taiwan pics!

so we’re in hong kong now, headed for beijing tomorrow morning… we’ve met up with pius here in hong kong and he’s been staying with us for the past few days..

hong kong is just one huge shopping mall, and i think i’d be buying a lot more if we weren’t headed to beijing and shanghai in the next few days.. but we’ll be back here for a day before we head home so i can get my shopping spree in then.

anyway, i’ve posted my pics from taiwan.. enjoy.

some notable pics:

taipei 101 — the world’s tallest building, for now.

andy jumping — alluding to a similar pic we took in new zealand

rock slide. andy’s ok. no worries.

sketchy bridge that we had to cross to get to these super cool hot springs at the bottom of a canyon in the dark.

the hot springs at the bottom of the canyon.

betelnut girl. these girls staff the betelnut stands all over taiwan. we tried some betelnut. it makes your mouth all numb and makes you salivate like mad. it turns your spit red, and is supposedly (according to the “internet”) the most widely used stimulant in the world.

grandma and all of my cousins.

taiwanese fisherman.


big burgers.

ok.. i know i’ve been talking a lot about the turducken (which is a stupendous feat in food engineering)… but what the hell is up with all of these huge burgers coming out lately? within the past few weeks, both Carl’s Jr. AND Hardee’s have both launched new 2/3 pound burgers… I mean.. that’s a whole lot of burger. scary.

Actually.. this reminds me of one of my favorite ponderings… Say you weighed everything you ingested — food AND water.. is it possible to gain MORE weight than the food and water you eat? I say no.. because of the whole conservation of matter thing… i mean, i think you’d actually weigh *less* since you exhale a bunch of water.


that blonde in the old navy ads..

ok.. so there’s these new old navy ads that are on the tv that are actually kind of annoying, save one thing.. there’s this really cute blonde in the ad — she’s on the old navy homepage right now, as a matter of fact… in any case, just yesterday i was writing an email to my friend carla and as i was writing, the commercial came on, so i wrote ”
ooo. that blonde girl in the old navy commercial is super cute.” as a comical non sequitor…

today, i’m surfing around looking for new posts for celebrity gear watch, and i stumble on a whole bunch of people discussing just how cute the old navy blonde girl is.. here (they hate the ads) here (they like the blonde girl), here (they *really* like the blonde girl) and here (they don’t like the blonde girl, but they *know* her! and according to them, she’s “27” and “gorgeous in person”)

Hmm… anyway, here’s a pic (if someone has a better, please do send it along)..


she’s the one on the left, in the blue sweater… but this vidcap is no good, she’s super cute in the commercial, i promise you. here’s another one of her commercials, but it’s not the one i saw.

Hmm. I have no idea why I’m sharing this.. does this make my blog much less serious and non-topical than other ones out there? Oh yah! This reminds me… if you’re up for it, go check out John Roberts’ post about the topicality of blogs.. he’s kicked off quite a lively discussion with the likes of Jeremy Zawodny and Photo Matt joining in on the fun…

Now how’s THAT for a non-topical post? 🙂