reconnecting with old high school friends…

kofi and dave

Friday night, I get a call out of the blue from my old high school friend Aveh.. He’s an ER doctor now, and was in town for some sort of big doctor convention. Aveh and his cousins meet up with me at some North Beach bar, and we head over to Supperclub for some more drinks. Determined to give him the true San Francisco experience, we down a round of Fernet and then head for San Jose Taqueria, the best place in SF to end up after a long night of drinking.. It was great to catch up with Aveh — I hadn’t seen him since the OHS Reunion back in 2003..

But wait… there’s more.. So, I’m in NYC now, and last night I met up with some more high school friends, Kofi and Dave, both of whom I haven’t seen since.. um.. 1993. That’s like a long time — which apparently means we’re “old” now, but honestly, I don’t think we look all that old at all.. Kofi is starting his own company here in NYC and Dave is an attorney who recently had a kid (congrats!).. 13 years was a long time, apparently, but it really doesn’t feel like that much time has passed though.

And.. to top off this whole week of OHS re-connecting, Brian gives me a shout-out on his blog..

At last week’s Techdirt dinner salon, we discussed how the new generation of MySpacers will be different than us. As this generation of kids grows up, they will continue to be much more connected to each other than we are. Out of my entire high school class, I only know of two of us that actively blog and IM (hey… if any of you other folks are out there, drop me a line, by the way).. But, for generation M, blogging, IM’ing and connectedness is like breathing to them, an unconscious act. So, they’ll keep in touch with many more of the people that they meet, so by the time that they’re 30, they’ll have amassed a huge network of acquaintances from which to draw. The power of a network is correlated to the square of the number of nodes, so the value of these social networks will finally be realized at a wholesale societal level at that point by facilitating social and business connections that were there, but hidden until now.

Kids these days are using available tools in a way that already seems foreign to even those of us who live and breathe this stuff every day. Hmmm.. *now* I am starting to feel old.

nyc & philly bound!

Well.. I’m off to New York City and Philadelphia for the Memorial Day weekend.. It’s AJ’s 30 birthday, so we’re celebrating it with a weekend of fun in the city of Brotherly Love. Cheesesteaks and Yuengling.. woohoo.

ankle update.. day 44. hooray! the cast is off!

Wahoo!! The cast is off!

It’s been a little over six weeks since I broke my ankle that fated day back in April, and finally… the cast is off of my foot. I’ve been getting better and better throughout the past few weeks on the cast, and for the past two weeks I’ve been able to walk on it slowly with the aid of a cane. When I switched from the crutches (no hands free) to the cane (1 hand free), it was amazing the amount of stuff I could then do more easily. Being able to carry stuff around for myself (like getting myself a glass of milk from the fridge) is a simple pleasure that you don’t really miss until you can’t do it for yourself..

bye bye cast sawing the cast off

As expected, the skin underneath the cast is kinda gross, I’ll spare you the pics, but I asked the nurses and they all said that they’ve seen much worse. Eew. Since I still have a big screw that spans the fibula and tibula, I have a big black walking boot that I have to use until they take that screw out in a few weeks (which means a few more weeks of sympathy and use of my handicapped parking placard).. Woohoo! I can’t wait scrub my foot squeeky clean.

But the doc says I’m healing up just perfectly, so I’m quite happy with that… I took a look at the xrays, and everything seems to look ok to me, like all the puzzle pieces seem to fit together nicely.. My friend Aveh from high school was here visiting me this weekend, and he told me that in orthopedics, if everything looks ok, it generally is… (he’s a doctor). So, I’m gonna take his word for it. Woo! Doc says I can basically get back to activity after 3 months… so, I guess that’d be July 9th… Hmm.. We’re planning a backpacking trip to the Lost Coast for July 4th — I wonder if I’ll be able to do that…

boatloads of bostons!!

This Saturday was the monthly Boston Terrier Meetup here in San Francisco (well, I guess the BT meetup is actually worldwide since all BT groups have it on the same day, or something).. Anyway.. We headed up to Haas Playground up on top of Diamond Heights..

go dogs, go!

Even though the weather threatened rain, there were about 20 or so bostons up at the park, along with an assortment of other dogs — a basset hound, bulldog and a huge white fluffy dog (maybe like the one in Belle & Sebastian)… Bailey had a fantastic time running around with her bretheren, although she seems to take a fancy to the big dogs. She kept trying to wrestle with the huge Bulldog and the Great White Pyrhenees, both with outweighed her by at least three or four times…

Lots more pics here.


Last night Chromeo rocked the house Mighty — the show was originally intended as the grand opening party of the new Poleng Lounge, but due to some delays with permitting or something, the party had to be moved to Mighty, which was too bad since it would have been awesome at Poleng. That said, Mighty is a fantastic venue with a badass soundsystem, so all was fine…

dave oneIMG_2188

Best known for their songs Rage and Needy Girl (which has an awesome video that was shown at ResFest a few years back) Dave One and Pee Thugg played an awesome set, energetic and engaging.. Pee Thugg is such a master of the talkbox, so it was pretty cool to see it live.. Chromeo actually brought along a drummer, who apparently didn’t come with a drumkit, so I had to bring up Kane’s drumkit which he’s had since like high school.. haha..

Bfamilysoundsystem played an awesome set to open, and it apparently was Joe Encarnacion’s final SF set before he moves to NYC.. Alan Keller spun in between the live sets..

Anyway, I was still in my cast, but I managed to dance one-legged just fine, although since I figured I wouldn’t be dancin’ crazy, I brought along my camera and took a ton of pics (man, i love that 50mm f/1.4 lens)… I go and see the doctor next week, so hopefully I get my cast off soon, it’s been 6 weeks already..