evdb launches.. joshua goes fulltime on del.icio.us..

nice.. evdb launched into “very early beta” (thanks doug!) — it’s the “events and venues database” — I’ve logged in and looked around, and I’m finding it very difficult to use. upcoming.org is a little more intuitive, but to be fair, I found upcoming.org at a slightly later stage (and not on its first day of the beta). But.. neither is really the viable complete calendaring solution that I’m yearning for…

In other news, Joshua Schachter of del.icio.us announced that he has quit his job and is going to be working on del.icio.us fulltime… Best wishes, Joshua!! I’m a big fan of del.icio.us, so I’m happy to see Joshua taking the plunge..

refrigerator has no "d" in it.

re·frig·er·a·tor (r-frj-rtr)
An appliance, cabinet, or room for storing food or other substances at a low temperature.

doug pointed out that my previous post about calendars had a typo. Refrigerator has no “d” in it. I’ve always thought it was spelled refridgerator — I mean, if it doesn’t have the “d”, then wouldn’t it be “frige” instead of “fridge”?

spelling is hard.

calendars.. the next big thing?

“Time is nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once.” – Woody Allen

Since starting with my new job a few weeks ago, I’ve been bemoaning the absolute dearth of a great shared calendaring application… When supported by a large corporate IT department, I was happily using Microsoft (gasp!) Outlook’s calendar to manage both my work and social schedules. I looked around and really couldn’t find anything much better than the standalone Outlook. Mozilla Thunderbird was a valient effort, but there was nothing in there that was compelling enough for me to warrant a switch.

I even considered switching back to the good ol’ fashioned paper calendar. Eek.

Why is it so hard to make a great calendaring application? Companies have tried again and again and again to create a fantastic calendaring application, and as such, nobody has really succeeded… Jump.com was actually founded by a fellow Cornellian — I wonder what happened to him…

Recently, there has been quite a lot of buzz around new calendar apps in the works, like upcoming.org, trumba, evdb (which I think is some sort of calendaring/event management application, but I really have no real idea).. even a google calendar is rumored (thanks julia!)…

So what exactly does a “calendaring” application do? It tells me where at when I need to be somewhere. The new “web 2.0” calendars integrate calendaring with all the latest and greatest buzzwords — tagging, social networks,

To figure out where I need and want to be and do, I use:

  • my brain
  • My brain is obviously my primary what/where/when device. Ultimately, no matter what calendaring tool I use, I transfer the information to my brain. Problem with my brain is that it’s quite unreliable and affected adversely by external factors like alcohol, sleepiness, and just the general fact that I forget a lot of stuff. I mean, if my brain ultimately worked really well, then I probably wouldn’t need a calendar (but arguably, I wouldn’t have any of the cool “web 2.0” stuff)

  • microsoft outlook
  • I use microsoft outlook as my primary non-brain calendar. I try and put all of my meetings (both personal and work-related) in outlook.. But, lots of times, I forget to put them in.. and lots of times I forget to check my calendar since I no longer have a pda that is connected to my outlook. Hmm.. mental note.. need to figure out how to integrate my supposed “smartphone” with my outlook.

  • evite
  • Since I live in the bay area and have hyperconnected geeky friends, most of the larger privately organized events are in my evite. That said, sometimes I forget to check evite or put an evite’d entry into either my brain, or my outlook.. which means I forget about something. It slipped my mind that my friend matt was having a party last week, and I didn’t remember until brian sms’d me and told me he was running late.. I was like.. hmm.. running late to what? Oops.

  • alarm clock
  • My alarm clock tells me every morning what time I need to wake up. Unfortunately, I need to tell it every night what time I want to wake up the next morning.

  • refridgerator door
  • My fridge door has lots of pieces of paper sticking on it that tell me where I could be.. like yoga class schedules, buffet menus, and a few “save the dates” from my to-be-married friends. Although I do snack a lot now that I’m working at home, I don’t really look at the fridge door too much, and now that I look more closely, a few of these “save the dates” are from 2001. Hmm.

So…. what would MY ultimate calendaring application have?

Hmmm.. I’ll have to do some more thinking about this, but this post has rambled on for way too long already.. But, right off the bat, I’m thinking integration with all of my non-brain applications (outlook, evite, alarm clock, fridge door) would be the first thing.. I don’t want to have to use this new, cool application.. I *like* the way I currently interface with all of my different calendar tools…

So, maybe that’s the killer app of calendaring.. something to just glue all of these calendar applications together… into my brain.

gotta love craigslist…

Craigslist sure is wonderful.. I just gave away my tv for free this week using the good ol’ cl.. within an hour, i had almost 20 people respond to my free tv listing. I was expecting a much better range of creatively composed emails, but most of them could be paraphrased as “I want it. Call me.”

I gave a way a free office chair last year, and received several eloquently composed stories of why I should choose them for the free chair.. But, I suppose a television doesn’t elicit as many creative responses or something. I would have thought the opposite.

So.. Korby is moving to New York soon, and posts his mattress for sale on Craigslist. He has been receiving all sorts of crazy ass replies all day…

My favorite one is:
where are you lacated it im in san jose

I mean, seriously.. who are these folks??

Then again, to me, Craigslist has now taken the place of eBay for me, in terms of finding good deals on random stuff. I used to troll eBay incessantly looking for strange stuff I didn’t need… Now, I troll Craigslist. Why? Craigslist’s inefficiencies actually make it a more rewarding place to look for stuff.. And… there’s no way eBay can beat FREE (i mean.. check out this awesome desk for free — and what’s up with 25 lbs of cat food in a 14lb bucket? does that math work? And this free iron door with just a map to its current location…)

Hmmm… maybe there’s a need for a site that specializes in just free stuff… The winner goes to the one with the most amusing entry… I’ll build it, and make sure to add *tags* to it as well. Just cuz *tags* make it cooler.

Yahoo! to buy Flickr.

Oooo.. well the rumors have been flyin’ around about YHOO buying flickr.. and turns out it’s true.. I’ve been a flickr addict for awhile now, constantly posting pictures and commenting on cool pictures i’ve found throughout. Flickr has one of the best user interfaces that I’ve seen in awhile, and they continue to improve with each new release.

Anyway.. I found this part of the flickr blog post particularily interesting:
Pro account holders will get super mega bonuses, to be announced soon.

In any case, congrats to Stewart and Caterina and the rest of the Ludicrew.. Great work, and please, please don’t mess it up now..

Oh, and does this mean game neverending will come back then??

can anyone identify this song?

so.. last year, i was watching the mtv: true life episode about surfing, and they played this break from a song that i’ve been dying to find…

can anyone identify this song??? it’s not a very good recording, but i’d think if you knew it, it would be enough…

man, there should be a service where you could call and hum a tune — or just call and hold up the phone to the song that is playing, and it would identify the song and send it to you…

Update Ok, as suggested by masnick, I’m asking lazyweb for an answer to this question… Oh great lazyweb, please tell me what song it is!!!