weeks from now. TRying to stay positive. Trying to take pain meds for pain ONLY and not to make me forget about my bad luck. This site is very helpful. I’ll stop complaining now and just focus on improving my future. My 1 year old and wife are depending on that.

  52. Well, just like the rest of you, i’ve stumbled across this using a websearch. I was curious what normal recovery time would be. I broke my left ankle, but have a standard tramissions pick up which means no driving to mom’s for xmas in my toy. I have to borrow the Jeep from the guy that broke my ankle.

    I found this on a website and added my own caution.

    How can I help prevent an ankle fracture?
    Unfortunately, most foot sprains occur during accidents that are not preventable. However, it is important to wear proper fitting footwear , to avoid running or playing on uneven surfaces and playing with drunken idiots and their friends

    I was the sober one of the group and got the most hurt on the way to go toboganning last weekend (dec 16). I have a plate and 6 pins in my ankle, i broke the fibula and dislocated the cartildge in my ankle, They put me under to set the ankle, which then popped out over night, and I had to wait another day for the operation. I’m hoping that none of you had the horror of dealing with St Mike’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada. They are a bunch of incompetents, if you read this and are going to a hospital in downtown, go to Mt Sinai. (I know i’m going to from now on) . If you have the option for OTC meds, i would recommend them rather than the addictive percocets or the morphine I was given. I felt like hell for days after and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I am using Extra Stengeth Tylenol, if I feel any pain, unless it’s too much and then I will use the percoets, but I have been able to manage without using them and my head is a lot clearer during the day. It’s nice to know that people are out there and talking about what is happening to them. because to me, that’s what makes a good society where people can talk, nuture and support each other.

    Happy Non-Denominational Winter Holiday 🙂

  53. Well, I guess I am being added to a long list of unfortunate people. When you go through this, it feels as though you are alone. I am a mother of three, and I drive a forklift for a living. The day before Thanksgiving, I was at work, and I got off of my Lift. It continued to coast, hitting my right ankle, twisting it inward. I just felt a crunch and extreme pain. Since it hit me from behind, I never saw it coming. Someone who saw it, said I turned pure white, we both looked down at the same time. I saw my foot bent inward. I was released from the hospital with a sprained ankle, only to be operated on 2 days later (Black Friday)(my Christmas Shopping Day). I had 4 dislocations and 2 fractures, they said that my foot was a full dislocation. Now, with Christmas done (I’m still not sure how I pulled that one off considering I can’t drive or walk) I am waiting for my next operation so they can take out the pin in my foot, they said the screw won’t be remove for at least 6 months. I am tired of sitting on my rump. All of the excerise I did before the accident is now null and void, along with all the weight I lost. I am eager to be able to walk again and be able to exercise again but I’m not sure about getting back on a forklift and the thought of putting steeltip boots on again only brings me great fear!

  54. As with most people I was doing a search on dislocated ankle and broken leg and found this site. I was looking to see how long the swelling and discoloration will still be present. I dislocated my ankle and broke myleg the same way you did only I was sliding into second to break up a double play. This occured on July 29th and had surgery soon after to put in a plate with 8 screws. Went through the process of going from a cast to a walking cast and eventually getting the cast off. As of today five months after my injury my ankle still swells up everyday and I have discoloration on my foot on the inside of my ankle and then on the outside of my foot starting off at my ankle and running all the way to the base of my toes. I asked my doctor about it and he just said give it another six months. Has anyone else experienced anything else like this?

  55. these stories can be so depressing. Everyone heals different, and one cannot say when you will be ready to walk. I broke my tib/fib and was in surgery for 12 screws and two plates. I am at week 7 now, I am also a private chef and rented a knee scooter to get around for the last two weeks in my cast. Yes it hurt, yes it swelled, and yes I have pain now, but I recommend that you all keep you head up. I am leaving for Italy to complete a masters program and will be getting on the plane with crutches. I do PT myself everyday. I rub arnica gel on my ankle and I do the excercises I have found online. I too have many questions, but think of mind over matter and the rest will be up to you. We will heal, as some people are disabled for life. I recommend that you all give some of your time to the patients that need help walking when you recover…as we really appreciate what we have when we dont have it. I’m 39 years old, healing slow, but it will get better. Have patience. I’m only 5 days out of my cast, and already going from two crutches to one….just believe

  56. Hey, Never belonged to a ‘group’ befor… wish it had been a more fun one. I broke my ankle Dec 14 07, at my Christmas Party. Fell off a very short heal, in a small bit of water on my own bathroom floor. Broke Fib and tib, and the ankle socket, smashed pretty good, Plates, pins, screws. Surgery happened 2 days later, have a open cast on, open up the front. Stitches removed after 14 days, about 20 on each side. Nice. Tried to go to work, day 18, turned white, almost passed out 3 times. Back on my bed, I am the Office Manager, so I am trying to do some of the book work from home, but I tire very easily. I also got a good by present from the Hospital, the flu, nausous ever since, don’t want to eat, but the worst part is the feeling of Depression. I feel helpless, and like if anything else goes wrong, It will be too over whelming. Had to take 16 yr old best buddy in for final sleep, furnace fan broke on New yrs Eve, and good old hubby ‘walked’ on Chrismas Eve, after one too many Bud, haven’t heard from him since. (well guess that’s not so bad, haha) Hot flashes (50 yrs old) or fever, can’t tell the diff any more. wahhhhh. what a baby. But that is how I feel. Tomorrow I get the cast on, wish this was over.
    Thanks for letting me Vent. Happy Hopping everyone…. Cathy

  57. I was also researching recovery times for fibial fractures when I came upon this site. I broke my fib in half & displaced the broken bone on 18/11/07 ( I slipped on a wet dance floor). I had 2 hrs of surgery that night to realign the bone and fix it into place with a plate & screws. I had a full heavy cast for 9 days which was replaced with a removable back slab cast for the next 5 weeks. I was told not to put any weight on it until I’d been x-rayed again on 02/01/08. The Dr said he was dissapointed I didn’t have more movement in the ankle , the previous Doc had said not to move it!!! I am now in a 3-D walker and getting around slowly with 1 crutch. The purpleness and swelling mentioned before still occurs if I stand for too long but is far less than it was. I am in this walking boot for at least 3 more weeks then hopefully back into normal footwear! Xmas was a real bummer – it’s hard to party/shop on crutches while trying to keep injured limb off the ground! To all those still suffering – keep your spirits up, you CAN cope with it! Oh. it’s horrible feeling the screws just under the skin, I have been told they have to stay for 12 months – something to do with not interrupting the blood supply to the recovering bone.

  58. I guess just like the majority of people on this site, lying around with your leg elevated leaves one little else to do but surf the net, in the hope that we will find some information that can help explain what we’re going through. I’m so glad I found this site and can relate to many of the blogs. I broke my ankle and fibula bush walking and was air lifted out. I was operated on 12 hours later and received a plate and 5 screws with one screw put in to compensate for the damage I did to my ligament. I too like a number of you have had problems with swelling when I put my foot down, this is frustrating beyond belief because to remain pain free I must have my foot elevated. Life can be a real shit some times but we have to make the best of our circumstances. So for now I’ve decided to practice mindfullness and meditation which are two things I always wanted to do but could never find the time. I’m also back to painting and drawing again. A friend of mine learnt to play the guitar beautifully when he was recovering from a broken leg. Sometimes life throws things at us for a reason we just have to take the time to ask ourselves what that might be. If any of you are having trouble with weight gain I’ve found that you can exercise successfully by using free weights to do some upper body work and lynig on the floor with your legs resting on the lounge you can do sit ups. I use diet powders for breakfast and lunch and snack on vegies and a small amount of fruit during the day. I have a small meal at night containing protein and vegies. Good luck to everybody

  59. i broke my ankle oct 23rd 2007. i am just starting to walk without the boot. What is the best sneaker for me. I dr said stability shoes, and i am a medium arch, so what do i get? I went to this store today called the running store and they didnt have a def answer either? The girl was new and they were busy. First she broaught out the new Asics and Brooks. Are those the best?

  60. Ha ha it is funny how many of us type ‘broken ankle’ into a search engine and all end up telling the story – you pay good money for this sort of therapy!

    I had a very bad fall at new year and my ankle was a horrible colour and i couldn’t put any weight on it. I’m in the UK and I looked on our trustworthy NHS website who came to the conclusion from my symptoms that I had a grade 1/2 very bad sprain. So, I felt sorry for myself for a while but eventually after a week of full rest I started walking about again. At first the pain was quite bad but it got to three weeks after the accident and it just ached a bit and I couldn’t run but I had been walking to work, taking driving lessons and also passed my driving test.

    It wasn’t until mon 21st Jan (3 wks after fall) that I thought i should maybe go to hospital as there was still a bit of swelling and bruising on my foot. Turned out I had broken my ankle and also fractured my fifth metatarsal (nice). I’m now in a moonboot and have had a license for less than a week to no avail! Boooo!

  61. I broke my ankle in what looks like the same spot as you. Got a plate with 6 screws. I’m surprised to see how long your and others recovery periods have been. I seem to be progress much quicker. I got my splint off and staples out 10 days after surgery. Put into a walking boot. Used crutches for 4 days after that. Started therapy after 7 days. Now it’s been 28 days since surgery and I’m already cheating and not using the boot much anymore. The doc said I need to use the boot for 4 to 6 weeks. He must be nuts. No way. Anyway, I’m sure you are 100% by now. I look forward to that day.

  62. i broke my 2 ankles 3 weeks ago, i have 9 screws and a plate in the right ankle, i have two hard casts, getting one off next week and the other in 3 weeks can anybody tell me when i will walk again, im going crazy, my doctor wont till me nothing, [email protected]

  63. Wow Nik, that’s something to brag about in years to come – can’t believe you managed to pass your test with a broken leg, that’s seriously impressive!

    Alan, I think you are mad not wearing the boot. The Doc said 4 weeks for a reason. Although the plate holds the bone together it doesn’t make the bone ‘knit’ so if you are bearing weight on it unsupported you may find that that when you have your next x-ray the bone still won’t have fused. The Docs really do know best. Having spent all this time in plaster/boot and doing physio I wouldn’t dream of putting undue pressure on an injured bone, you risk setting yourself back months. It’s worth being patient now rather than pay the price later.

    I did mine on 18/11/07 and should be getting rid of my boot on 29/01/08. It has been frustrating but there is light at the end of the tunnel. My physio told me I’d already got 95% mobility back in the joint having done as I was told. Another patient who had the same injury done the same day is still way behind as she put weight on the joint too soon and still has a lot of swelling on the ankle joint. The only swelling I have is around my achilles tendon through being strapped in the damn boot! Please be patient, it really is better for you! I was told that good quality trainers are probably the best footwear for the first cuple of weeks as they support the foot and cushion the heel. Worried that I won’t be able to ride my motorbike though as the screws stick out of my ankle and this walking boot thing presses on them so I imagine my bike boots will do the same – bugger! Anyone out there got any tips regarding protruding screws? (clean replies, please!)

  64. All this information has been extremely helpful. I broke my tib/fib/ankle on Dec 7 2007 and I just had my cast removed and replaced with a boot due to severe swelling. I still can’t put any weight on it but I’ll be glad when I will be able to. My gripe are people who call me everyday asking me why I am not walking yet, when am I returning to work etc. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy but sometimes I wish that maybe if jus t one of them had this experience they would just stop bugging me about my situation. I am grateful for my mom, sister and niece who have been here since day one to help me get around and take me to my appointments. This experience has given me a different type of independence, I will never take life or my body parts for granted. I appreciate my limbs and I will be more careful instead of running around like a chicken with her head cut off! God bless all of you thorough your recoveries and experiences.

  65. Hi there, Can anybody tell me what are the advantages of having a plate and screws removed from a broken ankle injury. I broke my ankle 7 months ago and when I went to my orthopaedic surgeon for a routine appointment end of last week, he said I should be re-admitted to hospital in approx. one month`s time to have the plate and screws removed. I`m getting on okay with them in so why remove them? I envisage more discomfort, loss of mobility, more time off work (don`t get paid for sick days), etc.

    Can anybody out there offer advice on whether to have plate and screws removed or to let them remain?

    Many thanks in advance.

  66. Dennis – Thanks so much for creating this site and for everyone who has contributed. I broke my right ankle and Fibula one week ago today playing ice hockey. I’m 39 years old and have a wonderful wife and beautiful and amazing 17 month old daughter. I am obviously upset with myself for putting them in this predictament (sp).

    I went to the Ortho on Monday morning and he recommended immediate surgery (following afternoon) to repair the lower fracture (talus has a chip fracture) and more importantly, to repair the ruptured tendons that wrap around my ankle and run up in between the Tib/Fib. That twisting of the tendons is what caused the Fibula fracture, which is up fairly high and just below the right knee.

    He indicated it would be a couple of screws to hold the tib/fib tightly together and that I’d be out of commission for at least 3 months. He described the injury and surgery as the same that Terrell Owens suffered the year the Eagles went to the super bowl. I was awake and alert for the surgery, thanks in part to a Spinal Block, as I have an aversion to General Anesthesia. I sort of regret the spinal block after the fact as it was scary being completely numb from the middle of my waist down to my toes, and that feeling remained for nearly 4 hours post op.

    Anyhow, I was in tremendous pain the first evening after the numbness of the spinal block wore off. Felt like someone was taking an axe to my lower leg. I was told just a couple of screws, but it feels more like 50. I have my first post op visit on Wednesday of this week (8 days post op), and have been told I can choose eaither a fiberglas cast, or a walking boot. Althought I am still not going to be able to put any weight on my leg for up to 3 months.

    Any advice on supplements to take to help with the healing process would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again to everyone for your insight and experiences.



  67. Hi Dave, sounds pretty traumatic! I would opt fot the boot even though it is heavier then the fibreglass cast because you can remove it so you can shower (I got a seat to go across the bath until I was weight bearing) and also if you have an itch you can take the boot off & scratch. I’m now 11 weeks post op and am up & about unaided, although walking a little slower than before. I also damaged the tendons when my ankle double backed on itself. I am currently taking a Calcium/vit D complex and Omega 3. I am also using a massage oil infused with Comfrey – a healing herb known as knitbone for its healing properties, it also helps with soft tissue damage. It may be one of those ‘New Age’ things but after going through that I’m prepared to try anything that will get me functioning 100% sooner. If nothing else the massage is good for your circulation! Take care & good luck.

  68. Hello,

    I broke my right anke back on November 12, 2007, and all was going well. I fell off my crutches a few weeks later, and started to have this very bad pain in the calf area, I though maybe it was a muscle pull or something. Got a new cast put on on Dec 3rd, 2007, and Dr. told me it looked to be healing well. Then on December 11, 2007 I got bad chest pains, could not breathe, heart was racing, sweating. I wen to the ER on December 12th, 2007, and was diagnosed with Blood Clots in both lungs, and my right injured leg. I was in the ICU for 6 days, bedrest,and a total of 14 days in the hospital. I will be on blood thinners forever now, and it is a very long recovery ahead of me. I just was able to start P Therapy and am in alot of pain. So, if anyone ever has theses symtpoms go to your Doctor. Does anyone have an idea of when you can start driving again? Or is that most likely to be determined by your Ortho? Thanks!!

  69. Hey everybody!
    I know that I have a total of 9 screws and some plates. I fell backwards and broke my ankle. In my house on a pretty soft floor. I had a bone density test done before this and during this and they turned out very good. I am not sure what all I have broken(still dealing with denial that this could have happened to me) I fell Jan 21 2008. One of the reasons I am having such a hard time with this is because I lost my father to the same thing August 20,2007. Not so long ago. His was a severe sprain that he neglected, because he knew deep down he would never live through the treatments. When he did go for help, He got MRSA and when the took his cast of after only a couple of weeks it was too late, He was septic and he had a major heart attack and died.(he was diabetic) I blame myself for talking him into seeking medical help. If he would not have gotten the staph he might still be with me. I am a very busy person and I absolutely hate being tied down. I have 4 children and one child with cystic fibrosis. Which since all of this I can not make sure that sh” youngest is 4 and just 1 week before all of this we had an emergency with her. She met her older sister in the hallway which the older one was running holding a very thin vase and “BLAM” right into the little ones left eye. It cut right through all folds of her eye lid. When I got to her all I seen was meat hanging out of her eye. I drove her to the e.r. with her holding onto me in my lap while driving. we ended up at a trauma 1 center and plastic surgery the whole nine yards. not to mention when we got there we found out we had no insurance. Luckily she still has her eye. She must of had an angel on her shoulder. I am going to the doctor in the morning and having staples out. I am scared, I do not want them touching me. I have been through so much pain and humiliation. Not being able to weight bear at all. Meaning help with all the personal things. I have only ate two or three things in the past 3 weeks. everything taste bad to me. One reason is that drink or eat and have to go to the bathroom. With no help. I am so depressed. I am with one of the others, the doctors say “you will be up and walking in 6 weeks. What is that something that they teach in med school before they can graduate. It is just to prolong us and hope that we believe it. I am not sure if I have other issues with my ankle. I have severe pain coming from my ankle all the way up to my knee, right along my shin. And I always feel like I am running a fever. I am out of pain meds and wonder if the getting the staples out is like the doctors cut off for any pain meds. I can not take the pain. I had pain before all of this from scoliosis and fibro and restless leg so this is just added to my misery. Have any of you seen the movie MISERY? That is what I feel like. I feel like when I sleep someone comes with a bat and takes a few swings at me while I am knocked out on meds. I just know that I will not walk right after this. There is no way that what god gave me that worked really well, is going to come even close to working anything like what “man” can fix. Maybe I have lost all faith. Did any of you go through such depression that you guys did not want to eat or drink, just because they were too proud and modest to have help to do bathroom duties. [email protected]

  70. Hi All
    thanks for having this site!! It makes me feel like I am not as crazy as I thought!! I fell Dec 20th, had a long spiral fracture of my right tibia and tore the tendons off my fibula. Had surgery Dec 28th, plate and 10 screws. Had a soft cast for 3 weeks then hard cast for 4 weeks. Have a walking boot now for 5 days but am still having hard time putting weight on it still, but keep trying. I use a walker and get by. I go back to my office job part time tomorrow, as I am out of PTO. I can’t believe that we made it through Christmas, New Years, Anniversery and 3 Birthdays not to mention my 14 yr olds basketball season. It has been a very slow process and not at all like the surgeon said it would be. I still take pain meds when I get up and when I go to bed, it seems to help me get around and do more with less pain and feel better getting a good nights sleep. I am dealing with a bit of depression at times and think it may be the meds. I try to keep in check with how far I have come and how soon things will be better. I can’t wait to be able to get up and walk. My family has been so good to me. My husband has been doing it all, and works full time and is in a Masters program so he has his hands full with our 5 yr and 14 yr old kids. I feel very guity at times but remember the ” for better or richer and sickness and in health” words!! I too had the burning like fire feeling for weeks in my chin, swelling and very tight cast. It passed when I got the cast off. I thought maybe there was something wrong with me as I can’t walk without the walker, but feel better hearing from you all that it takes a while. I am now more motivated to keep trying. Thanks so much for all your posts. I hope you all heal very quickly and pray for you!

