spinning at Anu tonite…

My good friend Shooey has invited me to spin at her regular party at Anu tonight.. So, I’m dusting off my records and I’m gonna go spin tonight! It’s been awhile since I’ve played out, so I’m super excited to be playing.. It’s been on my list to get out there and start promoting myself to get more gigs and such, so maybe tonight will give me the necessary kick in arse to get that whole ball rolling…

I’m on at 10pm, so swing by and say hi, I’ll buy you a drink.

Here are the details:

7/27 Thursday
Cheeky @ Anu
43 Sixth Street b/t Mission & Market St
NO cover!

Cheeky Productions newest residents DJs Scottino and shOOey (aka ScottOOey) are back to bring you an evening of booty shakin’ beats. We’re excited to once again share the spotlight with one of our favorite DJ’s you’ve never heard of! This week, Sinned will start our evening off with his ice breaking breaks sound that will surely heat up the dance floor! Come drink a drink and dance a dance with us!

:: Lineup ::
1000 – Sinned (MSG)
1115 – shOOey (In Deep / Cheeky)
1230 – Scottino (FiX / Cheeky)

disco limo for sale!

clean limo!

After almost three fun years, the beloved disco limo is for sale. My last project with the limo was to rebuild the carburetor, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.. It seems to be pretty straightforward (i think), and after putting the carb back on today, the limo seemed to run stronger than ever. Wahoo!!

Anyway.. if anyone wants to buy the limo… let me know! I’m a little sad to see it go, but I think it’s time…

use opendns to speed up the internets…

A few months ago, a friend of mine that used to work with me at CNET, John Roberts, left to join a startup called OpenDNS. DNS? Really? The last cool DNS project I heard about was EasyDNS (correction.. EveryDNS — thanks Mark!), back when I was frantically trying to find someone to be my authoritative name server. Coincidentally, the EasyDNS dude went on to found OpenDNS.

Anyway, I think get how the Internets kind of works, and while speeding up DNS lookup really would in theory make the general experience better.. But I always assumed that DNS lookups were cached like crazy in just about every spot that used them, so I was frankly a little doubtful as to how noticeable a faster DNS would be..

Well.. I’m now convinced. It’s faster with OpenDNS.

Upon immediate installation of OpenDNS… all of a sudden, everything sped up.. Installation is slighty techy — you have to go and configure the DNS settings in your router.. but they provide easy step-by-step instructions, and after installation, I had to hard reboot my router after a harrowing 10 minutes *GASP* without an internet connection.

I was starting to get accustomed to the laaaaaag of certain sites when you first type them into the browser, but I had always assumed that it was the slowness of web servers that I was accessing.. I guess I was wrong.

Not convinced? If you like charts and numbers, this dude measured the speed difference with OpenDNS and published the results. (ok, no charts, just numbers.)

OpenDNS also claims to help make the Internet safer by blocking out domains to phishing sites and such… but I haven’t seen how that’s going to work just yet… I wonder if another revenue source for them would be to block out adult sites and such (for parents watching over their kids’ surfing and such)..

But for now, I’m using it mainly because it makes my Internets faster (cuz, you know.. the Internet is a series of tubes [thanks Audris!])..

Props to John and the OpenDNS folks..

chicago here i come..

Woo… yet I embark on yet another trip today.. this time to Chicago. I’m excited, I haven’t been to Chicago since I was there for training with Anderson Consulting (back before it was Accenture) back in 1997. Last time I was in Chicago I was pleasantly surprised, since I thought that it would be more like sleepy Cleveland. But no, it’s actually quite a huge city with a kickin’ nightlife, really great art museums, and tasty food.

I’m meeting up with a bunch of ol’ OHS friends… Brian, Aveh, Jeff and Ryan. We haven’t all been in the same room since like 1993; it’ll be great to see all of them. Hehe.. just surfing around Ryan’s site just now and check out this article about him… nice pose, Ryan.. that’s “blue steel” if I’ve ever seen it.

So yah.. off to Chicago in a few hours… if you have any cool spots that I should hit while I’m there, let me know. Hopefully we’ll catch a Cubs game, and I’ll be able to hit a few more places in my Roadfood book.. Chicago is a Roadfood haven.

I am a little worried about the weather.. it’s supposed to be like 90 degrees out every day.. Am I to wear *gasp* shorts? Eeeek. I don’t think I even own any.

i need some new music.

I’m have an incredibly short attention span when it comes to music, so I consume a lot of new music… So, to fill my voracious appetite for new music, I’m lookin’ for new good stuff to listen to. I’m not really picky, gimme everything from breaks to ska to dnb to country to indie to bagpipes.. whatever, I don’t really care, as long as it’s good..

Right now, I’m finding most of my new music through Pandora, my XM radio (in particular channel 43: XMU), musically knowledgeable folks like my brother Andy and my friend Willo, the iTunes music store (especially user-created lists), and sites like Aurgasm.. But.. I need more..

So, I’m always excited when neat new sites launch, like musiclens. Parametric music search isn’t really new (anyone remember Music Buddah back in 2000?).. but it’s kind of a neat way to navigate the music that is out there. They basically give you a bunch of sliders on a bunch of dimensions (slow-fast, vocal-instrumental, etc..) and depending on what you pick, they suggest some songs. So far, I haven’t really found anything that groundbreaking, but the idea is sound…

In the past week, I’ve been listening to:

You always can see what my iTunes has been playing on my last.fm page.

Anyway — if any of you have any awesome music recommendations for me, please send them my way.. I’m all ears.

woo! broken ankle update… day 83..

Hooray!! I got my stitches out this week… and now I have a bitchin’ scar. Chicks dig scars, right?

all done!  stitches out.

So, I’m hopefully nearing the end of my broken ankle saga, started nearly three months ago… The doctors all say that I’m healing up great, and with each day, my ankle gains a little more flexibility and a little more strength. It’s kind of cool feeling it get better with each day. Although I’m going to visit the physical therapist on Wednesday for a consult, the doctor says that with each step I take, it’s like self-therapy, so.. the more steps I take, the better I’ll get. But, I do want to get back into playing baseball, riding bikes, dancing crazily, and everything, so.. I figure a PT consult can’t hurt. Also, I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on the InterWeb, and I’ve kept the best broken ankle links I’ve found at my del.ico.us..

So.. I’ve had three months now to sit on my arse and get nice and fat… so I’m super excited to get back out and run around again. Wahoo!

Thanks to my doctors, and thanks to everyone who has been super nice and supportive to me and my gimpy ankle for these past few months!