756.. or 756*

So, Barry hit 756 tonight..

When I heard about it, I checked it out at Yahoo! Sports, and saw…


I thought to myself… Whoa.. really? Yahoo! is gonna start the whole * thing with this one? Firing shots over the bow immediately.

Well, about 10 minutes later, I reload the page, and see:


Hmmmm.. I guess they thought again about stirring the controversy or something..

Just yesterday, there was an interesting article about how Barry has an unfair mechanical advantage due to the armor that he wears (granted, a little strange that it was published in Editor & Publisher)..

So yah.. I dunno how I feel about the whole steroid controversy and all.. But yah.. 756 is 756 more home runs than I’ve hit in the majors, so like.. congrats and stuff.

Update: Baseball Prospectus published an article rebutting the mechanical advantages that his armor gives him, but it’s behind a paywall. Lame.

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