  71. I have been feeling so sorry for myself then stubbled across this website and now i know i’m not alone!!! on th 22-12-07 i fell down the stairs (top to bottom) dressed as a christmas tree at a friends house party whilst talking to the host who was dressed as jesus ha, ha… i look back now and giggle but i really have been in such a grump! i live in the UK so ended up getting a taxi to A&E as our ambulances take forever… my boyfriend didnt believe that i broke my leg because i wasnt crying due to the shock… i arrived at A&E still in fancy dress so you can imagine i had a few funny looks. I had worked there for 4 years previously so all the staff knew me which was so embarrassing! i had the x-ray which showed i had broke my tib, fib, and severed my achillis and snapped my ligaments. I had to stay in but they let me home xmas eve.. When i went bk 3 days later the bones had moved and my ankle was now so unstable they had to operate the next day. I had a plate and 5 screws and all my ligaments shaved….. i had my cast off 3 days ago, but have to wear an aircast for another month and partial weight bare. I never thought it would take so long!!!! does anyone have a pain in their calf??? xx

  72. I fell on January 14h, 208 and broke my right ankle and had surgery which consisted of a metal plate and 7 screws on the outside and 1 big screw on the inside. Cast is off and now this stupid aircast boot is on and they think I can sleep with it on, ya right. Any suggestions on exercises?I am going nuts but I am becoming a CSI agent I do believe, well watching 5 shows a day. Thanks Terry

  73. Wow, so many broken ankles! I, too, found this site on the net while researching physical therapy for a broken ankle. It has been a very long road. Broke my tib, fib and both sides of the malleous, along with dislocation and torn tendons on December 8, 2007. Was in Branson, Missouri for a girls weekend of shopping and holiday shows. Needless to say, I don’t feel like I got a bargain. While trying to outrun an impending ice storm, I fell in the parking lot of a Ramada Inn and the rest is history. I had a conscious sedation to realign the ankle and shin bones at a hospital in Branson and then drove home to the Kansas City area through a really bad ice storm. The usual 3 1/2 hour trip took us 7 hours! Very scary! I had surgery on December 11th and then went back for my first post-op on December 19th, at which time my surgeon informed me that he would have to do an additional surgery since the bones were not holding together. I now have two plates and about 25 screws in both sides of my ankle and tib and fib. I had my second surgery on December 20th. I had plans to fly back east for the holidays, needless to say, we missed that trip. I, too, have battled with bouts of depression. At times, serious depression. I live alone, since my 21 year old son is in college. I couldn’t wait to see him in December at winter break. As far as the pain and burning sensation, I had that as well. I thought I would go insane with the burning sensation and pain in my calf. The burning felt like brush burns at the incision sites. Not fun! I had a sugar tong splint throughout my surgeries and then was moved to a boot after my 2nd post op visit. I am still non- weight bearing. It has really been a long road – this is week 10. To complicate things I fell in my bathroom on January 3rd and broke 4 ribs! As a result of being further hurt and alone at home, I was sent to a rehab – a nice word for a nursing home! I did have excellent care and was definitely the youngest person there. At 50 yrs old I am no spring chicken anymore! I go to my surgeon on Wednesday and hope to get some good news at that time. He has been wonderful! I can’t say enough about him. My surgeon is the father of a student I had in school. It really pays to keep i n contact with students. I called him from Branson and asked him to have his father call me. The docs in Branson wanted to do surgery that night it happened. So glad I waited. I think I will begin passive range and motion on Wednesday and then partial weight bearing in a few weeks. At this rate, I hope I get back to school before the end of the school year! Thanks for posting all your comments. I feel like it’s helped me in my recovery! When some of you said that your doc isn’t the most forthcoming with information, it helps to hear that others are also experiencing some of the same things you are. I wish speedy recoveries for everyone. Hang in there – there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I feel like I have rounded the corner and am now in the home stretch!

  74. Bethan
    I had my hard cast off last Tueday and now that I am starting to walk a bit with the walking cast, my calf is very sore. It was sore just after I had the hard cast put on as well. I was worried about a blood clot but all was fine. I had a lot of cramps in my calf muscle at first.

  75. Dave
    I also had the spinal and not put under all the way, I had a good experience with it, lots of pain after I got the feeling back. My Doc opted for the hard cast after 2 weeks post OP splint. He had told me I could do the boot but he had to repair a lot of the tendons so when I went back he opted for a hard cast to make sure I didn’t hurt it again. I think I would have been better with a soft one or boot as most of my pain was due to the foot and leg swelling under it and would get real tight. With the boot it expands with the swelling and is so much more comfortable than the cast!! Your skin gets really dry under a hard cast. Yuck!
    Good Luck Dave

  76. I guess Tri-malleolar Ankle Surgery is quite common. I broke my ankle on Feb 1st, 2008 jumping over a large puddle, completely sober(don’t laugh). I had Surgery on Feb 7th which included 2 large screws and a plate with 10 smaller screws, and have been in a cast/splint since. I developed a fracture blister in between the time I broke my ankle and the surgery. Has anyone else had a fracture blister? Other than the discomfort that the blister creates, everything is fine and I will be given a walking cast this Friday. So my only concern is the blister. If anyone can respond to this, that would be great.

    Heal Well…

  77. I dropped my 700 lb motorcycle and was pinned underneath it after it stalled in a low speed turn. After getting help getting from under it I rode home and then walked upstairs into my house. Over the following 11 days they discovered a broken tib and fib so I needed surgery resulting in a plate and six screws. No ligament damage; I was very lucky. The trouble is I am a big and tall guy and still get occasional swelling even after 5 months. I excercise regularly but don’t walk much as I am an Office Weeny. Anybody else?

  78. Hey Y’all! I thought my situation was serious. After reading everybody’s story it is quite sad. I will pray for you all. Well, I broke my anke(fibula) Wed. Dec. 12, 2007 rollerskating. I’ve been skating for years..stop for a few yrs. and started back up about 2 months before then. I was skating about 3 times a week..doing all kinds of tricks and plus when I fell dusted my self off and got back up. But on that one night I did a move that brought me to the floor..it didn’t hurt it just felt uncomfortable. How I fell and how I still was able to put pressure on my foot..everybody thought it was a bad sprain. Oh but the next morning, I was in a lot of pain..when the Dr. examined me she didn’t think it was broken..the pain wasn’t that severe and I did’t have a lot of swelling..But the x-ray told it all..I was devestated..see I was suppose to dance in a wedding the next weekend. I taught 3 dance classes a week..plus I drive the school bus as my regular job. See I am very active and a lot of people depend on me.. I felt like I let everybody down..Praise God I didn’t have to get surgery..my heart goes out to you all..I had to wait almost a wk. for an aircaist..now im in a brace..its been 11 wks. I’m healing normally..Im off work until the end of March..Because Im not able to work and teach Im missing out on a lot of money..See I make more money when I go to work..plus I still have the same bills..I can’t wait to get back to work so I can catch up on some bills

  79. VITAMIN C!! Take it. C is the most important to promote healing. Also inportant are Beta-Carotine, Zinc and B vitamins. Boy, so many people on this blog had to have plates and screws. I bet every one of those breaks happened to people who drink a lot of cola. Cola has Phosporic Acid which makes bones weak because it is more easily assimilated than calcium and your bones will use it in place of calcium. I broke my ankle (cracked the tibia, but not a complete break) when I fell 4 weeks ago. The knee-walker thing someone mentioned is well worth it. My insurance is going to reimburse me for the rental because I got my doctor to write a prescription for it.

  80. Hey Everyone..
    Went out for a night of dancing to celebrate a friend’s birthday wearing my extremely fashionable (not comfortable) 5 inch red suede boots and fell doing the salsa. I’m in a hot pink cast for the next 4 – 6 weeks but after reading all your posts I guess I can say I’m pretty lucky = /
    But you all seem to recovering well and my recovery has just started..I lived at the gym, lived for the nightlife and worked on my feet 40 hours a week..
    As my dad likes to put it, “God punished me” hehe no more dancing and living a crazy always on the go life..at least know I have to time to perfect my resume and start looking for my dream job since I just graduated college in December.
    So if anyone wants to chat as I tell all my friends who have been truly blessings (and my parents as well) I’ll be around.. ; )
    Keep Smiling Everyone!

  81. I want to thank all of you for your comments. It really has made me feel lucky. I fell on black ice on 02/02/08. I have 2 plates and 6 screws. Tib/fib and dislocation. Woo hoo. I am still non-wight bearing, but no pain and minimal swelling. I am a paramedic so this has really hindered my life style. But did not take those pain medications, they are really bad for you, screws up your thinking.
    Kita, buck up, there are a whole lot of people worse off than you, you need to talk to your Dr. your depression is related to your injury but not all of it. Cymbalta is a good medication for depression and pain. Please get some healthy help.
    I am due to have a walking boot 03/18, looking forward to losing the ‘crutches’ I bought a stair stepper to assist in my healing, my right leg is in great shape, cant’ wait to start on the left.
    Really, everybody try to remain positive, quit taking narcotics for the pain, keep it elevated and for God’s sake listen to your Dr. unless the Doc is a quack like some of you drew for your own. Sorry about that. Also, vitamin C is good, but go sit outside, get at least 20 minutes of daylight a day, good vitamin D.
    Good luck and I will write more later when the pain starts for weight bearing.

  82. Hello all….Great stuff on this blog…makes me want to start my own. I’ve got plenty of time now it seems. I too just broke my ankle and tibia a week ago. the problem is I’m still waiting for a bed at the hospital to be operated. I live in Toronto and we’re supposed to have a half decent health care but beds are in short supply (does anyone have an extra mattress). I slipped at work on an icy patch (to sue or not to sue?) and my foot went under me outwards. As a result broke my tibia and my ankle in two spots. Apparently I got get “screwed”. It sucks guys and girls…I feel for everyone incuding myself. Happy recoveries to everyone and hope they are speedy ones…

  83. Hi there! I broke my ankle about a week ago and I still feel so weak! Is anyone else having trouble with those darn crutches? They rub on my sides and it does not feel so great… I fell on the ice on my campus and I am really nervous about going back to classes! How will I ever get around, maybe a wheelchair… Anyways, I hope these next 6 to 8 weeks fly by so I can get back to the land of the living. Good luck everyone!

  84. I just wrote the post above and forgot to ask something. Is there a better alternative to endocet oxycodone w/ acetaminophen pain killers? These pills take the pain away but they hurt my stomach and I feel droopy all the time. Also get chest pains and feel hot at times.
    Just wondering what else you guys are taking to relieve you of the pain.

  85. I am on Percocet for pain and it is pretty nice, no stomach pains or feeling too droopy or chest pain. It just makes you feel a little numb for a while-but I am only taking one at a time. You can take 1 to 2 pills every 4 to 6 hours.

    Hope that helps!

  86. I started putting weight on my broken ankle 6 weeks after I injured it and my knee hurt, due to using a knee walker for 6 weeks. Now when I use the knee walker, I put the weight on my shin. I took a lot of ibuprophen for pain during this whole ordeal. I think my ankle wasn’t ready for weight because now, after limited waling for a week it hurts as much as it did when I first broke and sprained it.

  87. Hello all… I am currently going into week 14 and things are really looking up for me! I saw the Dr. this past Wednesday and he released me to go back to work on the 24th of March! WHOO – HOO! I know, who gets excited about work – that would be me! I really miss my students! I last saw them on December 6th – feels like an entire school year! Anyway, I can now walk without my mobilization boot at home (indoors only) and while at physical therapy. All other times, I’m in the very fashionable boot! I have a really aggressive PT and she really makes me work! During the first week of therapy she had me on the eliptical going both forward and backward while wearing the boot! Not too easy to begin, but I am getting used to it. On Friday I did the eliptical without the boot both front and back – now that is tough! This 50 year old wishes she were in better shape!

    It is so amazing to hear all of your stories! I never thought this many people had broken ankles, tib and fib! I agree about the narcotics for the pain. They really mess up your mind and your body functions! I stopeed them as soon as I could stomach the pain. I switched to ibuprophen and it really managed the pain pretty well. The depression was really awful. I agree with getting outside for even a little bit each day even though I coldn’t do that. It helps that the sun is shining more and more each day! The light at the end of the tunnel is near for me, sure wish is was for everyone else! Hang in there and keep supporting one another – it does help to read the posts of others.

    I was out shopping (very short trip! can’t stand being on the ankle very long!) the other day and a woman asked me what happened to me. When I told her she then told me of her daughter’s situation. Last year her daughter was in a bad car accident – cam away with two broken femers, broken tib and fib in one leg, torn rotator cuff, broken arm and wrist. I will never feel sorry for myself again! I can’t imagine how this person recovered! The poor girl still is in rehab and still in a lot of pain. I wonder if it will ever go away!

    As for me, the swelling is now under control as along as I don’t overdo it with the walking around either in or out of the boot.

    Someone mentioned taking vitamin C – I have been loading up on calcium and a good mineral based daily vitamin. I have never been much for taking pills, but I am now taking these. I was amazed at the comment about drinking cola. I don’t drink a lot of cola, but have had my share over the years. It does make sense. I will have to mention this to my doctor and see if he consurs. Makes sense to me.

    Take care and heal well – keep a positive attitude and things will be much easier to handle. Just keep in mind that soon you will be up and around. I wish you all speedy recoveries! Happy spring to you!


  88. Hi all,

    One week ago, today. Broken tibia / fibula. 5 screws / 1 plate; right ankle. Bad spraign, left ankle. Had surgery Wednesday, day after break, 2 nights in hospital, released Thursday. Follow-up scheduled for 4/1/08. Using a walker around the house. Splint on right ankle, non-weight bearing. Keep elevated …. Getting stronger everyday. Incision is starting to itch. Taking Lortab at night, but no pain meds during waking hours. Taking calcium, hoping that will aid bone healing. I’m trying to keep my attitude high. Glad to hear of other’s experiences.

  89. Hi everyone,

    Been reading everyone’s experiences and thought I’d share mine with you.

    Was ice-skating on 1st March 2008 with my daughters and waiting for the youngest to finish her lesson. Was stood still waiting to speak to the teacher with my right toe-pick in the ice when someone knocked my left shoulder making me fall backwards – leaving my foot still in the ice! Fell back and twisted onto to my left side, resulting in dislocation, and 3 breaks one of which was split and twisted which is the real problem.

    Went to hospital and due to swelling couldn’t have the op for 9 days – then went for surgery, went under anaesthetic and came round thinking all was done – but no!! Had an enormous fracture blister all the way round the back of my foot so had to wait for another 5 days due to the risk of infection. Was in hospital for 16 long long nights in a ward with 2 demented women who shouted and screamed all night – got 2.5 hours sleep a night tops.

    Have been told by consultant that the op didn’t got as well as they hoped as bones had started to knit and there is now a gap – apparantly won’t knit back together so will always have problems.

    Getting really fed up – had a cast on 2 weeks before the op and another one has been on now for 8 days, driving me mad!! Made a couple of friends on the ward, one of which had a badly broken ankle like me. She got an infection in the wound and was in hospital for 3.5 weeks. In that time, she fell and broke her wrist! So I shouldn’t complain.

    I was told I would have 2 maybe 3 plates with screws plus 2 screws from the front to the back. To be honest, I don’t know what I’ve got! Next appointment in 10 days, so hoping to find out more then. Told me would have cast on for 6 weeks, just hope that will be it, but reading everyone elses blogs think it might take a bit longer. Going to try calcium and vitamin d – and yes I do drink a lot of diet coke, damnit!

  90. Hi Everyone,

    I have been reading this blog now for a couple of months and thought it time to post. On January 19th, I managed to fall. Okay, I jumped in the air and missed the landing. It was getting late in the evening and the snow was starting to ice over. I made a ‘move’ and found myself very quickly lying on the ground. Oops..that’s not good. So, my friends helped me hike (hobble) out to the trailhead about 3 miles away. I thought it was just a bad sprain. I continued my camping trip and visited the doctor when I got home two days later. Ostensibly to learn how to wrap a sprained ankle. The examining doctor made a face that said my swollen purple cankle was very unpleasant to look at just before she told me I had a broken ankle. Can I tell you that she made an even funnier face, like I had gone crazy, when I started laughing out loud? I couldn’t believe it…

    So I was put in a cam boot and crutches and told not to walk on it and the Podiatrist/Ortho guy would be calling me. Oh yeah…I had to cut off my toe rings before my toes died and fell off. I went back 2 days later and was told it was a spiral fracture, quite impressive, but stable and no surgery! Just a cast and no weight bearing for four weeks. Four weeks!? After one week I had to go back and have the cast removed since I was having too much pain. Turns out, there is nerve damage and torn/stretched ligaments and tendons. Great…another cast; this time in purple.

    After 4 weeks, I received my cam boot, but no walking without crutches. I now have these lovely calluses on my palms from eight weeks of crutches. I went in last week and was told to start transitioning to regular shoes for an hour everyday and increasing until I was full time back in regular shoes. I am now going on daily hikes in the wilderness wearing hiking boots. I am trying to strengthen and stretch the muscles. I am supposed to climb Whitney in 8 weeks and need to be ready. I agree sounds pretty ambitious.

    So, why I am telling this story? I guess I am a lucky one; I have been told that numerous times by doctors over these past weeks. 95% of people with this type of break require surgery. No surgery for me. I too, thought I would go crazy from sitting on my couch and gaining weight. When I would stand, the burning sensation in my leg and foot was so intense it would take my breath away. My cankle still swells up everyday and is very flushed looking. I kept thinking, ‘How long is this going to last?’ I took less than ten of the prescribed vicodin as I get sick; so I guess I have a very high tolerance for pain.

    The point is to tell you all that every person heals at a different rate. It also depends on your injury. I am now into my 10th week and I hiked in a regular boot today for 90 minutes on uneven terrain. Yes it hurts; but not nearly as bad as it did. I am trying to keep a sense of humor about this and share my story simply because I am so grateful to be where I am in my healing process. I hope my silly story made you smile today. =o)

    Good Luck to you all……..

  91. Oh Yea..,,I forgot to mention that it does hurt to hike in a boot and I do have a limp. This too shall pass…right?

  92. Hi sandyann! I ‘lost’ my limp literally overnight at week 18, I suddenly realised I wasn’t limping anymore. If I do a lot of walking my leg aches but I’ve put that down to the fact that my leg muscles in the injured leg are still a little less defined than in my good leg, so hopefully the ache will go when the muscle returns. Re the earlier comment on cola – I don’t drink the stuff so I guess I was just unlucky! That’ll teach me to go dancing now I’m in my 40’s!!

    Hope you are 100% soon……..

  93. Hi Everyone!
    I broke my Tib and Fib about 5 and a half weeks ago. Fell on the ice and had to have surgery that same night! I have a plate and about 7 screws in my right ankle. The doctor had told me it was going to be 6 to 8 weeks to heal. Well, I went back for a check up last week and he said it would be more like 12 weeks until I can begin to walk! I was like WHAT?? Why do they even tell you 6 to 8, it just got my hopes up. Now I’m back to waiting for what feels like an eternity until I can start to re-gain some independance. I am sure it takes a while to get back to normal once you start putting weight on it. Does anyone out there have an estimate on how long it takes once you put weight on it until you feel somewhat normal again???

    Happy Healing!

  94. hello,

    im 17 years old (16 at the time)

    on October 20, 2008

    i was the passenger in a CAR CRASH

    i shattered both bones in my lower left leg. (also broke 6 bones in left hand/wrist but has healed up now)

    Tibia is in about 33 – 38 peices

    fibula in in 12

    13 screws and a plate

    10 separate operations

    developed a MRSA infection after second operation

    2 months in hospital

    had dual muscle grafts from back onto leg to fix the open wound caused by MRSA

    skin grafts aswell

    been 6 months so far

    still got an EXTERNAL FIXATION on and will have for the next 5 months at the best Doc says.

    very depressed and missing my life


    i had just started an apprenticeship 2 weeks before accident

    i have a very good boss so i still can keep my job

    but i will not be walking untill 2009 at the best

    i was a very good golfer before the accident and had very good chance to go pro


    1. to fuse the ankle
    2. to remove external fixation
    3. to reshape the muscle grafts on leg so i can wear shoes

    if anyone have any help or advice or experience that will make me feel better please feel free to email me at
    [email protected]

    thank you

    i go to physio 3 times a week

  95. Hey Lachlan,
    Oh my goodness, I am feeling for you!! My break is nothing compared to all you are going through and I am probably not much help, but you are definately not alone. I know how it feels to miss your old life and independance. I don’t have much advice except keep talking to your doctors about your feelings and keep your head up. Stay strong!

  96. I am soooo glad I am not the only one with “Grace” as my name! LOL I broke my ankle in three places 12-15-2007, taking out the trash, and missed the step! Yikes! I had surgery the next morning, 12 screws and two titanium plates. Got my hard cast off 1-2-08, got a walking cast and told not to walk on it for 6 weeks! Started P.T., then 6 weeks later told I had to have the 4 bigger of the 12 screws taken out due to them backing out on their own. Had that done 4-4-08. I am slowly but surely getting better, although it still swells at times, aches like an SOB, and the muscles are so tight I cry sometimes. Any suggestions to get those muscles to loosen up a little other than through P.T.?? It is nice to know that there are others out there in the same predicament! I didn’t drive from 12-15-07 until 4-20-08! Then I got a promotion at work to a supervisor, and on top of the foot thing, I have a new job! I just took my trash can & turned it upside down under my desk, put a cushion on top of it, and work away. I am using a cane now after using one crutch for a few weeks. Going up the stairs is getting better. Going down is slow and one step at a time. There have been times through this whole ordeal I wish they had just cut the foot off, thankfully I am married to the best man ever! He keeps my spirits up, and the kids help too! It does get better, just slowly but surely.

  97. Wow, at the young age of 51 I finally broke bones. I walked off a lady’s porch at night time without using steps & broke everything in my ankle. The next morning I was in surgery. After 7 weeks I get around but still can’t walk. I’ve started PT & I’m hoping some day to drive again. God Bless the person who invented the turning wheel knee scooter! I can’t use crutches because of my bulging disc in the neck and my first name isn’t “Grace” either. These scooters are great. You can rent them and I do get around. My poor husband has to do all the driving now. A friend of mine told me it takes 5 months to recover from the surgery and to be able to walk have way normal again. I guess I have a ways to go. It’s nice to know I’m not by myself!

  98. Thank you to everyone for sharing your story, it’s good to know that I’m not alone, though my sympathy is with everyone who is still suffering. I dislocated and broken my ankle very badly on Sept 24 07 stumbling down a little step I hadn’t noticed. This was in France where they sent the fire brigade and three handsome firemen to rescue me (the only good bit!) and took me off to hospital where I have an emergency operation and two pins put into the ankle. I was told it would be very painful for 3 – 6 months and with hindsight, the doctor was right. I was in hospital for six days then an ambulance took me home via the Chunnel to the Cotswolds in England. A journey of 8 hours (it should have taken 12, but the driver didn’t go under 100 miles per hour all the way!) which was hell. I used a zimmer frame getting up and down out of bed, chairs, toilet, shower etc.and a computer chair for moving around in the house and a wheel chair outside. You can buy special plastic bags called Limbo’s to wear in the shower, and hire shower seats and wheel chairs fron your local Red Cross (Blesss them, they were wonderful).
    I had a Temp plaster on for about 9 days until I had my staples removed. I was dreading having them out, but it was Ok actually – just remember to exhale as each one is removed and you will be fine. The 2nd plaster was on for 6 weeks. During this time the ankle really hurt and pain killers were a must. The trouble with pain killers is they make you constipated, so wean yourself off them as soon as you can. The good news was as long as the ankle is elevated, the pain goes, sometimes you need to stick a packet of frozen peas on for ten minutes which reduces the pain and swelling. At this stage, wriggle your toes every hour or so and try and clench your buttocks and thighs to keep your muscle tone on the injured side.
    The next stage was having the plaster removed. This is totally painless. It really is. The worst bit is seeing your foot and leg which looks as if it belongs to someone else. Within 24 house all my skin flaked, it didn’t hurt or itch, but looked awful. E45 cream rubbed in twice a day soon healed it.
    I started physio which was very helpful and at this stage I started to use the crutches, I couldn’t balance on them before and could start to put the weight on my foot, which looked blue at times and really swelled up and was still painful. Going up or down steps was very difficult. You can’t believe how something so small can be such a problem I have a small step up to my front door and it took ages to manage it,
    The exercises with the physio went on through December and by Christmas I was able to stand up more and more. The physio suggested I massage the scar very gently with cream or oil across the scar twice a day to desensitise it and it really works and is worth doing. Bio-oil will help heal and reduce the severity of the scar itself.
    I graduated to a walking stick mid- Dec and could start to drive. I was told that when I could make an emergency stop, that was the time to resume driving.
    Whenever I sat down, I raised my foot and rested it. And I still do as it reduces the swelling.
    One cheerful consultant said the swelling could go on for years. He was very negative. The senior consultant has been very positive and encouraging and said it would soon settle down, which it has.
    It’s June now. The pain is gone most of the time. It only aches if I’ve been walking about or standing around for over an hour, but as soon as I sit down and put up my foot, it’s fine. It hardly swells and the colour has gone back to normal.
    The thing that helped me was to keep looking back over the last week or so and noticing how the pain has reduced and how much more I could do.
    Allow time for your body to heal at it’s own rate. Listen to your body. Rest your ankle as much as you can so that you can make a full recovery.
    In two weeks time I have an op. to take out the pins as they are the cause of the remaining pain. So wish me luck and I hope this account encourages anyone going through this challenging experience. I decided right at the beginning that I could be a victim or I could make the most of the prolonged rest. So I have had time to read, get up late, chat to family and friends on the phone, send emails, enjoys visits from all and sundry and a million other things. In other words, you might just as well enjoy your break!

  99. Hi! I fell on April 8, 2008 and went to hospital. They operated on me the next day and I was in the hospital for 4 days, and had 7 screws and a plate put in the right ankle. Had soft cast on for 2 weeks, then was put in a fiberglass cast till May 28th. Had it removed and still couldn,t put any weight on it for 2 more weeks, all that time, no weight on it. I used a wheelchair. then I got a walking boot and I have to use it outside the house, but inside I walk without it and use a cane. I go to physical ther. every week, 1 day. I think it helps alot. This is my 12th week and I drove my car for the 1st time and went by myself to Dr. and bi-mart. Felt so good to be out. Foot hurts to walk on it, but its still healing. I come home and put it up and ice it. Go to the Doctor July 8th, will see what he says I need to do now! Chin up everyone, we are all in this together and we will be strong and come through it! God bless you all! I am 70 years young, if I can make it this far, you all can. If God put us in it, he will bring us through it. Thanks all for your stories. I enjoyed everyones story, Bye for now, good luck.

  100. I broke my tibia on 7/3/08 saving my 3 year old from a pool while on vacation. I’ve had a visit with the orthopedic surgeon and I have an MRI scheduled for this week. I won’t know how long I’m out for until I meet with the doctor on the 24th. I’m on crutches (or “crunches,” as my 3 year old says!) and was told not to put weight on my leg. I have a splint that allows me to move my leg 30 degrees. It’s not so bad except I’m at home with 2 kids (ages 3 and 4.5). Today is the first day I’ll be alone with them (thanks to my sisters and niece) but my husband has to work and tonight he has golf (I don’t think he’s going to golf – if he does then I’ll be widowed! kidding). Anyway, I’d love to know how those of you with little kids do it?

    Also, I wish all of you the best

  101. On June 17,2008 I missed the landing on some steep steps in my home and broke my ankle in 2 places. 1 plate and 6 screws later here I am. I have a very busy 22 month old baby girl and a 12 and 15 year old. I have to say It has been not a easy thing with the baby. I can’t sleep because of the pain and I am so tired of asking everyone for help. I am counting the days when this cast will come off and I will get my walking cast. (July 31 is my next appointment) I really don’t expect to be 100% for quite awhile but I can’t wait to be more mobile with the walking cast. It is nice to read about others who have gone thru the same thing. I appreciated my health before my accident and I will really be greatful when I get my life back again. Wish everyone the best!

  102. i broke my ankle on 7/25/08.i am only 12 years old and i broke from skateboarding..i got surgery about a week after cuz it was too swollen.1 plate, 7 screws,and one big screw through two bones.I am scared of the big screw cuz the doctor said if i put pressure on it it will break. No pressure on it for 10 weeks



  104. hi i broke my ankel 9 yrs ago. there are days it hurts so bad that i wish i could cut it off.i was wearing a pair of flip flops. i had 1 plate and 9 pin it . but then i got a infection in my ankel so they took every thing out after 1 yr. they told me if it still hurt i must get it fused. it doesn”t bent like my other ankel. i wish i could go with out the pain.what can i do????????????????????/

  105. I broke my ankle March 10th 08. I slipped on some black Ice as I was walking in the door to work. Broke the side of tibia, Shattered it up the middle, broke my fibula and 3 breaks in Talus. I have 20 pins and to steel rods placed in my leg. I was in a cast and boot with no weight on it till the end of June. I have been in Physical Therapy since and it’s been slow going. I can’t wear a shoe because of the swelling and I have pins protruding out of my ankle. I’m already developed arthritis in it. Doc says bones are still remodeling but healing well. Going back in 2months for another look. Plates and screws are coming out. Been a long six months for me. I have a 3 year old and had a 5 day old newborn at home and was was in the process of noving. I will keep you posted.

  106. Hello i broke my ankle 4 weeks ago had xrays and dont need surgery which is such a relief . Its much better now but is a total nightmare to get around cant wait to get rid of the crutches!! i have got an air cast boot on and can put a little weight on it but im not sure whether im supposed to be will i be causing more damage by doing too much i would really like your advice as im going back to work to do light duties and am scared ill break it again or something!! thanks for help!!

  107. Hi – I broke my ankle 7/20/08. I also was running in flip flops trying to kick something and I tripped. I broke both the tib and the fib….and also dislocated it…and was told that some tendons and such were torn. On 7/22/08 I had surgery and had “implants” that cost $10,144.00. I am not sure what those “implants” are yet…but I will be sure to ask when I go to the doctor on Wednesday 9/3.

    The first week I was just in a wrap. That was very painful….uncomfortable and just plain stunk. I am the mother of a 12 year old and work full time. I have 2 cats and a pug and live in an older home where the washer and dryer and everything else I own is in the basement. I get ready for work in our basement and that’s where my husband has made a big room for my hang up clothes and my dressers. I also do my hair and makeup down there, too. So – at first this was all very tramatic.

    I have since then had the staples taken out and then was placed in a cast….and they had my foot positioned pigeon-toed…I’m still not sure why…but okay. I have to admit – after the cast was put on it was a bit easier…and everything from downstairs was moved upstairs…except the washer/dryer-of course. My son has been very helpful during all of this…but at this point I think he is “over it.”

    A couple of weeks ago I had an itch down my cast and could just barely reach my finger down there. I felt a sore…so I called the doctor and they wanted me in there immediately. They cut a “window” in the cast so they could see how bad of a sore was in there. It was worse than what they thought – so the cast had to come off. That was weird. My leg looked like someone else’s. After they had the cast off they treated the sore – OUCH…cleaned it out…OUCH and then they had to re-cast it due to the injury to my ankle. They cut a window in it and put me on 2,000 mg of antibiotics for 5 days…and they checked it every other day for a week. Then on 8/18/08 – they took the cast off and replaced it with this big black heavy boot. I am still non-weight bearing…but on the plus side the boot can be removed. As long as I keep my foot up and iced – the swelling and pain can be somewhat controlled.

    Through the past 5 weeks..I have had plenty of time to think. I have been depressed…felt useless…felt left out…BUT – on the other hand…I have had plenty of time to realize all of the things I have been blessed with. This will not last forever. I have my health and my family and friends…to this I am very thankful for ! And I will work very hard once therapy starts and not take any day for granted. Life is very short.

    I agree with the posts above…keep my/our chins up and enjoy the rest….for now.

  108. Hi Everyone, I broke my ankle July 5th 08 and this has really sucked for me. I fell down my basement stairs carrying laundry and fractured my ankle in five places. So in the ER they had to put me to sleep to move my ankle back in a somewhat decent position then I was in a splint. Had to wait some weeks for surgery because my ankle was swollen. Ok so I got my surgery 7/22 received two plates inside and out and not sure how many screws i have and I am in a short leg cast. Go back on 8/6 to get the stitches taken out…….one of the worst experiences in my life. My foot was swollen and it felt like they were cutting my skin………..I cried so bad!!! another short leg cast and still no weight bearing. Now here I am coming up on 9/2 when I get this stupid cast off and get into a walking boot! You guys this has not been easy, but you know what I have been blessed because I just started a job in Jan 08 and my employer agreed to let me work from home until i am able to come back into the office. The ankle that I broke is my right…so no driving for me. At times I get sad and depressed but then I have to stop and look at my blessings. Sorry for the long post…….i just had to let someone know how I really feel. Oh by the way i have a 2 year old and a 13 yr old!!!
    Thanks for listening!

  109. I broke my ankle a couple of weeks ago, had surgery last week and I’m laid up. It’s funny how many times I’ve googled broken ankles. This is definitely the most entertaining of the sites I’ve found.

    I love that you quoted that particular line of Pink Floyd.

    Anyway, thanks for entertaining me.

  110. Hi all,

    I broke my ankle on 8/29/08 tripped over my sisters Boston Bull 🙁 They did the surgery the next day I had 5 screws put in , and I was released from the hospital on 8/31. This has been the most misserable time I have ever had (would have rather broke a hand)

    I have a horrible burning just above my toes on the top of my foot when standing, its like someone is taking a hot poker to the top of my foot. Is this normal?

    I go back for my post op on 9/10 to have the staples removed and have a regular cast put on…. I am hoping to go back to work the next day. I am feeling sooooooo usless. Any sugustions? I am 47 and have never had a broken bone.

    Thanks for listening,

  111. alrite
    broke my ankle on july the 25
    this is what i have experienced so far
    1st week(no surgery yet,too swollen)- lots of pain when laying down, and standing up right after
    (night at hospital)- extreme pain the whole night.needed lots of morphine
    2nd – 3rd week – still some pain when im laying down, and standing rite after
    4th-7th week- no more pain.
    october the 10, thats the day when there removing the big screw
    and thats the day i get my boot

  112. Well, the good news is that there IS light at the end of the tunnel. Please everyone, remember that. 10 weeks ago, on July 13, I slipped on hard terrazzo floor while stepping down off a chair when I was cleaning a ceiling fan in my dining room. I dislocated and broke three bones in my left ankle and also a bone in my right foot. I was alone at home and had to crawl all the way back to my bedroom to get my cell phone to call the ambulance and then crawl all the way back to unlock the front door….ugh…all the while with my left foot jutting out at a 90 degree angle to the left. Does anyone else keep reliving the fall and sound of bones breaking?

    They relocated the ankle in the emergency room and then did open reduction and fusion surgery the next day, a plate and several screws (need to find out how many). I had problems during the 3 1/2 hour surgery and was in the recovery room for another 6 hours. They kept me in the hospital for 3 more days due to extremely low blood pressure (strange for me as I’ve been on medication for high blood pressure for years). I’m 50 years old. I also had dangerously low oxygen levels in my blood and had to wear an oxygen mask until I was released. They finally figured out it was the morphine that was causing it. I also developed fluid in my lungs and found myself gasping for breath for several days after I got home.

    The first two weeks post surgery were awful. I took the pain medicine as prescribed, but the pain always came back much sooner than the next pill. They had me in a carefully wrapped splint for the first two weeks until my staples were removed. I guess I was lucky that my surgeon believes in going from that to a cam boot instead of a cast. At least I was able to adjust the cam boot] when the swelling got too bad. I’ve been in the cam boot for the past 8 weeks. It doesn’t sound like a cast is much fun after reading all your posts.

    I was able to go back to work 2 weeks after surgery because my boss allowed me to move into the hotel for free at the golf club where I work. I wouldn’t have been able to go back to work if it weren’t for that as I couldn’t drive. I was able to use a wheelchair to get myself from my room to my desk each morning. Wonderful co-workers pushed me back to my room at night when I was really exhausted. I used a walker sometimes too, but since I had also broken a bone in my other foot, I relied on the wheelchair to get around the most.

    My accident was 10 weeks ago. I go back to the doctor tomorrow. I was instructed to start putting 50 pounds of pressure on the ankle a week ago and then to start walking 2 days before my appointment which is tomorrow. I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful yesterday and today have been to be able to walk again. It hurts, but I don’t care as it just feels so great to be able to walk again. I’ve been really careful as I’m terrified that after the x-rays tomorrow they might tell me I have to wait longer. I think the ankle looks good though so I’m thinking positively. I’m really curious to see if they make me keep wearing the cam boot, put me in something else, or tell me to start wearing shoes. I’m also wondering if I should use a cane for while. I feel quite unsteady on my feet.

    Like others have posted, I’ve dealt with depression during this time, but I am now feeling so happy that this ordeal is almost over. I’m going to be so careful from now on. I don’t ever want to go through this again!

  113. Hi everyone,

    Thank you all for helping me today. I simply went out to my garden to pick some peppers for salsa. Garden is on a hill – slick after rain the previous day. Not a smart idea but I have done it HUNDREDS of times. Picked the peppers, turned to leave, and right foot stayed planted in Mother Earth and body spun around as I heard a “snap” below like breaking a piece of asparagus. I crawled back up the hill ( peppers in hand) and then crawled down my driveway as i was “Home Alone”. Flagged down a passing neighbor and a friend took me to the hospital. Not in horrible pain but broke aneat a lot of yogutkle in three places – have 6″ plate on outer right side, 8 screws, and a LONG mother screw across the top of my foot. Accident on Aug. 3 – long screw to be removed around Nov. 10th. No weight bearing AT ALL for 6 weeks..Started phsical theraphy with Darth Vader booth on – three times a week. Doc gave me Vitamin C from the get-go and I take Vitamin D and a multi vitamin as well. Eat a lot of yogurt. Just had my kidney removed 3 years ago (cancer) and I was up and around long before this. It is so boring to just sit and sit BUT things could be worse for all of us. After a double ot triple fracture, I think the recovery is much longer than the doctors first tell us. Not being able to drive is terrible (right ankle of course) and I long to go to the grocery store with my coupons. I wish all of you the best, God bless, and be brave (however, mind your doc and PT so we can heal). My other leg is about “hopped” out from the walker. Take care now and thank you for sharing.

  114. sooo basically i broke my ankle over memorial weekend soo over 4 months ago. I have 2 screws a plate and 10 pins in my ankle yuck! anyways i can walk fine with out a limp and can also where my boots that have about a 2 inch heel ( im used to wearing stilitoes tho 🙁 ) anyways everything seems to be doing well byt the swelling is so un attractive. when i wake up in the morning its okay looking but by the end of the day its huge! never really hurts but anyone have any help on when the swelling goes down and your ankle looks like an ankle again?? ..instead of a wierd looking cankle!? also has anyone gotten there hardware out of thier ankle??

  115. Hello All,
    Broke my ankle in three places on the morning of 8/29 “team building” on wet mulch! Due to the holiday weekend and the availability of surgeons, I had to wait untill 9/2 to get in to see a Dr. He said I could wait for another couple of weeks to have the surgery, I seriously asked him if he was high (that weekend I finished a full perscription of Vicadin due to the outrageous pain that I had to deal with) he then said he needed an X-ray. He came into the office a bit later to look at the results and said “they didn’t set it in the emergency room?” I kind of looked at him and said…huh? He then said that he would get me in that day. I had surgery that night at about 5:30pm and was on my way home at 8pm…for the first time I felt no pain…OK so I was full of morphine but it was nice to feel nothing for a bit.
    Getting around the next few days was hard, my foot in the cast was so uncomfortable and it felt like my heel was on fire.
    I went back to my Dr. on 9/9 to have my stitches removed. When they cut the surgical cast off I almost cried, the office window was open and the cool breeze made my foot feel sooooo good! Went for the X-ray and waited for my Dr., He came in and said all looked good, the 9 screws and plate looked crazy to me though…I told my Dr. that if he was going to cast me that he needed to cut holes for my foot to breathe…he said that if I kept a walking boot on, he would not cast me..I agreed…and lied…
    I went home with it on and slept that night with it, I wore it one more time since my 9/17 appointment where he X-rayed and said that my bones fused perfectly.
    I go back on 10/17 to see if I can start walking, all along he said that I would be putting weight on it in 6 weeks.
    Not sure about this as I have not had a uncomfortable day yet. I am happy that I had not been cast (so far). I feel that keeping my foot out I have been able to work on my range of motion. I have balanced myself standing at week 5 and it felt like my ankle was going to explode, not sure how walking in 10 days is going to happen!
    My foot looks normal when I wake up then slowly starts to swell during the day, this is the most frustrating part so far…Dr. said that the ankle will be swollen for sometimes up to a year after surgery…
    Dr. also said that there is an 90% chance that I will have the two inside screws removed, he said that they will sometimes back out a bit and due to the fact that there is no fat around the ankle I might see them…great!
    Good luck!!

  116. got a surgery to remove 1 big screw yesterday
    i can finally walk now!!
    problem is tht after 12 weeks in a cast i cant even take one step!!
    doctors said tht im going to get off my crutches in a week..tht seems a little too fast, rite?i dont even hav a boot, just a splint

  117. I wish I had some tips for you on trying to walk after 12 weeks in a cast and not being able to take one step! That has to be frustrating. I am just starting to put some weight on my ankle after about 8 weeks, and it isn’t moving along very fast at all. I can’t figure out how I will be able to work in the next 3-4 weeks.
    I broke my left ankle in 3 places on Saturday, 8/16/08, while going down my stairs with flip flops on -and carrying some things without hanging onto the rail. I was rushed in an ambulance to the ER where I had the dislocated tibia put into place. I had surgery the following Monday after an excruciating Sunday night with no pain meds because I couldn’t drink water. The pain was horrible anytime I tried to move that left leg. The percocet made my stomach upset, and I couldn’t stand to eat anything sweet. The good thing about that was that I lost 7 lbs without realizing it after about the first six weeks. I did try to get off the percocet as soon as the pain lessened. I only took 1 at night for a couple of weeks, then stopped. I was told by the doctor’s office not to take Ibuprofen… and can’t remember why… but it had something to do with the healing. Some things that were lifesavers were: A pillow to put between my knees while sleeping on my side and to elevate the left leg, a pillowcase that I used as a sling when I wanted to lift my foot up from the bed to the floor- so it was stabilized, a port-potty metal chair to keep from having to get all the way to the bathroom for the first few days after surgery, a rented wheelchair and hospital bed to use on our main floor since all of our bedrooms are up a long flight of stairs! The bed and wheelchair were covered partially by insurance if the doctor sent them a prescription, and if they were on our health insurance list of preferred providers. I mention those to help you out if you need any of them. Someone is bringing over a scooter today to put the knee of the bad leg on and push with the other leg, so we will see how that works. I will have to still try crutches and the walker to get used to weight bearing if I will ever walk. I have had to use a wheelchair rather than crutches so far. My right knee also was in pain from overuse or from the fall, and my right hip would hurt when standing on the right leg for more than a few minutes.
    In the surgery, I got a plate and 7 screws in my ankle, so was casted for about 3 weeks. There was no pain in getting the cast off- as someone asked about that. Then I was put in a boot for about the last 5 weeks. On my last visit at about 6 weeks I was told to start some weight bearing on it while using crutches or a walker. My foot has numbness on the top. I also got a prescription from the doctor for Home Health Care for a physical therapist to come in to help me to get mobile for about a month, rather than trying to get out to see one.
    About 8 weeks out now, my foot still swells and has to be elevated and iced every 2 hours or so. I have been depressed a lot because I can’t get out in the sunshine without crawling down the porch steps on my behind. The newness of the situation wears off, too, and there isn’t much help offered now. To help the occasional depression, I am going to try to at least sit by the door in a chair with the sun on me for 20 minutes a day as suggested. I am also going to take Vit C for healing, and more calcium and the other vitamins mentioned. Thanks to all for the suggestions.
    I was told by my doc that usually people can’t even get a shoe on until about 10 weeks- if that.
    The good thing is that I have had time to call my family, paint, write, read books, email, and learn alot about economics and the current political issues on TV. My best advice would be from a plaque I have by Gordon B. Hinckly, “Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured”. Find ways to fill your days with activities that you couldn’t have done if you were at work… but wished for a day when you could enjoy them. I have to remind myself of that still every day. The days seem so long when I can’t even get out of the house or upstairs to my room or to the laundry room. Before I got sick of doing laundry, and now I wish I could do it. I can’t wait to drive! Best of luck to all! I feel your pain, and will be looking for someone else to help when I am through this because I know how it feels. Hang in there, my friends!

  118. in may i broke my leg and shatterd my ankle ,9 screws and a plate ,its october and started playing basketball again still with a small limp. how long should i wait to get my screws out ?ankle still hurts!dr says anytime im ready. just dont want to go back to the couch for 5 months.my summer was awful.

  119. im kind of scared now…i broke my ankle on 7/26/08, got surgery, now i have to walk just with the crutches but…i kinda jumped and landed on my broken foot and it hurts a lot, i cant walk on it..yesterday i could walk on it a little but today i cant.help??

  120. I broke my tibia on Sept.10th did not need surgery,but it really sucked i have to wear my cast for 2 months,so i am still in it.I use crutches to move around however steps are horrid.I can now stand for myself without holding on to anything,also make a few steps while holding onto furniture.Today however was breakthrough day for me, i walked around all day long with out my crutches,well i limped off course but it was a great feeling.

  121. I hope Ryan is okay. I broke my ankle in two places on September 26. They had to wait a week to do surgery for swelling to go down. Seven screws and plate. Staples taken out August 17th, went back to work on August 23rd. In a soft cast now, must keep elevated or pretty much swells up immediately. I’m a single parent of 3 children who have been very helpful. I’m a teacher and my students have been wonderful as well.

    Can’t wait to drive again! Does anyone have any past experience as to when this should happen. It was my right ankle.

  122. I slipped while walking down a hill and broke my ankle four weeks ago. It's very uncomfortable and it tightens up and swells whenever I have it down for short periods of time. It's hard at night when it's time to sleep. I have two more weeks with this cast on. It's driving me crazy beacuse I am helpless, I can't do anything for my self. This just sucks!

  123. Hi, I am 29 years old and I broke my ankle Sun. Nov. 9 up in Whistler BC and am waiting to see the surgeon in 2 days…. I have never broken a bone in my life, (except in my hand over a drunken high school fight moons ago) and have never needed pain meds before.. The doc in Whistler ER asked me if I have ever been on any before, and I said just T3's with codene for getting my wisdom teeth out. So he gave me a percip for those.. THEY DONT WORK!!! Then I went yesterday to a walk in clinic outside Vancouver, waited 1.5 hrs and told the doc there I need something stronger. He gave me something called Celebrix. It is more less and anit inflamitory.. So I rushed home to take it with theT3's like he said, waited, waited, and waited more, NOT A DAMN THING!! So now I am still in crazy pain, got up went to another walk in clinic, waited 2 hrs in the waiting room, and another 1 hr in the little room where the doc meets you..

  124. I showed him the shit pills I already had and told him I more less need a narcotic of some sort.. So he gave me percocet, but on the bottle its Endocet which is Oxycodone HCI/Acetaminophen and works like a charm.. My point of this story is, why wouldn't they give me something proper the first time?? My second day with a broken ankle was spent in FU#%$#^G waiting rooms, in serious pain instead of my foot up resting!! I am so pissed right now.. I also called an ortho surgen office where I am supposed to go on Thu, and the secretary told me the doc recommends taking 2 T3's with 2 extra strength ibproufen.. HOLY SHIT! I can't understand why these docs want you to pop a hundred pills a freaking day that dont work instead of just getting the proper pain killer for your pain.. Has anyone ever had this kind of problem????

  125. So here is a bit of an update on day number 52 i began to walk on my own was still wearing the cast but i ditched the crutches and limped around the house up and down the stairs and even the yard.So on day 61 off came the cast and i could not even put my foot on the ground had to buy an aircast and was given an appointment for physio therapy 21 days later they were all booked up.The therapist met me and said no walking wat so ever but here i am day 63 rubbin my leg tryin my own physio and walkin again without the cast.How are you guys making out???.

  126. I go back to have all of the metalwork removed on December 17 – 1 year & 1 month after the original break. Am soooo looking forward to getting rid of the plate & screws as they are sticking out almost far enough to come through the skin. Have developed a paranoia about supermarket trollies and pushchairs as the wheels are level with my protruding screws and I keep thinking if they bump into me the screws will come through! I have very little swelling and only when I have been on my feet all day. My foot is still numb on the top but I was told by the Physio that this may happen – nerve damage from the original surgery. It does ache a bit now the weather has turned cold but it’s not unbearable. I found I was much better once I was back to walking the 4 mile round trip to work & back. Weight bearing exercise is really good for new bone growth. I have been told that I will have to take it easy for 6 weeks after the next lot of surgery while the holes left by the screws heal up. Looking back I can’t believe how I got through it, I felt so depressed for the 1st few weeks as I am a very independant person but was totally reliant on other people. It’s amazing how inventive you become and find ways round things. For those of you reading this who are in your 1st few weeks – keep your chin up, you will get through it and most importantly, do as your doc tells you, they really do know what’s best!

    Good luck to all xx

  127. Hello all Ankle breakers!!
    Crushed left one on12/18/08. Surgery same day with a plate and three screws as a result. Injured at work coming back from the roof, my ladder sled back with me on it 13 ft fall and my ankle crushed between prongs and floor. That’s past and nightmare material.
    Feels good to know there are a lot of us out there. I feel for all your pains, worries, depressions, all tied to this incident in our lifes.
    Can’t give you advice yet, I have my first Dr. appointment in 4 days to see my X-Rays and take this bothersome cast off. Still hurts a lot but I’m tring to stay away from pills. The Web browsing helps a lot. You can e-mail me if you’d like to share experiences, please no junk mail, just plain human communication. [email protected]
    Happy new year and best recovery wishes to all.

  128. THREE BROKEN ANKLES IN NINE MONTHS! Can you beat this? My daughter broke her ankle April 2008 (9 pins, three plates and a screw), and my husband broke his ankle in September 2008 (pretty minor, cast for five weeks) and fully recovered.I broke mine here in Launceston, Tasmania, two weeks before Christmas 2008 and on New Year’s Eve had the cast removed and am wearing a cam-boot. I am 50 and broke mine cutting roses before a thunderstorm! I have seven pins, a plate and a screw. I have been really lucky with no real pain or swelling since surgery (36-hours following my garden slide from grace!),
    Happy New Year to broken ankles world wide, Danielle

  129. I just broke my tib and fib on Dec 25th and have a plate and 9 screws, Never broke a bone in my life either. Percocet did work for me. In the hospital I got two shots of morphine that worked but then I didn’t want any more. I just take Tylenol now. I have the cast on my right ankle ( no Driving). I see my doc on Monday. I was walking/running my dog and hit ice and went flying. I saw my lower leg at an odd angle and my foot was not aligned with my knee and I KNEW something was wrong.
    Yes so frustrating but I was happy to see this website and was amazed that so many other have suffered as well. I am one week into 8 weeks in a cast. sigh….
    Yes my foot tightens up and swells whenever I get up on the crutches, not fun at all.
    Thank you Sarah B for the encouragement!!!

  130. Hello Again ankle breakers!
    Well, went to Dr. appointment. I was wrong, a plate and SEVEN screws. Everything looks like good healing process. Cast off and brand new Moon Boot. Love not to have to wrap cast in several layers of wrapping plastic to take a shower. Advise: Follow ALL Dr.’s instructions, they know best.
    I hope all of you are recovering fast and happily. I missed the dancing in New Year’s day… I’ll make up as soon as I can, anyone?

  131. Fell off a roof on 4th Dec 2008. Suffered a dislocated fracture. The last four weeks have been troublesome to say the least. At present wishing my life away waiting and hoping that this cast will be off in another 2 weeks. Spent 6 nights in the local hospital and had one large screw through the ankle. I am told that this will be removed prior to weight bearing. I have found the above accounts most interesting. Off work for however long but going mad with the wait. I have a holiday booked for the States in April and am hoping that walking will be okay by then.

  132. Hello fellow bone breakers! My surgery on 17/12/08 went well and I’m now back to work full time. Although my leg & ankle are still a little sore & bruised from surgey (what DO they do to you when you are ‘under’ to get that much bruising?!!!) it feels much better for not having the screws through it. Best of all I can get boots on again for the 1st time in over a year and in view of the bad weather we are having, not a week too soon! I can’t believe that this has gone on for over a year. Before breaking my leg I thought that a broken bone meant a few weeks on crutches and away you go, didn’t realise just how long the healing process is. Got to go back to the Orthopeadic consultant on 27/01/09 for another x-ray to make sure the holes left by the 8 screws are healing over then it should be 100% back to normal – whatever that means. My best advice to anyone now stuck at home with the same thing is to read and do crosswords – it stops you dwelling on being stuck at home and stops your brain from getting flabby!

  133. Hello everyone. I broke my left ankle on October 3rd 2008 and had surgery the next day-7 screws and a plate. A few weeks after my surgery I got a blood clot. Its been a rough few months but things are getting better slowly. Its been just over 3 months now and I am still struggling a bit. My swelling is still really bad that I can’t get a shoe on it so still having to wear an air cast to get around. My pain when I put weight on it is less and less all the time I just find the first 10 steps are painful.
    My daughter just broke her ankle a few days ago.

  134. Hi, I know how painful it is to brake the ankle. I broke mine the next day after Thanksgiving while skating. I skate a lot but always using my figure skates. We went to North Conway, NH for a familly trip and I forgot to take my skates. So I rented hockey skates and went on ice to figure skate. After making a jump I lended and felt a terrible pain like my ankle was disintegrated from the rest of my bone. The pain was terrible. I had a surgery and got 9 screws in my bones. I was taking bloodthiners to prevent a bloodclot. The bruise was so ugly, my leg was blue, red, green, purple.
    Before begin walking I will get one more surgery to remove two screws that hold the fibula to the tibia. It is not fun being disabled. The winter is awesome in here and I cannot go sky, skate or snowtubing. Also I cannot even clean my porch to get out. Thanks to my wife and kids, they are helping a lot. Also I developed a little infection a month after a surgery. At one spot where the stich use to be there is a hole and it is oozing. I am cleaning it everyday with peroxide and it is getting better.,

  135. Air cast today!! I don’t know if to cry or to laugh… can’t put weight on it yet.
    Sorry to hear of your bad news Sher.
    Good luck and fast recovery to all.

  136. Great site, broke my ankle playing basketball in August, today I played basketball for the first time… hurts like hell (me being out of shape was worse than the ankle though!), but I reckon it’s the only way to get back on track… I stretch it out everyday and alternate heat and cold… I didn’t have the money for the aftercare (Ortho Center made my debt bad debt and I can’t go back-that’s what you get for being poor in this shithole country) so I cut off my own cast and have been walking on it for quite some time… who’s to say if I’m on track or not, according to all these posts it definitely varies from person to person… still it is nice to have this shared experience with everyone. God Bless.

  137. This is much more common then I thought. I did my left leg/foot in on Jan 2 2009. I was going to help my daughter bring a horse she was riding back up to the stable, I got on with her (she is 6). We couldn’t both fit in the saddle so I slide back onto the hind quarters. The horse took off before I had any control. I slid around the the left side of the horse and my leg ended up infront of his left rear leg and my foot went behind his right rear leg. His next step broke my tibia in three spots, dislocated my foot and jambed the fibula through the top of my foot where it then was run through the grass and dirt. (I put my right arm around my daughter and took her down with me, she was uninjured as I broke her fall)

    So EMS is on the scene within about 10 min, they say the damage is too severe to transport so they call in lifeflight. A 20 min heli ride gets me to one of the hospitals in Houston, but not the med center as they were full. Within about 3 hours I was in surgery where they put in the plate and 14 screws.

    The pain was not too bad except for when they reset everything. Apparently they were waiting on a OR and when they thought it would be 2 hours before one would be avail, the surgeon said it needed to be set that it had been exposed too long so they pushed some morophine in my IV and immediately (they could have waited for it to help) re set the foot. I know I hade to have scared the ever loving hell out of anyone in the ER as I yelled pretty good.

    So 2 days later they take me back into surgery to do another cleaning of debris, they were very concerned about infection. I come out of surgery #2 and hang out in the hospital, it was miserable but by this point they have added a nerve block to help with pain. My wife is a doctor and while she sat in the hospital with me she of course watched the results of tests and noticed a certain lack of concern with the doctors. 3 days later the decided they didn’t need to do a 3 cleaning and let me go home on heavy antibiotics. This was fine for me little did I know my wife had been talking to her father (also a doc) and they had another plan. I get home at about 5:30 by 6 my father in law is at my house and begins some what I thought were routine exams, next thing I know I am in a car headed to “his” hospital, Methodist in the med center. We were met by several specialist the main concern was my lungs. After a CT scan revealed a blood clot in my lung they had the answers they were looking for, I on the other hand was headed up to my new hospital room on the 11 floor. So by the next day I am on oxygen, blood thinners and a whole host of new antibiotics, IVs in both arms.

    By this point I am 6 days in 2 different hospitals and it sucked. My back was killing me and I hadn’t had a bath/shower thanks to the surgeries, just really wanting to go home and see my kids. I was gettin some good news that my O2 #’s were coming back up and even had some rumblings that I might get to see the outside world within a day or so. It is about this time that a new Orthopedic Surgeon, head of the dept specializing in lower extremities comes in to take a look at the mess. He takes off the bandages and say “I don’t like the way it looks” which he really didn’t need to say because I could see it all over his face. He thinks he sees the beginnings of another infection and says “we need to take care of this right away”, the next day I am back in the OR for surgery #3, for another cleaning. This was followed up with the head of Infectious Desease changing my anti and me praying that I wouldnt see surgery #4. Ofcourse leaving the hospital is now out of the picture.

    3 days later the O.S. is back from a training camp trip with one of the local sports teams and comes by to see me. By this point I have been cleared to leave for all other issues with the exception of my foot. The O.S. had his partners come by and look at me but he made it clear that he was the only one that would decide if he was ready to release me, or take me back in. With some hesitation he pulled off the bandages and said it looked good enough for me to leave, by this point I was really done with hospitals, vitals every 4 hours, food that I just couldn’t bring myself to eat, and a hospital bed that was just miserable.

    Collectively they sent me home on 2 different antibiotics, blood thinners (4 days of shots in my stomach), and pain meds. Since home I have really only gone from my bed to the couch and back to the couch, with the exception of almost daily trips to the hospital. As miserable as this has been I am really trying my best to look at the bright side. Unlike so many I am blessed with really great doctors starting with my wife. She picked up the blood clot before the CT and when the other doctors didn’t really listen she didn’t quit and she kept this from becoming a major problem with my lungs. I am 38, in good shape and not a real high risk for blood clots but she didn’t give up on her gut feeling. My father in law is unbelievable and he gets so much respect from his piers at Methodist that I got the care that everyone deserves. The importance of family became very clear as my wife was able to spend time at the hospital and we had people that were able to step up and help with the kids.

    In all, I am on my back with a laptop I can work from home but it isn’t the same as being there and I have to have help because I don’t get around very well with the crutches I know that I have plenty of stuff to have pitty on myself but I have far more to be thankful for. Everyone reading this can think of a worse case, (for me it is easy, my daughter could have been hurt) so that in and of itself tells you that you were lucky. I do look forward to getting back in the middle of everything but I think for now I will just count the blessings I have…


  138. Joined the broken ankle club Dec 12, 08, I was riding my bicycle home from work got caught in a little snow storm, poor visbility, wet/sandy road hit a pothole fell over and pinned my ankle between the curb & pedal, pow, that’s when the fun began. I had no idea what was ahead of me, thougt I would go to the emergency room get a cast and be on my way. Went to the emergency room put a splint on my ankle sent me home, hurt like hell, thank goodness for Perc. The next week saw a orthopedic surgeon and told me I broke 3 bones in my ankle, Plate 6 screw in the fibula, 3 screws holding the end of the tibia in place, and a fractured talus, It has been a rollercoaster, I received 4 days off work without pay, now approaching week 5, have a wheel chair at work and try to keep foot elevated, but after 9 hours foot is swollen, and throbbing, I am still on pain pills, I wlll comment and say take stool softener when on pain pills, trust me. When I saw the Ortho on week 2 he commented I should see my family Dr. I get some antidepressants, go figure I should be happy making his BMW payments.Orthe

  139. Opp’s hit the submit button before I was done. Anyway I feel for everyone on the blog. My feelings go from trying to be positive to having a pity party for myself. This helpless feeling is horrible. I know it will pass, just takes time. The most frustrating part is no answers to my questions, how long till I can walk again, the big A word, how long is my ankle going to continue to hurt, taking the screws and plate out when the bone heals. Anyway my best advise to all is take it one day at a time, we are all different and heal differently, but it is difficult. Hopefully it will be temporary and we all can get back to our active lifes after our little break…

    I appericate all who have shared their experience with us, It does help knowing I am not the only one with these thoughts and fears.

    Wishing everyone a speedy recovery.


  140. hi all, like everyone unfortunately dislocated and broke my right ankle playing football on 5th December 2008. fortunate to be operated on on the 6th December the next day, ORIF plate and screws. Then with to much time on my hands started surfing websites for any information relating to broken ankles. Frightened me to death!! My only advice that i can give anyone is do not take to much notice of the posts everyones injuries are different and healing times vary, also dependant on how much effort you are prepared to put in. So it is very important to keep a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE !! Im a relatively fit 38year old had cast on for 2 weeks return to take out staples and re-cast. This cast on for further 4 weeks with no weight bearing. As boring as it was did absolutely nothing for the 6 weeks in cast as you DONT get a second chance to get it right FIRST time! It is now 7 weeks since my operation and the cast has been off for 1 week. I am full weight bearing and managing to all round the house unaided, its not pretty but such a relief ! every day theres improvement, happy healing and stay POSITIVE!!.

  141. Hello to everyone. It is now week 8 since I shattered my tibia and fibula of my left ankle on Saturday, November 29, 2008. Went to the emergency room and was told that the orthopedic surgeon would not be able to do my surgery until Monday, December 1, 2008. I was sent home with a splint around my ankle and given a prescription for pain. I took the medicine immediately, but felt no relief whatsoever. Pain was excruciating. So, I called the hospital back and they told me to come back. They admitted me and said the surgeon would be doing my surgery later on Sunday afternoon…..luckily I had not eaten anything. After surgery, I had 8 screws on 1 side and 3 on the other, along with 2 plates. I had a cast on for 2 weeks and then had stiches taken out and was given a walking boot that I was told not to put pressure on for 4 more weeks. After a total of 6 weeks, the doctor said that my x-rays looked good and to begin putting some pressure on it along with therapy. It is now week 8 and I am walking with some pain (weakness more than pain) with the boot on. I started out walking with 1 crutch and the boot. That lasted about a week and then I begin to walk without the crutch, but still the boot. I go to therapy 3 days a week and it is really helping for range of motion and strengthening. I practice walking around the house a little with shoes on, but due to the pain and weakness it is still difficult. The more I am on my foot, the more it swells, especially in regular shoes vs. the boot. But the doctor said swelling will last 6-8 months. I hope to be walking without the boot within the next couple of weeks, totaling almost 3 months of all of this misery! It does get better everyday. Hope this helps and good luck to everyone else out there!!

  142. Hello all,
    I am so glad to find this site, I joined our “club” on the 28th of Dec. 08. I had surgery on the 29th-6 screws and 1 plate and my tendons were “cleaned up” whatever that means. So incisions on both sides of my right ankle, I had the biggest soft cast that I have ever seen on my foot. I had that on for 2 weeks and I am now in a big black boot. I was in the hospital for a total of 3 days, just getting out in time for the New Year at home. Friends and family were great for awhile, but (don’t blame them) they are busy and are moving on. I feel very alone and the depression is getting to me. I cry a lot!!! I am not in that much pain, I take meds when I need it, I am on Oxy and Hydrocodine-which work great but very addictive, so I am playing it safe and not over doing it I can’t work, tried but was to swollen by the end of the day, my incision popped open a little, so decided to stay home with my foot up. I see the doctor tomorrow morning, I am hoping for good news, I am thinking that I should be going to PT by now? Is anyone else having problems with their swollen foot turning purple? I have also had “charlie horses” in the bad leg, I keep thinking about blood clots, but I am just being paranoid, I hope.
    It really helps to know I am not alone!! Thanks for writing in, and please keep posting, I love hearing how everyone is doing.

  143. Hello,
    it as been very therapuetic reading all of the entries. on january 5th i slipped and fell on ice in my front yard. I dislocated my right ankle and broke the fibula, tibula and talus. I had to be transported from my home town hospital to another hospital by ambulance.
    finally after 12 hours of the break i had the first surgery and I had external fixation done to set the ankle back in the right place. Basically metal tinker toys on the outside of you ankle. Waited two weeks for the swelling to decrease before the surgery. This surgery basically took all the hardware and moved it inside the ankle. I know i have screws and plates in the ankle but have’nt had the courage to ask just yet. I have a splint on with ace bandage around the ankle for support. Next Tuesday the splint will come off and the staples and stitches will come out also – i hope at this time the
    Dr. will put on a cast.
    This cast will be on for 8 weeks. I have a total of 12 weeks non weight bearing. I know i am in the early stages compared to some of you. I am encouraged by your writings this first month and the next two aren’t horrific. I have a wonderful support system. I am 50 years old and have family and friends to be with me.
    My Dr. scared my husband and I regarding accidently putting any weight on it before I should — basically said my ankle would need to be amputated. I have been pretty active 50 female work full-time job worked out faithfully and was active in volunteering for many different organizations and just recently helped my husband campaign for city councilman. (he did win) I love to walk and hike. some day I am optimistic
    Now after all this here is my question to all of you is I have been diagnosed with RSD due to the length of time before my ankle was relocated. It is extremely painful in addition to all of the pain and discomfort from the ankle injury. I am hoping some one can point me in a direction for some relief and information. Thanks and wish you all a healthy recovery.

  144. Here I am, lying here with a broken ankle and my trusty laptop with WiFi. We had an ice storm in early January and like an idiot, I decided to put two plastic water bottles in the recyling shed one evening. I completely forgot about the ice and fell down my front steps which are made of brick and stone. My left foot twisted underneath me as I fell. Sat there for about 10 minutes on the ice trying to figure out how to get back into the house. I ended up crawling inside then crawling downstairs, into the garage, and driving myself to the ER. My 16 year old daughter was with me. With spiral fractures (tib and fib) on my left ankle, they admitted me and I had surgery the following evening. Plate and 7 screws on one side, and a long screw or pin in the other side of the ankle. Spent 3 nights in the hospital and was then released. I’m self-employed and pay for my own insurance. Thank God I have insurance. The bill from the hospital is almost $40,000 (!) and that doesn’t include the orthopaedic surgeon’s fee.

    The first 1.5 weeks I was in a splint with bandages. At the same time, I was learing how to maneuver around on crutches. Now I have a fiberglass cast which gives me more confidence. I’m told I’ll get a walking cast in 2 weeks. I scoot up and down stairs on my bottom several times a day and then use crutches. I occasionally hop if there’s a counter I can hold on to, for example.

    I’m 51 and fortunately, I am fit and had developed good strength in my upper body and quads before the fall, otherwise, I don’t know how I would get around. My friends and even my daughter really don’t get how isolating and frustrating this injury is. It sounds like the road to recovery is a long one, but I’m determined to do whatever it takes so I can continue to lead an active lifestyle.

  145. Hi, fellow ankle-ites

    My experience in reading this list has been one of shock. I had no idea how prolonged the healing process can be. Obviously I will have to seriously reschedule my schedule.

    Okay, here is my tale of woe. I had just finished up a two month tour assisting a friend who had a troublesome knee replacement. Beth wanted me to come over for a Christmas eve dinner, I said okay, saw the trash truck coming; grabbed a big bag to my chest and hustled out the door. Little did I know that on my deck stairs (latter dubbed the Staircase of Death ) was an errant kitty bowl poised like a booby trap. All I could see was the billowy blue trash bag
    as felt my right leg shot out into space — then came a crunching sensation from below as my left leg — caught under my buttocks — tried to serve as a toboggan.

    The bag spilled its trash as it tumbled down the stairs. I tried to pull my left leg out from under. When it finally came loose it didn’t look quite right. I thought, broken?? Nah! just a sprain. After all I couldn’t walk on it if it was broken, could I?…at least that is what Beth said.

    I put it in ice water, numbed it down, found an ankle lace-up brace from an earlier motorcycle tumble, stuck the foot into a snow boot and drove off. What a dumb ass! Plus she got the date mixed up with her mother so there was no dinner!

    That night my ankle looked like bubble gangrene. Later I found out that these thumb-sized blisters were called, “Fracture blisters” Seems the swelling over-stresses the skin to the point of rupturing.

    Several days later I give up and called a friend. he rented me a pair of crutches. That worked better than my long mailing tube walking stick and I ventured off to Kaiser. The doctor gave me a medal for enduring pain, but told me the Fibula was shattered, so I also got a dunce cap for stupidity. It didn’t quite yet sink in; I was really surprised that she would not let me drive to emergency, sat me down, shook her finger, and called an ambulance.

    I wasn’t ready to do all this injury stuff detour … after all I had plans!

    Anyway, because of the nasty blisters they opted not to operate.. Checking a week later it still looked nasty so they thought best to let it try to heal itself…

    so at this point in time I now go back for my approx. 5th week checkup. Until I discovered this site I thought I would be in line for a walking cast. Yeah, sure.

    My biggest problem has not my foot per se but rather other parts of my aging body (I’m 78) My right hip and foot gave me problems from overuse from having to stand awkwardly trying to prepare food. At night my right collar bone gives pain at its outer flex joint from the crutch work. I stopped taking Percocet after the first couple of nights…it made me feel hooorible and screwed up my innards something bad. When I took it I felt a wave of a bad vibes running across my bod, and it dangerously affected my balance.

    I maximised my subscription to NetFlix so I spend many hours watching movies in a comfortable office chair with my foot propped up on a big pillow that sits in turn on top of a table. (since I spent 43 years as a motion picture projectionist — and the TV screen looks eerily like a movie viewed from a port hole — it resonates with my psyche )

    Until recently I could spend only a short time on the ‘puter since the foot swelled up and became uncomfortable. Now i’m good for an hour.

    Like some others have mentioned my musculature has also suffered… I’ve got some options that I can use…a dumbell for curls, a vibrator plate that I can stand on one-legged, also a mini-trampoline– the latter two are great for moving the lymphatic fluids. I have a doorway chinning bar that I can make use of. I thought that my triceps would benefit from the crutch work, but they have down-sized. I don’t like that much as my skin doesn’t fit my body very well anymore.

    Some have mentioned taking calcium and/or drinking milk to speed bone repair. Actually, the dairy-rich nations have the highest rates of osteo. I would suggest googling vitacost to check out their special bone-builders. Oddly enough, a variation of strontium has a catalytic effect.
    It is a worry, as following my mother breaking her upper arm in her late 80’s it never healed. She effectedly had an extra joint to deal with.

    Just the day before I broke my ankle I ran across the obit from my grandfather William. He passed away at my exact age as the following consequences of a broken hip. Makes me wonder.

    My apologies for rambling on and on… my wishes for the highest and best good to all of you going through this unexpected trial …. Seeing that I only broke one measly little bone I hardly qualify to be included in this august group! Thanks! bill g (:>))

  146. The bad news continues (see earlier post). Doesn’t look like I am going to escape the skin graft. I have been out of the hospital for about 4 weeks and have been doing the aircast no weight baring thing for what seems like forever. I am dealing with this stupid open fracture in a “farm” environment which apparently is really bad. Well they took the stitches out where they cut me open but were still hoping for some growth to close up the area that my fibula opened. Tonight I pulled off the bandages to take a shower and the “hole” on the top of my foot had no new growth instead it had nasty greenish gunk and nacrotic skin. Sent pics to a plastic surgeon and he wants me to come in tomorrow morning. I was really thinking that next week I might get to put some weight on that foot instead it looks like I have a date for surgery #4. Someone mentioned hospital bills, so far 1 of the hospitals has billed me 46000 and that is not the hospital that gave me the heli ride or the first two surgeries. It is going to get ugly, thank goodness for health insurance.
    It is a shame there is no place to post photos I have some great pictures from the incident on.

  147. Hey. Great to find this site. Learning to walk again. Shattered medial malleolus, fib fracture, mason d fracture. six screws and a plate and eight weeks in a hard cast. learning to walk again. yee hah. Hope everyone’s doing as well as possible. Nice to know I’m not alone. Acupuncture has helped with my healing, both with herbs (bone-knitting powder, and a skin healing powder) and needles/moxa treatments. thanks for making this site, dennis. The inside of my left ankle has the same scar (less hair, I’m a woman). Shaving was the best, when I got my cast off. Ick. I’d never really been hurt before. Can’t wait to ditch these crutches. Going to PT a few times a week. Seeing surgeon on Thursday for follow-up. Need more PT. Learning to walk is hard. God bless music for keeping me somewhat sane!

  148. I wish I had found this site back in October! OK this is a new one….my husband and I were driving home from a movie and decided not to stop for ice cream…ALWAYS stop for ice cream! Otherwise we might have missed the 9 point BUCK…that hit our car, then flew up in the air, to come back down on the hood, then slide up and smash the window! I was sleeping…seatbelt on…my husband was fine but I realized there was something very wrong with my foot because it was sitting sideways. That sight actually overpowered the pain. All I could think was…”this is bad”. OK I’ve read all the charges for hospital bills but $840 for the ambulance…COME ON! And my insurance company wants the THIRD party to pay that! So I told them”let’s see, maybe we can find the farmer who took the deer home and we could get that deer to pay”. I schattered both the fib and tib…doctor said I lost alot of cartilage where your foot bends up and down…couldn’t save it…bones were in pieces…SO I have 2 plates and 11 screws…yes too I have been screwed. I did this 10/3/08 they told me I wouldn’t walk till April, but I started walking first of February….but lots of swelling by noon. I’m a 58 year old female so I feel pretty good about my recovery…like everyone else…it has not been fun or easy. I also have stairs and I was going up and down on my butt. I found that comical…and that’s what has gotten me through this. A great husband and family, Netflix comedy movies, wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, even found a Hoveround reasonable at a thrift store…but they’re. all gone now. A walker with a seat is great if you can fit it in your shower. I do 15 minutes hot and 15 minutes cold for swelling and that helps. Also get foot massages at therapy…that helps. Thanks for listening…this is therapy too.

  149. Ok I just reread what I wrote…I put a hot compress on my foot for 15 minutes then ice for 15 minutes. I don’t stand in the shower under cold water for 15 minutes…needed to make that clear. HA

  150. You guys are lifesavers – I was so glad to find this place! I fell on the ice the Friday before Christmas – dislocated, 3 fractures, torn tendon… surgery on Christmas Eve – plate and screws. Had a temp cast on for 2 weeks, then they took out the staples, but on a fiberglass cast… now I’m on my 2nd fiberglass cast until March 4th. No weight bearing. I was lucky enough to get one of the ‘leg caddy/knee walker’ things to rent – otherwise I don’t know how I would have gotten back to work! I have 3 kids – ages 9, 5 and 2. It’s been hell. I still take pain killers (RX) almost every evening – because it’s throbbing by the time I get home. I’m so ready to get past this!

  151. Whoops – what I wanted to ask someone. I have one screw that they say they will take out – using local anesthetic, in another 4 weeks. Has anyone else had this done????? The thought of it makes my stomache turn! Being AWAKE when they take out the weight bearing screw that’s going through both bones and the tendon??? YUCK!

  152. Hey everybody who has had the broken ankle hell. No, I guess it was not that bad. But when I first went through surgery I could not find a timeline for what the doctor was going to do to me or how I was going to feel anywhere. Everyone was just saying how they felt when they were done. So, here goes – mine might be a little different but essentially now you will know what to expect.
    Week 1: I came home from the hospital and had a bowling ball cast to cover where the surgery was from my broken fibula. I had to set an alarm clock all day and night so I could take my medication and get ahead of the pain. Maybe it is just me but I loved and hated those pills so I got off of them on day 4. When the pain came it was sharp and it felt like my bones had dry ice on them, they hurt so badly. All I can say is suck it up, YOU broke your ankle. But I still wish that nobody has to go through this.
    Week 2-3: I Got out of the plaster cast and into my air cast right away on week two. The Doc says still no pressure on the leg though take the boot off 3 times a day for 5 minutes a piece and lightly move my ankle up and down just to help develop movement. Do not disregard this; it can be very useful to you when you are healing. There was still pain and a sense of being uncomfortable. Do yourself a favor and don’t hop around to much, this can jar your doctor’s work – ITS JUST BAD. Don’t bath until after week three as well.
    Week 3-6: I am told I can lose the crutches when I am ready (the sweetest words said to me up to this point). I had trepidations about walking because you don’t realize it until much later but your muscles atrophy very quickly. I have a hard time walking but I go from 2 crutches the first day and 1 crutch for 2 more days and eventually move to just a cane for a week. I am very slow the first week but I would get out and do a painful 20 minute walk around downtown Seattle staying close to home. That night there was a lot of pain but the next day you can really feel where your strength is coming back. Just keep working it out like this and by week 5 you are moving around quickly and nobody can stop you.
    Week 6: Sorry, if you are like me you will listen to the doctor but you will want to see if there is any other way around going through the full 6 weeks, there isn’t, SORRY. But this beautiful week is it and you can step out of the cast and move onto a brace that is fabric for the next month that can be worn within the shoe. But be careful because when you think you will be fine with walking you will notice that you don’t have the muscle strength you used to. Your knee will hurt the most even over your ankle. This is normal but keep walking it out and be strong, besides this is the best time since you are out of your cast it is clear that things are getting better.
    I wish you all healthy healings and remember just be strong about this and don’t get lazy. You can do things on your own.
    If this helped anyone let me know.

  153. Back to work now at 9 weeks post op in a sturdy pair of boots, am a self employed builder so desperately needed! Ankle great gettin stronger every day, bin told to start jogging week 10 by my physio as now left my walking limp behind. wont stop raining in Manchester / England so might have to invest in some waterproofs !!! stay positive everyone and put in the hard work with the self physio !! Happy healing everyone.

  154. Found this site when googling for PT for broken ankle. I had no idea so many people suffer from the same thing! Broke my left ankle on December 22, 2008. Was on my way to work at 6:15 a.m., and fell down steps leading to the carport. There are 3 steps and I must have stepped to the first one and missed the others and I crumbled on the pavement. I tried to stand up but could not put any pressure on either foot! I knew right away it was bad so after a few minutes I went back up the steps on my behind after finding my keys, finally opened the door and got inside the kitchen. My husband, retired, was sleeping and I called out to him and to our dog, Buddy, both of them came together and found me on the floor. Called 911, went to local hospital ER, had x-rays, ankle set, but surgeon we wanted was out of town, so went home on Percocet and crutches. I also found out from x-rays that the right foot was fractured, so getting around was horrible and very painful. Traded the crutches in for a walker which was better. Didn’t have surgery until Dec. 30, worse than the doc thought with crushed fibia and another broken bone. I have 8 screws and a plate. I slelpt in a arecliner for 6 weeks and finally went back to my bed 2 weeks ago. I have some hip pain probably from walking with the walker and having to “hop” around on the fractured foot. I do take a double dose of Calcium for now. I see the chiopractor in a week for the hip. I have an air cast now. It has been a long 8 weeks in some ways but our good God has sustained me and given me peace and His grace has been sufficient, just as He promised. Isaiah 55:8-9 has been a blessing to me – :My thoughts are not your thoughts, my plans are not your plans says the Lord” (my version). This trial has been for a reason . I was supposed to retire on Feb. 28 so I took some vacation time I had and retired early on Jan. 30. I never went back to work after December 22. It all worked out, and I’m resting so that when my foot heals I can get busy again doing those things I want to do in retirement. I start Physical therapy tomorrow and have high hopes that it will go well and I will be walking very soon, within the next month. According to the doctor, my ankle may be stiff and I may get arthritis sooner than he thought, but I want to do better than that. My heart goes out to all of you who have gone through this, as it’s not an easy thing. I was fortunate to not have small children in the home (just my 5 grandkids visit), and that my husband is retired, is a great cook, cleans the house, shops, etc. I have spent time reading, using this laptop my husband got for me, crocheting 3 blankets for my grandboys, sending cards to people who have visited, cooked and cleaned for us, made about 30 dishcloths for those who have helped us, It has actually been a restful time for me. However, I am ready to get back to doing things for others and looking forward to spring and our garden and yard work with spring coming soon. Best of luck to you all.

  155. well I too have broke my ankle back in aug 09 it was my right ankle broke 3 bones wearing stilletos when someone try to push me out of harms way and when they try to help me up my heals were stuck and then my nightmare began eventhough I was intoxicated with that Hennessey man I still felt the pain. I was out of work 3n half months should have been out longer but situations arose. I wait tables and my ankle swells up everyday I walk with a limp by the end of a long day at work and hope that I will be able to return to the gym and run. I am happy to read everyones stories and it gives me hope. i can’t stand the scars they are horrible Im waiting for a year to pass to get tattoos on these ugly scars and hopefully get back into my stilletos.

  156. Hello!

    I’m so glad to have found this blog. I am surprised to find some many people suffering from the same thing. I fell at 5 am on January 5th, 2009 when I went outside to start my car to go to the gym. I will NEVER make another New Year’s Resolution again! The kicker of the whole thing is that 15 minutes later I received a phone call saying school was delayed 2 hours (I’m a teacher). If only I stayed in bed….

    Anyway, I fell on ice and knew instantly that my ankle wasn’t “right”. I screamed until someone heard me. My brother picked me up and called 911 once we were inside. I never felt pain this bad in my life. I almost fainted and was very panicky. The paramedics cut my boots off and put a slpint on. I demanded pain meds instantly.

    I waited about 9 hours before having surgery. I broke my tibula, fibia, and talus bones in my right ankle. I had four screws put in and stayed in the hospital for three days. Looking back, I was so medicated that the days went by really fast. All I wanted to do was take a shower.

    Once I was home, reality set in. I missed three weeks of work, on top of 2 weeks from Christmas vacation. I was getting really tired of being on the couch for so long. My family was great and really patient. My mood varyed from day to day. Sometimes I was okay with what happened and other times I was really, really depressed. I thought I was going crazy.

    Returning to work was great except I would get so tired very easily. Showering and getting dressed took twice as long and going up and down the stairs on my bottom was also difficult. My brother has to drive me to work and pick me up. I loved being back in the “real world” but I was exhausted. My leg would swell and throb every night. I took pain meds for about 5 weeks.

    Finally, I stopped the hydrocodone and all hell broke loose. I became very depressed (a side result from the meds in addition to constipation). I cried and had fits about why did this happen to me? I am currently in week 8 of this process. I still have a fiberglass cast and can’t wait to get it removed. My appointment is Wednesday for my walking boot. I find this to be bittersweet because I am very nervous about seeing my ankle and not having the protection of the cast.

    I think the hardest part about this experience has been not knowing what to expect. My doctor isn’t too informative and I am really scared of the unknown. I want to know how this will affect my life in the future and when or if I will ever feel the same as before the accident. It has really helped reading everyone’s blogs. I now know that everyone is different and with time comes healing and relief. I am looking forward to doing “normal” things again- driving, walking, shopping, etc. I definitely took mobility for granted.

    I do have a trip planned to Myrtle Beach in April. I hope I can still go….all paid for already…..we’ll see. I can’t wait to wear heels again and go out dancing with my friends. I hope the end is near! Good luck to everyone….. it will get better.

  157. I would like to share my experience with everyone here. I broke my left ankle in May of 2005. It was double fracture of tibia and fibula. The surgeon installed two titanium screws at the fracture in Tibia. They did nothing for the Fibula and I heard that is normal.
    Almost 4 years later, I am crippled. I have been checked by three different orthopedic specialists. My ankle has now arthritis settled in it and cold and pressure and extended walking is painful. The screws are not very comfortable and it feels like it is ripping my skin from the inside. I use a boot and sometimes ace bandages to secure my ankle for walking at least. The fact is I have lost the pivot functionality of my left ankle as it is not moving to the side to side direction or hurts and discourages me.
    I am hoping to get reply back from people who have had similar and current issues and what some other people are doing when they are in my shoes.

  158. This site is a really good find and thankyou for creating the blogg – I wanted to find more out about the recovery after a broken ankle….

    After giving up smoking and putting on an extra couple of stones, my husband and I bought some push bikes last October to keep fit but on 13 Jan 2009 this year, I fell off my bike and was in extreme pain.
    As we were out riding our bikes in the middle of nowhere I had to be transported to hospital by Air-Ambulance – that was an experience!

    After waiting hours in the A&E dept., I eventually was seen and was told I’d need to have an operation the following morning as I had quite a bad fracture to my left ankle. The operation went well and had 1 plate, 9 pins and 1 screw fitted. A half/demi cast was fitted and I was released from hospital after a couple
    of nights.

    I’d been told to rest with my feet up raised – this I did find frustrating, but I did feel quite groggy for the first 2 weeks (guess that was down to the anesthetic and pain killers) I got used to doing very little apart from resting but I did manage to get around with crutches and a hired wheel chair.

    Two weeks later I had the cast removed along with the 18 staples oooch, that did hurt a bit! I had another cast fitted (a nice pink one) which was to be worn for 3 weeks with no weight bearing and the 4th week to slowly start to bear weight till the end of that week when I’d be full weight bearing, which I did find a bit painful.

    On my 6th week (2 days ago) I had my cast removed and an Xray showed the consultant everything had healed very well and all that he’d like to do was to remove the 1 scew that was fitted but he’d leave in the plate & 9 pins. This operation will be done under local anesthetic on Monday!

    After I’d been walking un-aided for a few days before the cast was removed, I was now back home and for a few hours found it difficult to weight bear again, but after a bit of practise with the crutches, they were soon put away and now I can walk about slowly and with a bit of pain.

    The ankle is still swollen but was told that can take quite a while to get back to normal – not sure what footwear your meant to wear as all mine won’t fit me at the moment!

    I now am to do excercises on my ankle, walk about and whenever sitting to have my foot raised to reduce the swelling.

    I’m not sure how long it will be before I can drive again, but with having a manual car my foot won’t be able
    to control the clutch!

    Belinda – yes I do suffer from the same as you – I haven’t had one night’s sleep that I haven’t re-lived the accident and that pain & noise of the break I suffered!

    Good Luck to everyone in their healing.

  159. I broke all three sides of my ankle carrying laundry to the basement. Some other item of laundry was on the stairs and my right foot slipped but my left foot caught. I think I’ve done the same fall before, but in barefeet, so my foot just slid. I’m about 5 weeks post surgery and a little nervous about the pain I feel when walking because I weight about 250 lbs and I wonder if the bone is really strong enough for my full weight.

    I can’t say enough good stuff about the knee scooter. Mine is a rental from Roll-A-Bout. I’ve gotten stronger on my crutches, but they were never safe when I couldn’t use my left foot for balance and I couldn’t cover much distance with them. With the scooter I get around my house independently and when I’m out and about with it I have to force myself to slow down to a normal walking speed.

    To Lee and anyone else having trouble with Tylenol #3 the problem is codeine. I was waiting for a root canal in December and when my dentist prescribed T3 I thought I’d be fine. The next day I exchanged the generic medicine for the name brand because it wasn’t working.Then I spent several days arguing with other dntists in the practice who wouldn’t prescribe anything else and waiting for my dentist to return. So I did online research and I find that codeine is a pro-drug that has to be converted to morphine in the liver. The problem is that about 10% of people don’t have enough of the liver enzyme to convert it. My dentists and pharmacist didn’t know anything about this.

  160. Well, it’s been 9 weeks now…..can hardly believe it. I got my hard cast off last week and put into a Cam Walker- this is an odd thing! I also started Physical Therapy on the same day. I was surprised at how heavy the Cam Walker is and how hard it is now to remember the walking motion I knew for 28 years. I still want to hop on one leg with my crutches. The first night without my cast was very weird. I slept with the Cam Walker for fear that the slighest wind would refracture my ankle. I eventually became more comfortable with the boot off and now sleep without it.

    I am pleased with the sight of my ankle. My scars are very visible and I have been using Palmer’s Cocoa Butter every night. The worst part about the appearnace of my foot is the swelling. It is much better in the morning, but it is still definitely larger than my other ankle. My skin is also very dry and flaky. I use a lot of lotion and pumice stones. I am finally able to look at my foot and move it around without getting grossed out.

    The Physical Therapy is great! I rode a stationary bike on my second visit. My right ankle doesn’t have much range of mtion, but it can move a little bit. The best part is that I have little to no pain when doing the exercises. I do need the therapist to push me a bit because of my mental fear of snapping my ankle again. I am still concerned with walking and weight bearing, but I’m sure with time the fear goes away.

    Things are looking up, but this still is the worst thing I’ve ever been through. Every day is a challenege and takes alot of effort. I hope my blogs can help other people stay optomistic because it can be very hard and discouraging. I’m still praying for a full recovery….we’ll see in time.

  161. I broke my tibia fibia and crushed my ankle 2 years ago 6 screws and a large metal plate, It hurts all the time still especially when I walk or ride my bike , I love to walk and that puts pressure on the ankle. Does anyone know why this would hurt now after all this time? Write to me at [email protected] if you have any answers
    Love Donna

  162. I’m glad to have found this site. I was looking for information on broken ankles and wow so many stories. who better to get information from than fron people who have been in this situation.

    Well I broke my ankle in 3 places like many of the people on this site on Feb 24, 2009. I was playing tag with my son and was running outside when I slipped on a patch of ice. First the right leg goes up and the left leg seem to stay stuck while the rest of me seem to be moving slow motion. Then my left leg was behind me and i heard a crack. I immediately knew I broke it as I have never experianced any kind of pain similiar to this. I had my husband rush me to the ER where they took x-rays and told me I broke it in 3 places. They had me schedule an appointment with an orthopedist where they put me in a long cast. Did I mention extremely heavy cast. He said he wanted to see if the bones would heal without surgery and i would be re-evaluted in a week.

    I attempted to go back to work as the doctors I work for needed me there. After 3 hours of trying to keep my leg comfortable I decided to go to my brothers house because I work in NY but live in PA and was waiting for my husband to get out of work so he can pick me up and go home. Next Day I went to the doctors for my 1 week evaluation and was told they were going to put me in a short cast and give it another week so they can see if the bones were not shifting.

    Now my second week, and new x-rays revealed that the bones are shifting so surgery will be required. It’s scheduled for thursday and although I’m scared, it helped to read everyone elses stories and progression through the weeks and months of healing. I hope I am as fortunate as some of you and heal quickly but correectly. Wish me luck on Thirsday and Good luck to all who are healing.

  163. Hi to all the broken ankle people, now and in the future..

    I broke my ankle on the 8th of Feb 2009 while taking the dogs for a walk., I was also wearing the wrong shoes my MBT and slipped on black ice.. Surgery was done on the 4th day while still waiting for a bed in hospital. 1xplate and 8 screws later. to say the least , I was not a very happy person. It’s now been four weeks and I don’t ever think that I want to see a bed again. I would rather sleep on a chair or the floor. Anyway, After the op, the doc said 6 weeks until therapy. first two weeks was ok.. great to do nothing but be waited on hand and foot by my husband. 2nd week went to the hospital had the stiches removed and told to wear an air boot. Pretty cool device, Dr said that I am only allowed to put 20% pressure on the foot. I have these re-acuring visions of my ankle breaking again and starting this whole procedure over again, and I know that if that ever happend I would be totally devestated. So I have not been taking his advice and still don’t put my foot down unless I am sitting down. Now it’s been four weeks and another 3 to go before going back and seeing the Dr again to see whether I can start my physio..All I want to do is just go back to where I was before this whole nightmare started and that’s being back to normal. I have been lucky that I haven’t had any pain, and not too much swelling. My advice to anyone new on this site that has just had a broken ankle.. REST your ankle as much as possible.. DO NOT be in a rush, it takes time for it to heal.. Look up at all the sites on broken ankles on the web. LISTEN TO YOUR OP instructions.. Research other websites on Broken Ankles.. just take one day at a time. Good luck…

  164. Hello again!

    This site is very helpful and I find that on my worst days I visit it and read about others who have struggled like I am. I am having a really tough day. Although this is easier when the weather is nice, I also feel really down because all I want to do is walk. I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve my mood. I am getting antsy and becoming increasingly more difficult to be around. I have found that my personality is washing away with each day that passes. I feel like no one understands what I’m feeling and how I find little happiness in anything these days.

    I hate looking at my ankle. My swelling is still a good amount and I wonder if my ankle will ever look the same as it did prior to my accident. Does anyone feel this way? How long did it take for the swelling to go down and for the appearance to return to normal?

    I’m working hard in PT, but I feel my progress is slow. My range of motion is little and my ankle hurts to bend forward toward the ground, Again, any suggestions? I would love to hear from people who are in my situation and could cheer me up. I have gained a considerable amount of weight since all I am able to do is sit. I really try to keep a positive outlook, but its really, really hard these days. I’m approaching 3 months and it feels like an eternity.

    I’d love to hear some success stories to boost my moral. Keep them coming! Thanks!

  165. After 1 year and 1/2 I had my surgeon take out the hardware. I fell in a gopher hole while dumping our our pool. I broke the fibula and tibia. 6 screws and a 6 inch plate later.
    Anyway I had it taken out yesterday March18. 09. They gave me a nerve block in the calf and I can’t feel a thing yet. I have been walking around with my boot on at home (with a walker) I have even tried it without the walker and I do fine. Just waiting for the pain to kick so I can start the vicodin.
    I will keep people posted as to my ongoing healing.
    The reason for having the hardware taken out: Some days it felt pretty good. But when the weather turned cold it was a whole new story. I saw my doctor and gave me the option of taking it out for good and I said why not. He said he didn’t think that arthritis had set in this soon.
    I am going live with pain anyway, if that doesn’t heal it. But if does take the pain away, I will praise the Lord with all of my breath.

  166. Hi, everyone!

    I posted Feb 1st about five weeks following my fall down the stairway of death.

    Now it is going on about 11 weeks

    I was very lucky — compared to most on this forum — that all I shattered was the fibula in my left ankle. Because I had developed some really angry fracture blisters the meds opted not to do surgery for fear of infection. They fitted me with a wrapped fiberglass cast and told me not to put anymore weight on it than would break a raw egg… Yeah, sure.

    I went back a couple of weeks later and they did another cast because I said that the swelling had gone down and my foot felt rather loosey-goosey. Since I had no hardware I was concerned that any foot rotation might displace the break.

    As I mentioned earlier, I did not do well with the the various pain meds since they sabatoged my sense of balance, made me feel weird and disconnected, plus my bowels just didn’t work right in some hard to define manner.

    A couple of weeks later They took off the cast and gave me some kind of Frankenstein Monster boot to clunk around in. My foot and lower leg looked horrible… I soaked it in warm water and and scraped off a tremendous amount of flaky skin. On the bottom of my foot it came off in multi layers. I remembered that I had read that much of the “dust” floating around a house is actually human skin debris. I can believe it now!

    Besides my crutches I had a walker…which would not fit going down the hallway. But I finally found a use for it. In my imagination I was deathly concerned with the danger of taking a shower. I put the walker alongside the tub so that the hand rail on one side was right next to the tub. That gave something to stabalize me as I did the needed leg hoisting acrobatics of getting in and out across the tub. Once I safely accomplished the task it turned out to be no big deal.

    A couple of weeks ago I was given a light, lace-up foot and and ankle brace, and told to start some moderate walking…go outside, but stay close so that I could crawl back home if need be. The device was a mixed blessing as it cramped the top of my foot. Now I just use a snow boot and walk carefully, take a crutch if I go to the store…(it was a lot of fun using the electric carts to zoom around the super markets! An odd note: I was always aware of little old–hunched-over — frail, gray people painfully making their way stumbling zombie-like down aisles…suddenly I realized that I was now one of them!!)

    My sister got me a support sock…difficult to get on and off…found that a longish shoe horn made the job easier. The swelling has gone down markedly this last week…but only halfway to where it should be. I was told that swelling would be still evident a year after the fact.

    I use jojoba oil on the skin, along with DMSO. I take a whole buch of supplements and put MSM in my coffee to help stave off joint pain. I sometimes have a little clicking in my ankle bones that seems more of a minor mechanical protest than a signal of real trouble.

    This whole adventure has caused me to look at my life differently. I’m having second thoughts about actually using some blade skates I picked up at a yard sale…also my dirt bike now looks about as safe as a loaded gun. I’ve lost much self-confidence. My grandfather died at 78 following a hip fracture. Since I’ll be 78 at the end of March, it makes me stop and ponder…a bunch! And I wonder if I will have a job again at the filling station.

    When I was about 8 years old I broke my forearm. The doctor’s bill came to $5.00. It makes me wonder just what the hell has happened to the health system?

    Good luck to all! May we all heal and be well!! best, and much love sympathy! …bill g

  167. Day three:
    Went to have bandages checked. I have no more pain now than when I had the hardware in.
    Took 2 pain killers, 1 for headache first day. 2nd one Thursday because the doctors told me to as soon
    as my calf started to come to. I have not taken anymore since.
    I dumped the boot on Thursday also. NO cane or walker either.
    I just have a pull at where my stitches are.
    Hope this helps someone out there thinking about getting their ankle hardware out

  168. Hello,
    Have really enjoyed the comments on here… well, not enjoyed but appreciated. This is the only really helpful site I’ve managed to find.

    First of all I think it’s important to remember that accident/healing stories are only comparable to your own situation if you know the person’s age, fitness and – vitally – weight. All I am saying is, if you’ve recently had a break, don’t be depressed by reading that someone took six months to walk again… this person may be massively overweight and so putting a disproportionate amount of weight on the damaged ankle, or there may be other complications they prefer not to mention. Your general state of health at the time of the accident will be a vital factor in your recovery.

    The second thing I wanted to say is just for interest’s sake really; please don’t think I’m being inflamatory or trying to start an argument/conspiracy theory! It’s just that, as an English person I’ve been pretty amazed by the time in hospital / time in cast that most people on here have reported. Both seem very long.

    I fell off a ladder while demolishing a building, and landed really badly with three breaks – the worst one to the talus bone which had disintegrated, though there was enough left to put a screw through. I was warned that I might have to live with a limp for ever, though after surgery they said it had gone much better than they’d feared. My stay at the NHS (free) hospital was just three nights, and I was discharged as soon as the morphine had worn off. I’m told that my cast time is six weeks, and that it is only this long because my break is nontypical and the repair quite complex. I am 39.

    I kind of wonder why anyone who is reasonably young/healthy is staying in hospital for 12 days for a straightforward othopaedic injury like a broken ankle? Or remaining in a cast for three months? It is completely unheard of in European countries with a free health service, where there is no monetary reason to extend a patient’s stay. The other side to this is, of course, if something goes wrong for me I can’t easily sue the state health service. But I kind of think the American system sounds waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cautious? The other thing… I’m taking no meds four weeks after the fall. I had some codeine when I came out, it’s all gone now. My surgeon can’t see any good reason to give me any more so I’m not taking anything.

    I hope this doesn’t come across as condescending but, having lived in the US I think there’s a bit of a painkiller culture, where if it hurts, you can’t possibly put up with it. It’s important to remember that it’s SUPPOSED to hurt and that the pain is normal. It WILL HURT to walk on it. It will hurt a lot! But if the doctor says to do it, just do it. The pain is God/nature’s way of telling you not to be such a daft prick in future!

    Happy healing everyone…

  169. I broke my right tibia and fibula on March 20 this year. I was on a short trip visiting family out of state, at ER they lightly wrapped and told me to wait to get home when swelling was down to get set since clean fractures. The following Monday, March 23rd I was home and orthopedic doctor had me put in fibre glass caste, telling the technician to rotate the foot to a 90 angle,,a week later i returned and doctor discovered it was improperly set so it was reset this time by a PA and now i have a caste running from my toes to up over my knee. This makes it difficult to move around much..fortunately i can work my job remotely on laptop from bed. I am so tired of laying here, but when i get up to move around with crutches I tire easily and blood rushes to my toes and feels uncomfortable. A friend told me I shouldn’t be having pain anymore, that after a bone is set, the pain dissipates quickly. I am cautiously still taking some codeine, but only when the pain gets too annoying. After reading this blog, it sounds like what I am experiencing is normal.
    I am considering a second opionion since I keep feeling this pain on the knot area where my bone was raised up a bit, the doctor said that would correct and no surgery required. I am thinking of calling today to get another xray to make sure it is still okay in there…the strange sensations are disconcerting. I am a hiker and healthy person, so this is hard for me to stay reclined with leg elevated on pillows.

  170. The best thing I ever did. I had the plate and 5 screws removed on March 18th. Stitches removed the next week. I had immediate relief of the pain. After almost a month the only problem is scar tissue remaining tight, but I can live with that.

  171. I first posted back on the 17th of January fresh out of my 9 days in 2 hospitals. A week ago wed I went in for my 4th surgery and they removed the screw. Surgery was at 8:00 am and I was having brunch with my wife at 11:00 at a nearby restaurant. Someone asked about pain and local anesthetic, for me they did a block at my ankle and kind of put me in a dazed state, I actually asked to stay awake so they said they did the minimum but I still “woke up” although they said I talked the whole time. I did not experience any pain with the last surgery.

    On tue of this week (Apr 14th) I finally got to remove my cast and put on a pair of shoes. On thur, just 2 days later, I played in a golf tournament that I thought I was going to be a spectator, I missed the long drive by 15 feet! By the way I asked the doc about playing golf, he told me no running or jumping (as if he need to tell me) but that golf was fine.

    Yes it swells, yes it still hurts, but my foot was all but completely removed from my leg on Jan 2, 2009. I can’t believe that I was being life-flighted to a hospital 3 1/2 months ago and almost died from a blood clot and today I am doing my re-hab and walking without a limp. I wasn’t expecting to be doing much till June/July, hoping to get in some sort of shape for the next hunting season.

    So here is what I have to tell anyone that is just getting started down this road:
    1) If you have insurance then get the best doctor you can, if you are in a large town get someone that specializes in lower extremities or ankles. Your co-pay is no more or less by the doctor you choose so use the best.
    2) Do what the doctor says. I never missed an appointment, I never missed a rehab and I did as much as I could, no more.
    3) I personally minimized meds by keeping my leg elevated.
    4) You can control how fast you recover, you may not be able to make anything heal faster, but you can make it heal slower…
    5) Depression is hard to fight off b/c it sucks being helpless but remember this too shall pass. (be careful not to take it out on the ones you love)

    If you are in Houston or nearby I can recommend my surgeon Dr Kevin Varner with Methodist Hospital, he and the team of specialists, from infectious disease, cardiology, pulmonology, were all the best. If anyone has questions, or is just sick enough to want to see the pictures of my leg a couple minutes after my accident you can email me at [email protected]

  172. Just got the doctor and hospital bill for the removal of my hardware. A little over $10,000. It was an out patient stay in the hospital. Wow, I am glad I had insurance. Didn’t think it would cost that much.
    Ankle doing great tho.

  173. omg i broke my ankle like 2 months ago.. i was in a car accident. But i had to get surgery and get 3 pins put in my ankle… i get them out in like a week (next monday) u don’t kno me but i figured id tell you

  174. WoW i have been reading all these stories almost the whole morning on this cloudy sunday morning. Well i got on here just curious to find some answers ot something. I broke my left fibia and shattered my ankle on top of it being dislocated on 4/4/09. I was admitted to the hospital on 4/7/09. Finally had surgery on 4/13/09. The doc said the surgery was going to take a couple of hours or so. I was in there for 5 hours. The doc said they had a hard time puting my ankle back in place. I came out with 8 screws and a bar that put my fibia together and 2 more klong screws in the left of my ankle that the doc said he will be taking those out in 12 weeks. Tomorrow 5/4/09 will be a month. Im in a hard cast and as everybody on this site has says its killing me insanly. I drive an 18 wheeler for a living and my left foot is my clutch foot and plus i do alot of other moving around at work. As my big truck sits at home in my drive way i cant do anything. I was mowing my property with my ford tractor and i was at the front of my drive way fixing the mow the ditch. The ditch was muddy so i was trying to stay out of it. Well as i was mowing along i started to slide into the ditch as i was trying to get out of it. I felt the tractor tipping over to the left so i jumped before the tractor had a chance to fall on me. I jumped off left of the tractor. I guess i landed wrong and i heard it loud and clear like a tree branch snapped. Broke my ankle. I have never broken a bone in my life and iam a very clumsy person as i have cuts and dings all over me. I knew this was already turning out bad. I have read about 90% of these stories and i feel for everyone. I have always had an attitude to “expect the unexpected”. I have a doctor visit 5/22/09 to follow up on things and man im going to beg him to put me in a walking boot even if i have to stay off it still because this cast is the most uncomortable thing that i have ever felt and had in my whole life. Never want to experince this again. Best wishes to everyone from the past and the future and as long as you keep your head above water everything will be ok… Anybody want to talk just email me at [email protected]

  175. My right ankle was shattered nicely on 2 January 2009 as a result of a motorcycle accident. I suffered a badly dislocated and broken pelvis, broken neck…C7 vert ,broken right shoulder blade, broken cheek bone
    and severed tendons in the right hand/wrist.

    I was flat on my back for three full months before initial therapy and after two weeks of that I went home.

    The ankle bugs me the most painwise and remains swollen to a degree. I have not iced it at all. Does this really help with inflammation and pain? I see my ortho doctor again tomorrow. I wonder how long it will take before the pain subsides enough to go off the percossets?

    The percs are a godsend. I have three scars….one top of ankle and two more each side. Any input from others will be appreciated.

  176. I broke my ankle Feb. 3 and had surgery Feb. 4. I have a plate and screws one the outer ankle. two screws on the inside, and one screw in the front of my ankle. I really enjoyed this site, it made me laugh and you all seemed to understand “my pain”. I did have an someone locally that broke her ankle on Christmas Eve and I talked with her. I think the hospital should set up a support call line. My ankle healed in six weeks and I assumed I would just walk. I had kept my weight off and held it up for so long that when I started to walk, my knee hurt so badly that I couldn’t. What a bummer!!! Anyway after several weeks of both land and water therapy I am well on the road to recovery. As for the swelling, I was prescribed a compression stocking and it has helped tremendously. For all that are just starting on this journey, eat healthy, do as told, be willing to accept help ( you are going to need it) and laugh as often as possible.

  177. Hi everyone in the broken ankle club,
    I an now in my tenth month of recovery from breaking three bones totally in half in August of 2008. Two surgeries later I still have the six inch plate and eight screws on the right side of my right foot. It has been a long journey from being bedfast, then to wheelchair, hopping on a walker and then a cane. I still am not normal and can’t wear my high heels (yet!). I am, however, just thankful to be able to walk and go to the grocery store again and DRIVE! I go to the doc in August to see how I am doing. I really don’t want to have the plate out or do I? I don’t know. It bothers me some but not terribly. Mobility of ankle is ok but not normal.Still have some swelling in the evening, and the ankle is bigger than the other one. I had no idea that broken ankles could be so bad and sad. I now have more respect for others on walkers, canes, etc. I took walking for granted – now I watch my step. God bless you all – what a nightmare- especially going up and down the steps on my rump which gave me a problem with my rotator cuff. My scar is ugly but I just want to walk better. The docs don’t tell you how long this really takes and I think theI sure wasn’t prepared for y should be able to “guesstimate” according to your age, size, severity of injury, etc.

  178. Sorry, acidently hit the submit button on this laptop and messed up the last sentence. I was just going to say that after my first surgery I had no idea that I was looking at a year of recovery and then possibly another surgery to take out the plate and screws. My husband has the long screw that went across the top of my ankle following surgery 2 – I will not look at it nor want to see it. Again, blessings and keep the faith.

  179. I cracked a bone in my ankle and it hurts so much to get up! It feels like it is on fire! Is this normal?

  180. Today is my 6 week from surgery day!!!! I go in in 2 days to get my cast removed and have never been more excited in my life! hah! I have had it changed 3 x and also had a gortex liner put in so i could shower- I can tell it needs to come off- starting to get a bit dingy and my foot is dry? why is that?

    It seems Everyone on this site has had problems once it came to their 6 week point. that is NOT what i wanted to hear!? And is that usually the case? until I found this site i had friends tell me they could walk again right at the 6 wek point, does this have to do with age?
    I just want to walk right away! what is the deal with that. I was told partial weight bearing for a week or so and i should be fine he said some people go through a bunch of PT others use his whirlpool foot bath soak a few times and they are good to go. No mention of a boot whatsoever….

    When will i walk again free? what is the time frame? i had surgey with the plate and screws and broke my fibula april 26th…surgery was may 5…

  181. Cin, how are you doing? My cast comes off in 2 weeks and I wanna get right on with walking too. I was fit before the accident, the surgery went well on the three breaks, I’ve sat on my arse for 5 weeks now but it’s summer and I want to be walking as soon as I can. I know everyone is different but give me some hope here 🙂

  182. Hey cln and Alibear here is the deal. I broke my fibula on may 2nd after an unfortunate situation. I had surgery on may 12th to have reduction of the bone via internal fixation, as it was a spiral fragmented break. I have a plate and eight screws on the bone as well as one transsysmotic (spelled wrong) which holds the fibula snug to the tibia. This allows the ligaments and membranes to reconnect between these two bones; this is important in ankle stability. I had a soft cast for two weeks post op to allow for swelling followed by an aircast cam walker boot for four. This entire six weeks was non weight bearing and as we all know F***ing miserable. I got my boot off today and am now looking forward to getting back to running climbing and skiing. What I can say is that my leg is obviously super atrophied and weak but I got the one crutch go ahead. and the crutch really doesn’t feel necessary. I was told, with my little ankle brace on I could use the crutch for about a week for additional support and then loose it and just be walking carefully. I have been walking around all day without too much of a problem. It is sore but i am walking the same day. It feels weird to weight bear again but this is the case with any broken bone, and I have broken lots…… At this point the more diligent we are with getting our bodies back into kick ass shape the better off. work the upper body for blood flow. (pullups, pushups, dips, curls) You will walk for sure as long as you follow your doctors orders and have a fierce mental outlook on the whole situation. Good luck and remember its temporary, you will look back at those killer couch sessions and post opp drug comas one day soon while your on a nice long bike ride…

  183. i broke my ankle in 3 places on 6/22/09 stayed in the hospital for 3 days. i feel terrible, it only been 5 days, but i am so ready to heal so i can go back to work. I also found out i was pregnant when i got to E.R. It has been some week i tell you. Enjoyed everyone replies and it was helpful.

  184. Went to my 6 month from the last surgery back and mid June and have been cleared to resume all activities. This sounds much better then it is, I still struggle with swelling and pain so the thought of running seems a little absurd still. I have been playing golf but if I don’t have compression on my ankle, by the time I am done it is swollen and hurts.

    Each step (no pun intended) seems inconceivable to get through. It felt like I would never get out of the hospital, be able to get around on crutches without my ankle killing me. When they first let you put weight back on your leg it seems like you have to learn to walk again (although that comes very quick). I am now wondering how long till it wont hurt so much, or better not at all. Just trying to keep it in perspective and know that like every stage before it will come

  185. It has been 1year and 9 months since I broke my ankle and I am still in pain!! On Oct. 13, 2007, I had 4 breaks and a severed ligament requiring 3 hours of surgery, a plate, 8 screws and a pin. My ankle still swells and is very painful. I only have about 30% range of motion so I can walk and that’s about it. This has affected every part of my life. I work 12 hour shifts in a hospital ED and at the end of my shift, I want to crawl to my car and I am usually crying from the pain! I do not take pain meds, only Aleve. My orthopedic surgeon said it could take up to 2 years to heal. Well, I am coming close to that date and I don’t really see any relief in sight. Maybe I need the metal taken out. I don’t want another surgery but I am tired of living like this. Sorry to be such a bummer. I feel better just knowing I am not the only one!!

  186. I just broke my ankle for the second time in 4 months. The first time did not require surgery, this time I have a plate with 8 pins and two screws in the ankle. Being 47 years old I wonder how long this is really going to take? I am at the 6 week mark and ready to put some weight on this leg again but I am nervous and almost afraid of walking and breaking it again. The swelling and healing of the incisions has been an ordeal. Reading some of the posts does make me feel better knowing I am normal and that this really is a tough injury. It is amazing how life changes and gives perspective on how tough things are for those permanently disabled or chronically in pain. I thank God because I will recover. Stay positive. time will pass!

  187. Ok, so I am not crazy or a whimp! I finally had some more xrays done and it looks like I have to have another surgery. Some screws have shifted, leaving bone particles in my joints, hence the intence pain. I am really scared to have the surgery but hopefully there will be good news on the horizon.

  188. Robin,how are you doing? It has been 8 months since my surgery, Except for rainy weather my ankle is pretty good. Isn’t this website great? It really helped me at the end of my six weeks while not being able to walk. Thank you Dennis Yang!!

  189. Wow, I’m glad I found this page. I am trying to figure out if my Surgeon didn’t do his job correctly because everyone says that I should be walking much better after almost a year of having my ANKLE repaired.

    On November 16th , 2008 I was pushed and as I was falling my leg twisted. I heard a bone in my left leg snap. I was immediately rushed to the hospital and my FLAT boot was removed, exposing my dangling left foot.

    The Dr said I had broken my ankle in 3 places and that I needed surgery. It was the worst pain I have ever felt in LIFE! Well, I couldn’t have the surgery done right then and there because there was too much swelling. I had to wait a week. I went in, had pins, screws, and a metal plate put in. I was then put in a hard cast for approximately 7 weeks. I had the cast removed in the middle of January. Here it is going on October almost and I still cannot walk properly. Due to the fact I don’t have any insurance and I was actually waiting on pending medical benefits I didn’t jump into Physical Therapy. By the time I did (in March) the Physical Therapist stated that there was alot of scar tissue built up and I may walk like this forever! He also asked me something weird that alarmed me. He asked if the Surgeon took a piece of bone from another part of my body. Isn’t that a bit odd

  190. Two people broke their ankle about the same time I did. Both have had a second surgery. If I were you I would have an ex-ray to see if everything is okay. I don’t think it will get better over time if something is wrong. Good luck and keep in touch. I think this site should be recommended reading for new broken ankle people. I did give the website name to my insurance co-ordinator.

  191. I am amazed to see the large number of people that ankle brakes happen to. I am recovering from a tri-malleolar fracture (Tibia, Fibula and Talus) that happed about a month ago. Its been rough, not so much the pain but the inability to do many things in life that I used to take for granted. It’s interesting how each story is so similar but differs in healing time, pain, etc. I had surgery and had 6 screws and a plate inserted, stopped taking the pain meds after about seven days. In my opinion, meds can hold you back mentally and therfore physically. It’s been strange not being able to do anything at my leisure. Just going to the bathroom is a feat. Oh well, all in all this can only strenghthen my appreciation for mobility and has been a wake- up call in terms of realizing what we can do when fully healed. I hope everyone heals well and remember it’s only temporary. Keep yours heads and ankles elevated!!!!

  192. Hi everyone, my second surgery is coming up on Oct. 23, 2009. I am hoping this is it, that I can finally get my life back after 2 years. And yes, Rena, I still walk with a considerable limp after 2 years. I am sure I will have time on my hands after the surgery to give you all an update. Hang in there!

  193. Hi, I broke and dislocated my left ankle fallen down some stairs April 2009 have 6 screws and plate also doc says they will have to stay . Had therapy and still recovering. I can walk but still have pain and stiffness if walking for a period of time or just sitting and get up i limp for awhile. But Just wanted to ask if any one developed a small bump on their calve muscle and experience any calf spasms? Kind of worried bout it it dont hurt but dont look normal.

  194. Hello, I was amazed by this blog…I broke/dislocated my right ankle 10/02/09 had surgery(I have a plate on the inside and and a bar on the posterier bone on the right and many screws) on the 10/05/09 I was in a cast for two weeks and then had it removed and was given a a walking boot. I have been healing very well and have been in PT for about 2 weeks. I can finally put weight on it this coming Tue. Yippppeeeeee! I have had very little pain, my only issue is I think that there are remnants of stitches left behind because there are two little holes that scab over and puss up where my scar is and it hurts a little. Has anyone had any problems like this? I guess I have ot go back to the dr and have him check..It is nice to know that I am not alone in this…I just want to go back to work! Most likely it will be in Feb 2010…I can’t wait! Everyone else…Hang in there! Good luck!

  195. You’re absolutely right…. Chicks DO dig scars and stitches. Way to go! I read a little about your broken ankle and how it happened… gross. Good luck with your recovery!

  196. Still not out of the woods. Have posted several times before and as of the last time things were looking good, I thought. About 3 months ago, 7 months from the injury, I started with lots of swelling in my ankle again. It kept getting worse and I started back with a bad limp and considerable pain. Went back into the doctor and due to the trauma it was sounding more and more like I was headed toward getting my ankle fused (something I really do not want and would love to hear from anyone who has had there ankle fused). Long story short, after trying several thing including steroid shots into my ankle joint, a nice 3″ long stress fracture appeared on X-ray. So I am back in a cast. The good news is that there is a pretty good chance that this is the cause of my pain, and if it heals I may be able to post pone the ankle fusion for a few more years. There is some studies being performed with stem cells re-growing cartilage so I am holding out for something like that to get me to pain free walking. I am far too young and active to have my ankle fused.



  198. I’m glad to have found this site and wish all of you the best. However my situation is a little different as Im interested in talking with those who have had ankle replacement surgery. Briefly, my story involves a broken ankle in 2002 in which the talus part of the break was not discovered for 10 months. An involved surgery by an ankle-only specialist “saved” the ankle but I’ve since had three clean-out operations (including one for a staff infection). After the last surgery the same surgeon advised me to plan on a fusion some day and to tolerate the pain as long as possible. Though tolerable the pain has increased over the years and is now pretty much chronic now though only severe after days in which I over do it. I use a low dose of percoset at the end of such days. As a brief aside and though I can’t prove it, I believe the prolonged problems with my ankle and the subsequent alterations in the way I walk have resulted in both a half-knee and a hip replacement. In a recent visit with the ankle doctor he is telling me that advances in ankle prosthetics now make me a candidate for a replacement as well as a fusion. I understand that fusion is still the standard of treatment when arthritic deterioration goes this far (and my insurance may therefore weigh in to limit my options) but I’m still a fairly active 64 year old and do not want to accept the restricted mobility that I believe comes with a fused joint. By the way, if anyone reading this has experience with fusions, please get in touch. However, I am really eager to find an ankle replacement site and talk issues and trade-offs with those who are futher along or at least going throuh the same process. If any of you can hook me up, Im at: [email protected]. To all you broken ankle folks, hang in there…this too shall pass…and eight ortho operations qualifies me to know of which I speak.

  199. I broke my tib/fib on December 7,2009. I have an external fixator. I have been told that I will be “DOWN” for at least 3 months. I feel very lonely and scared. M

  200. broke my fibula a week ago have plate and screws,have been told i will be non weight bearing for 6 weeks, i am a runner biker skier. do i have any hope of ever returning to these activities?does anyone make a complete recovery or am i messed up for life?





  202. Broke my tib/fib and crushed the ankle on 12-21-09. Reconstructive surgury on the ankle sockets, one plate and 9 screws to hold it all together. Staples out two weeks later and into a boot. Non weight bearing for the next 4 weeks. Not too much discomfort, with the exception of occasional shooting pains. Question is: it looks lightly red and is very warm to the touch. Think this is normal?

  203. i broke my tib on the 15th nov 2009 had to have opperation had 3 pins in it had pot on for 6 weeks my ankle and leg are still badly swollen and red still getting a lot of pain could any one tell me if this is normal


    +++ I purchased an exercise bike from craigslist $75.00

    wow, it’s a great feeling on my ankle!!!

    i ride it for 1/2 hour a day.

    get you one, you will thank me later.

  205. Six weeks after surgery, got the ok from the doctor to start weight bearing. Still wearing my cam boot and starting to walk. Hurts more now, than it has in the last 4 weeks. I’m walking, using a cane, so I can go back to work in a couple of weeks. Doc said it was ok for me to return to work, as soon as I thought I could handle it. Boss is good with the idea, even letting me slide with some of my duties, like walking all over the shop all day long. Just sitting at my computor and answering the phone and charging out parts on invoices. Doc said I would hurt while trying to free up the ligaments, but the bone is healing just fine.
    Sometimes I get these stabbing pains in my ankle, and I still have places that are numb. I think that for the most part, it’s getting along pretty good.
    Sue, my foot swells whenever I am on it for a while and it still gets red sometimes, but for the most part, I don’t have any problems. As far as pain is concerned, only from walking. Have you talked to your doctor about it?

  206. got my cast off today, six weeks from breaking fibula, feels pretty good, can walk on it, incision is very tender especially where it was rubbing cast and a lot of the top part of my foot is numb, but used elliptical trainer, and felt good.

  207. I broke and dislocated my ankle at midnight on 7/31/2009. Had surgery on 8/10/2009. After over three months on crutches, walker and wheelchair (two splints and three casts) I was able to use a walking boot with the aid of crutches for a month. Then went without the crutches. Have a plate with six screws on the outside of my ankle and on the inside two long screws. Now the surgeon tells me that the inside of my ankle is not healing, but the outside is completely healed. I am scheduled for additional surgery to remove those two screws and graf some additional bone in that area and put two screws back in. I’m not looking forward to it. Surgeon said I’d be on crutches for 2 to 3 weeks not weight on the ankle then I might go back to a walking boot.. We will see, I’ll post again once I know more after surgery on 2/16/2010. WISH ME LUCK…

  208. I’m a 32 y.o.male. I fell 12 ft on march 24 09. I shatted my left ankle and both fib and tib. I had to wait 14 days for swelling to go down. My surgery was 4 hrs. And I have 2 plates and 14 screws. Had a second surgery to remove 4 screws causing problems. Now I’ve been told I have a non. Union. In my medial mal. Tip of tibia. I’m due to have a bone graft on march 10 2010. Pain and depression is very bad. And more pain to come.

  209. Almost 11 weeks after surgery and I am back at work. Don’t get too thrilled as I sit on my behind all day working on a computor, so it’s not like I’m out running around. But at least I’m not sitting at the house anymore. I get to interact with “PEOPLE” again. That’s exciting. The foot is ready for some down time by the time I get home. It’s swollen up pretty good, red, and throbs. I have it elevated most of the time. First thing in the morning, it looks almost normal. I can almost see what my ankle used to look like and my toes don’t look like they belong to miss piggy. By the end of the day, its back to chankles and chubby toes. I have been weight bearing for almost a month now. It hurts most in the morning as I have to get it used to having weight on it. Almost like shooting pains, but then I take some Advil and in about 20 minutes it starts to feel better. Going back to the dr. next week, may be getting out of the boot and learning to walk again. More to come, later.

  210. Ok, I’m back. Those of us who are in a big hurry to get back to work, don’t be. It’s not as easy as it may seem, at least not for me. I have to do a little walking in my job, not a lot. My doc took me out of my walking boot 3 days ago and said to just wear shoes. Folks, this is not fun. No longer having support for my ankle has shown me just how much it can hurt, and how tiring it can be when you are in pain. By the end of the day I’m not sure that I can make it out to my car. I have been doing the flex exercises for my ankle since about week 5, but this weight bearing and flexing just isn’t a lot of fun. I know this is a phase that we all have to go through in order to get back to a normanl gait, but this part is for the birds. Hope it gets easier soon. Bye for now.

  211. Hi to all. I am 58, soon 59 (ho well) and I broke my ankle , the fibula bone, in 3 places. Had surgery, 7 screws in the bone and I am now with a hard cast, in a wheelchair or crutches. life is difficult because the blood flow is not going right.
    each time my leg is down, the blood flow goes down and does not move back up.
    Does any one have something to say about this? It has been 1 month and a half since surgery. Next week I will go to get the hard cast removed, for a soft one i believe.
    Please write me , I feel so depressed at times… Thanks!

  212. Dominque, not to worry. It’s just part of the process. Broke my tibia, fibia and crushed the two sockets where they join the top bone of the ankle just a few days before Christmas. Had reconstructive surgery on the two sockets a couple of days later, 8 pins and a plate put in. It has had it’s ups and downs. One day I felt like I’m not getting anywhere, the next I see some improvement. Had to go back to work after 100 days off. I’m 61 and can’t afford to lose my job. At first I tried to stay off my foot as much as possible, but in reality, I can’t sit all the time. At the end of the day my ankle looks the size of a softball. The ankle area seems to stay red all the time, I have different kinds of pains throughout the day, burning, stinging, sudden stabbing pains. The mornings are the hardest, the ankle doesn’t want to bend, even though I do excercises every day. Keep the faith, and find something to keep your mind occuppied. Things will get better. Lee

  213. I broke/shattered (and fractured) both the tibia and fibula near my right ankle on Oct. 3 of 09. Had surgery the next day that lasted 4 hours. I now have a rod that goes from my knee to my ankle that is inserteded in the marrow, about a 4 inch plate along the leg and 15 screws, 3 of which are about 3 inches long. I had 3 stictches and about 44 staples. Went into a walking boot Dec. 12th and then got rid of it on Jan. 7th. Finally able to drive! I have been walking at least a mile every day and doing other exercies, including stationary bike and rowing machine. I am still icing my ankle and knee every other day or so. There wasn’t much pain during my 3 months of recup. but now and esp. during the night I get sharp pains in my knee. Guess it is scar tissue. My knee and ankle are still a bit swollen, but not too bad campared to 6 months or so ago. Plus, they are both still numb. I am hopping that I will get more sensation back soon.
    One more thing: my surgeon stressed, no told me that I HAD to quit smoking as the nicotine constricts the blood flow and if I continued, it would take much more time for my ankle to heal if at all. After 39 yrs of smoking I finally quit! And, cold turkey to boot!! Now, if I could just lose the weight I have put on since…

  214. My b/f broke his ankle in 3 different places about 2wks ago and had to have surgery the naxt day, now he has 2 screws and a rod in there, but he keeps it proped up all day. Is that to long? Also if he gets up or lets his foot hang off the side of the bed, then it throbs and he sd the pain is unbearable. Is that common? Should it hurt that bad as soon as he puts it down?

  215. All of your stories have given me some comfort. I have been in misery and boredom sincce breaking my ankle. Flat on my back and hobbling around is the pits. Im 37 and this is my first brokrn anything. I ask the doctor how long til i go back to work and he hasnt given me an answer but reading your stories I realize its very indiviualized. I work where I have to go up and down stairs every day many times a day. There are no elevators its an factory where workers are constantly moving.
    Reading some of the posts Im concerned now I am going to be off longer than I was guessing.
    eek one down after surgery.

  216. Wow I know how you all feel! Plate and 10 screws, broke 3 bones in my ankle and it has been 3months before I could walk! Just started walking on it a week ago(5/25/10), limping alot!? Wish I could just walk normal but it will take time. Just happened cause I slipped in mud and takes forever to heal, water therapy here I come!
    Good luck to all with ankle injury’s!

  217. I too, joined the broken ankle club 8 wks ago. Kinda lonely & frustrating. My advice, lots of pillows. don’t worry if you suddenly become a “crier”, it is just frustration. You will quickly learn who are your true friends & family. Elevate, ice, move your toes & leg all day long. (elevate high on 2 or3 pillows) Physical therapy helps immensely, they know all the little tricks the dr. Didn’t mention. I started walking this week, with crutches. It hurts but feels so good to move!!!! Happy healing everyone. I am one step closer…

  218. I broke my ankle in a car accident. I broke the tibula, fibula and completely crushed my heel. i had surgery and they put in a plate and screws. The accident was how I found out I was having a baby so it was even harder recovering with a huge belly and then being put on bed rest completely! It’s been 3 years now and I still don’t have full function of my ankle. I came across your post trying to google shoes for a broken ankle. I think it’s cool you kept a blog. I’m glad yours worked out better than my situation did.

  219. i dislocated and broke my rt ankle on 7-31.2010 on a atv and i can ont drive its sux i got 9 screws all i think about is will i run but look like i am not alone on this i just start to walk today baby steps i am 28 it now 9-3-2010

  220. My boyfriend was in a motorcycle accident on May 15th of this year. He shattered his left ankle and had bone sticking out on both sides. he was airlifted to the nearest city. The orthopedic surgeon wanted to amputate but ended up putting in a massive amount of screws and 6 yes I said 6 plates. the most the surgeon had ever done was 4. I have read every post here and searched the internet and cannot find anyone with that many plates. I asked the surgeon last week what the success rate is from a broken ankle. His reply was that he does 2 ankle surgeries a week and only SOME get back to almost normal. He has made an example out of my boyfriend and has sent his recreation x-rays to surgeons all over the US. I know he did all he could to help heal my boyfriend but I am so worried he will never lead a life as he was before. Thank god he is very active and fit but he is 41 years old too. I wish all of you the very best of luck. If anyone has heard of multiple plates in a broken ankle please let me know. Thank you,

  221. I broke my ankle (in the parking lot at work). Have had a horrible time with initial fracture blisters leading to a serious infection which finally seems to be cleared up. Horrible time dealing with Workers Comp and doctors who just didn’t seem to be doing all they should have. Unfortunately it has destroyed all the cartlige betwen the ankle joints. Very painful trying to walk, usually need a cane or crutches depending on how it feels when I stand up. Just recieved a custom made brace to simulate an ankle fusion but it doesn’t fit any of my footwear. I’d like to avoid the ankle fusion they want to perform next year as I’m hoping something new comes along as a better solution.

  222. Well, it’s been 10 months since my little accident and I’ve been back to work for 8 months. Can’t do all the things I used to do, but can still get around. Been having a little problem with pain and at times the ankle just gives out on me when I take a step, so when to another Specialist and got a second opinion. This guy teaches at Baylor of Dallas and has a pretty large office at Presybitereian Hospital. Anyway, he did a CT scan of my ankle and noted that one of the two broken bones did not heal correctly and the rebuild sockets looked like craters in a highway. Final conclusion, I will have to have another surgury to have my ankle fused. It will be up to me when I have it done. Just depends on how long I can stand the pain and relent to have it done. It will put an end to my working career, as I am already on my way to 63. Lots to think about.


  224. Oh wow, strangely, I actually appreciate what Anonymous posted. I was feeling quite sorry for myself and that post made me laugh.

  225. First of all to anonymous, I found most of these emails encouraging, and I hope you find a site more fitting to your needs.
    There are alot of you with worse injurys than mine. I broke and dislocated by left ankle on October 16th. I am in an air cast walking boot. Last week 3 of the 11 screws starting protruding on my ankle knuckle. Painful especially with the boot on. Did add some more padding, but didn’t help alot.
    So, went to my scheduled ortho appt yesterday and the doc kinda blew me off. Either I take the boot off and don’t wear it so the screws aren’t irritated, or tough it out with the boot. Not exactly the resolution I was looking for. Made mention of my bone having a heart attack, and osteonecrosis, and several covering his arse comments. He said I’d never be 100% and if I wanted he could take them out in a year.
    I just didn’t feel comfortable with the results of this appointment. Needless to say bedside manner sucked.
    So, I’m getting all my records together and will get a second opinion. The last xray also showed the plate coming away from the bone about 1mm.
    I’m afraid not to wear the boot, my bone hasn’t healed back very much yet and I certainly don’t want to re-break. But it does cause me lots of pain, swelling etcc.
    Supposed to start PT this friday, maybe he can give me some insight.
    Wondering what kind of shoes I should wear if I don’t have the boot on. Have some bottom of the heel pain with walking, lots of little electrical feelings etc. Before injury had Plantar Fascieitis.
    Nice this site is here. thank you

  226. I just found this website and thank Dennis for maintaining it all these years! Everyone’s comments have been very helpful because healing from a physical injury can be very isolating at times and it’s nice to “hear” other people’s stories. I am 60 yrs old and dislocated/fractured my left ankle 11 weeks ago when I somehow slipped while looking at a beautiful ocean vista on vacation in Hawaii. I’ve been blessed on this journey because every “step” of the way there has been people to help me – many of them strangers. I was taken to Hilo Medical Center where I was fortunate to have surgery 5 hours later. Pins and plates were installed and a couple of days later I flew home to California. While my older bones have healed fine, I’ve had great difficulty in healing my incisions and a huge fracture blister on the top of my ankle. After 8 weeks of slow healing I had another surgery in which the plates/screws on the outside ankle were removed; two screws in the bone on the inside remain. Apparently, my skin healing was hindered by an internal infection around the plate, but fortunately it had not yet affected the bone. I am now dealing with an open wound 4”x1”x1” (very gross to see your bone when changing the dressing each day). But the doctor said this was a better way to heal the incision rather than stitches. Of course, now I have to be extra careful with infection so they installed a PICC line in my arm and I give my self intravenous antibiotic injections every hour for 6 weeks. I have a low threshold for pain so this has been a very difficult experience, compounded by not being able to walk, go out of the house, work, etc. Bottom line, I believe this injury happened for a reason. I’ve been through the processes of disbelief, anger, grief, isolation, depression and on and on, and now realize my life will never be the same again – and perhaps that’s okay. Now I can spend time (probably many more months) learning about myself and contemplating my next path. I disagree with the comments from Anonymous – we must be involved in our healing process and not just pretend it will all be fine if we just “toughen up” and get a grip. We must go through all the stages of the grieve process until we come to accept what has happened to us and be willing to move in whatever direction is presented. And, I see no reason for us to be in pain, the stress of pain hinders healing. If you need meds, take them, but also explore the many other methods of long-term pain management. Sorry if this is too much information – but you all really helped me and I thank you so much!

  227. February 4 will be the 2nd anniversary of my ankle surgery after a fall on the ice. I have a plate and several screws. I can truthfully say I am back to 98% of where I was before the fall. I am approaching 67 so there is hope for all!! It is a very depressing time during recovery but don’t let it get to you. When I was at my lowest I found this site – printed the whole thing and read it with mostly laughter. I think it should be required reading for broken ankles! I was treated by a trauma surgeon and he told me before surgery that sometimes they don’t have very good results with the kind of break that I had. One bone was broken into three pieces and I had a spiral break. If your doctor isn’t giving you what you need, get another – they are only people and some doctors’ bedside manner sucks! Good luck to all – I had ankle envy for anyone that could walk for a whole year – it will get better.

  228. My husband broke his ankle Dec of 09, staph infection set in and last weekend he had ALL the hardware removed and it was alot and he is now home with an intervenious iv. He’s actually doing really good and feeling better. Has anyone else experienced this?

  229. I injured my ankle about 8 months ago playing basketball I couldnt put my foot down on the ground for about a week it hurt that bad. I was swollen and from the outer area between the heal to the middle of the foot had turned blue which was blood of course. I did all the icing and hot water as usual and very slowly it kinda got better. For about a month it was alright I guess and now its a little sensitive and as of today it still hurts alittle at times when I play sports or just walking up the stairs. ****Here is were it gets strange in the last 3 days the area that I had injured has been getting hot flashes and numb at times almost every 20 mins. I just turned 30 and im in great physical shape. Have you had any type of similar experience? Please let me know if anyone has had these type of hot flashes or know of such thing. Please email me if you know anything about this thank you! [email protected]

  230. I broke my ankle tibia and fibula about 5 weeks ago. I had 16 stiches on tibia side, and 10 on fibula.
    1 Plate 11 screws. Went to the Dr today, cant put weight on foot yet? I am using a knee scooter,
    which awesome, no cruthes, no walker. I cant wait to get this cast off and return to normal.

  231. I broke my ankle May 11, 2011 playing tennis. I knew immediately when it broke because I heard the crunch. Fortunately for me it was a clean break with no surgery required. Since I broke this same ankle exactly 7 years ago I thought 6 weeks in a cast, some PT and back on the courts. Well this time not so simple. This Dr. put me in an aircast which was super uncomfortable and causing more bruising. He ended up taking off the aircast because my foot and ankle became really red, still swollen and warm to the touch around the ankle area. At night mostly, my ankle has this excruciating burning sensation that almost brings me to tears. (i’m really not a baby) The Dr. said it was just my body reacting to the injury. He didn’t think it was an infection, but decided to put me on antibiotics just in case. He wants me to only wear a compression sock now during the day and at night wrap my ankle in an Ace bandage.
    The redness and burning has subsided, but is still there. A friend thought it looked like cellulitis. Anyone experience anything like this????

  232. Hello
    I Broke my right ankle late June 2011 had operation 2 pins added; now going today to get my first X-ray +day 41. The Dr. did not use a cast for me and only a boot. Swelling was a major problem for me first three weeks related to an infection, after the infection was controlled swelling reduced and improved every day and still continues to improve weeks after. I have been taking a Chinese medicine called ShangKeJieGupian (Bone Chip) to help improve bone growth and improve blood flow; I have no opinion on this yet.

  233. Hey let me start by saying that in January 2008 I had open heart mitral valve repair surgery which is a big operation and it was MUCH easier than dealing with a broken ankle!! Oh my gosh and gollies (!!) I’ve been reading this site all afternoon(when your ankle is broken, you have a lot of time to do this). Bless all of you who wrote starting back in 2007 and to the present. I say a special hello to David who wrote on July 28. On July 29 I stepped on to a small brick border in my front yard, my ankle rolled out to the right and that was it. I’ve been immobilized since then … BUT … I never had a cast. Non weight bearing…I put a little weight on it with crutches. I have a boot (cam boot?) I wear when I am going somewhere and use crutches. Otherwise I have the foot elevated and bare. It is a lateral malleoulos (?) fracture and doctor says these are harder to heal because they are horizontal and not vertical, foot gets swollen especially on the bottom (?) and can get warm at the break site. There is not much pain anymore. I have lots of Vicodin but take a half pill rarely. I will not really know the final outcome for several weeks. I may still need surgery but do NOT want it!!! After reading all of these entries I can only say I completely empathize with everyone as this is a life-changing injury and it takes you out of your normal activities. It is my right ankle so I cannot drive. I am lucky to have husband who really helps me, otherwise, I don’t know what I’d be doing. I am 66 and never thought I was old at all until I did this !!! I was watching movie musicals the other night, Singing in the Rain, watching Donald O’Connor tap dancing (!) All I could think was, oh my God what a gift it is to walk, to move, to take for granted our precious legs, ankles, feet, all of it. I send healing thoughts to all.

  234. Hi. I just turned 60 on Sunday. Well 50 years ago I was T boned at a traffic light on my Honda. I lost in a big way. The bike and me got trapped under the car, I broke many bones and bits and pieces. All eventually healed but my tib fib kept me out of laid up the longest. Four broken ribs kept the smile off my face for weeks but the ankle problems turned into a life time injury. It changed my life but at least the girls thought the scars were interesting

  235. I note that David indicated he used shangkejiegupian. I used that last year when in China and for treatment of broken ribs that I received when I fell in Yangsho. I would dearly love to buy some here in the US, but so far I have been unable to find anyone with a US source. If anyone has a source for it, please e-mail me at [email protected].

  236. Just thought I’d add a little positivity to hopefully encourage some of you who are a bit down if you’re reading this whilst injured! I broke my left ankle / leg in 3 places, with a section of my ankle completely broken away from the leg having to be screwed back in. This was in November 2010. I had ORIF surgery as many of you have had to have titanium screws / pins put in before being in cast for a couple of months. When I first started physio directly after having the cast removed I had not a cm of movement. Gradually after several sessions of physio the situation improved slowly, and then more quickly. I was told I didn’t need any more physio after 10 weeks as I’d surpassed what they could do. I’ve always been a runner and set my sights on completing a 10k in June 2011 (7 months after my surgery). I was given the go ahead to start light training at the end of April and gradually and carefully built it up, successfully completing the 10k in 52 minutes. The joint felt good (although I was still being very careful), and believe it or not, between June and November (from 7 months until 12 months post op) I managed to successfully complete a 5k, ten 10k’s and two half-marathons. How I could do this? Just by following what the doctors and physiotherapists said to the letter and being slow and patient with my own therapy. It’s still only 13 months since my surgery and I feel fantastic. I’m in my 30’s, so not that young, though not to old. If I can do it, there is no reason that all of you can’t do it too! Good luck all!! 🙂

  237. Dislocated ankle and damaged talus on 19 November when a caving ladder broke and I plunged about 20 feet down a shaft in some ancient mine workings about 120 feet underground near Llandudno, Wales. After 3 hour rescue operation I was rushed to hospital where they tried to manipulate ankle back to original position. This was not successful so they completed a 4 hour surgery to insert 5 k-wires (pins that protrude to skin surface) to hold the reduced ankle in position, also damage to ligaments and tendons. In hospital for three nights – really glad to be out – difficult sleeping with various noises and pain. Various visits to hospital, then on 21 December after removing bandages they decided to remove the 5 pins – under anesthetic about half hour and returned home later that day. On 28 January returned for more surgery, to have two permanent screws inserted in fractured talus, which also entailed part removal of end of tibia to gain better access to talus – this was then reattached with two more screws. Been told that can not bear weight now for 2.5 months!

    Some thoughts/suggestions for others:
    Buy or rent a knee scooter – many types out there. They really give a big degree of freedom inside and outside the house. You can cover quite a distance with such a scooter!
    Eat healthy, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. I read that pineapple and papaya are especially good as anti inflammatories and help repair tendons and ligaments.
    Keep diary so that you can realize improvement does occur but is slow and progressive. Just writing about the problem is also helpful.
    Keep chairs/stools at strategic positions as they are very useful to rest a knee on when washing, preparing food and moving around.
    Encourage family and friends to visit and call, as it can get lonely at times.

    Good luck to all those out there.

  238. fractured my fibia 5 weeks ago, on my right ankle walking very good with a boot cast, didn’t require surgery wans told wasn’t a bad fracture going back to doctor’s next very little pain or swelling would like to know when I can drive

  239. Wow so many broken ankles. I feel for everyone here. Those who have not gone through it, do not understand, they say it is just broken ankle.

    I broke ankle on Feb 4th, dislocated ankle, broken tibia, fibia and talus. I have been off work since then. It is my right ankle so I cannot drive.

    I work at desk job, was wondering those with desk jobs, how long before you went back to work? I have Short Term Disability coverage, but my boss is pressuring me to go back ASAP.

    I am new to position, so am concerned will be let go if I am do not go back.

  240. Broke my right ankle on December 21st, yes, the End of the World! It’s now May 3rd and walking semi-okay but weakly and with a limp and that blooddey plate just gives me fits. I have tried heat, cold, Arnica, pain pills, other Homeopathic remedies, Tylenol, Naproxen, you name it and nothing gets rid of that horrible feeling like you have something in your leg that shouldn’t be there. Of course the occasional stabbing pains are special too. Doctor said his aim was to not take the plate and screws out at all but I sure hope this stops.

  241. Mag–
    I understand how you feel. Six-and-a-half months ago, I slipped on an icy step, got my foot hung between two of them and snapped both my tibia and fibula like a matchstick. Life for me has not (and will never) be the same. Two surgeries later, complicated by a MRSA infection and thousands of dollars in medical debt (I am uninsured), I am struggling to walk with a foot brace and walker (my orthopedist released me to do 100 percent weight bearing a month ago), but it is so difficult, due to the continued pain and swelling. There are days (and this is one of them), that I just as soon stay in my wheelchair.

  242. i broke my right ankle aug of 2013, 2 plates on and lord knows how many screws later I’m doing better just starting to walk on it with boot and crutches. starting to do some exercise and the pain is ok. never was one for pain killers have’nt taking any yet they tried to give me oxycodone but didn’t bother getting any. anyone have any idea how long i’ll be out for

  243. Hello broken ankle club 🙂 I broke my ankle on 10/9/13 on my way to work at a friends house carrying her daughter to her car. I was taken to the er and put in a full leg splint and told I had a bimalleolar fx and needed surgery. I had to wait 7 days to see the specialist who said I had a trimalleolar fx might have 4 and the worst he has seen 🙁 4 days later I had a orif that lasted 5 hours 15 screws and I don’t remember how many plates 🙁 he did tell me I would never be the same and I might take a long time to heal 🙁 tomorrow is my first post op visit 2 weeks and hopefully there has been progress I have elevated my leg all day from toilet to bed vice versa I sleep on my kids bedroom since mine is upstairs I am in terrible pain everyday hopefully tomorrow I can get an air cast boot what you guys think my surgeon doesn’t like full cast just splints and boots what you guys think

  244. Ok so I am healing good took the splint off and my ankle looks good not swollen also he gave me the go ahead to take the boot off to sleep and some rom exercise 🙂 I am so tired my body hurts like hell 🙁 and looks like ill bd carrying this thing for the next 10 weeks

  245. WOW It is tragically reassuring to read all the stories about something that we all have in common. Broke my ankle in January coming down a flight of stares. Had to wait 5 days before having an operation to put in 1 plate and 2 screws ( not as bad as can be but serious enough. Never had any type of surgery before so have to say that experience alone was quite interesting, went in and all the crew were prepping, lots of activity, the anesthetist started by telling me that everything was going to be ok etc. , next thing I know I am in a different room talking to someone casually about something totally unrelated, very surreal. Had a coast put on and was trying to learn how to get around with crutches. 8 weeks into recovery and finally got the cast off yesterday. had very little pain for the past 2 weeks and was even walking on the ankle partially. They have me in a camo boot now and can go back to work next week but need to rebuild strength again.
    Finally took a shower after 8 weeks. a bit painful but it felt great. Been a bit leery of walking today so stayed in bed, been feeling a bit more pain while sitting here. I have to take it day by day before I regain the strength in my ankle, the biggest issue now is to detox from the pain killers which has been
    a bit challenging. Any way I know it only gets better from here and it will be nice to get out again and to see people at work and to not feel like a recluse. Spring is coming and I hope to get out more and have my life back again.

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