shows i watch. on tv, that is.

So yah.. I like TV. I like my Tivo. I like my couch. Together, they compose the triumvirate of happiness that is my living room.

“Shows I Watch Because I Actually Want To Watch Them”

The Office
Hands down, the best show on television right now. Yes, I loved the BBC original series, but the American version has taken the show to a new level. I love the breadth of the cast, and Steve Carell is, of course, a comic genius as Michael Scott. I fear, however, that the show is in danger of jumping the shark soon, though honestly, I didn’t expect them to be able to maintain the energy through a second season — the show’s writers mightly proved me wrong, so I look forward to it returning in the fall.

Mutant super powers are cool. The main story arc (Save the Cheerleader, Save the World) isn’t as interesting to me actually — I just really like seeing all of the different manifestations of mutant powers and such.. Cuz yah, those are cool. This reminds me — The Tick was such a great show. Spoooooooon!

Friday Night Lights
Ever since my roadtrip through West Texas back in 2005, I’ve had this strange fascination with that whole region, so when Friday Night Lights aired, I had to watch. Set in the fictional town of Dillon, TX (and yes, FNL is meant to evoke memories of the book and the movie of the same name), it’s actually a damn good show about a high school football team in a small town. Sure, the show centers around football, but I wouldn’t call it a football show, per se, it’s much more about the town and the characters. Soundtracked extensively by the band Explosions in the Sky (so good!), FNL is melodramatic and cheesy, but damn, it’s good. Oh, and it sure doesn’t hurt that there are hot chicks on the show too. Critics love it, but the ratings don’t, so I don’t know if NBC will bring it back next year..

“Shows I Watch Because It’s Like A Trainwreck, and I Can’t Look Away”

The Hills
Yes, LC has grown up (a little) since Laguna Beach, and now has very her own show.. I honestly can’t believe that this is “reality tv,” since every episode is so perfectly crafted into a dramatic little unit. Unscripted? Perhaps. Reality? Probably not. But who cares, really? Again, the abundance of hot 20-something chicks seems to be a good formula. And I can’t really watch Laguna Beach anymore without feeling icky cuz I’m getting way too old for that.

The Real World
Speaking of feeling old, anyone remember the first seasons of The Real World? New York, San Francisco — wow, those were soooo long ago. Anyway, back in our day, it was all about following people around to their jobs and stuff as they tried to make it in these big cities. Then, apparently MTV got tired of finding interesting people to cast, and instead now just fills a house with a bunch of hotties and a hot tub. (ok, Jon Brennan wasn’t exactly “interesting” but he was amusing to watch as he did absolutely nothing the whole summer) Anyway, it makes sense cuz being on The Real World really is just a stepping stone to a lifetime career in The Gauntlet, Road Rules and C-List celebrity-dom. But yah.. the Denver season has just been non-stop fights, drunken sexcapades, and melodrama (one girl has a complete breakdown after she gets lost walking to the nail salon). USA! USA!

“Shows I Watch Whenever I Can Catch Them, I Can’t Tivo Them Cuz I Only Get Them Through My Cable Box That The Cable Guy Configured ‘Incorrectly’ So That I Get All Of The Premium Channels For Free”

I heart Nancy Botwin. I seriously love this show. But, I have no idea when it airs because my Tivo has killed my ability to correlate temporal schedules with television airtimes. Oooooo! I just checked on the interwebs and the show is starting back up on April 1st (oops. the show isn’t starting back up in April.. reading is hard.) But yah, this show is truly great — go rent the first 2 seasons on Netflix. Mary Louise-Parker supposedly turned down a role on Desperate Housewives to do this show, and I’m sooo glad that she did cuz she’s da bomb. Zooey Deschanel is awesome in it, but I think she’s a guest star, but hopefully we’ll see more of her. And it’s on Showtime so they can swear and show boobs and stuff. And it has great music, including the theme song, “Little Boxes,” which was actually written about the houses in Daly City. See? You learned something today.

“Shows I Watch Because I’m Too Lazy To Delete The Season Pass Off Tivo and That Piss Me Off After I’m Done Watching”

Ok LOST. You had me riveted for the first season. I credit you for letting the networks know that America still wants smart dramas with complicated plots (without you, perhaps Heroes and FNL would never have made it past the pitch). But, YOU SUCK. I’m tired of watching you with your stupid plot twists and conspiracy theories. And WTF was up with last night’s stupid episode where I wasted a whole hour watching 2 completely new characters. I mean, seriously, where are all of these extra people coming from? I’m really getting annoyed with watching a whole episode and really just being frustrated at the whole thing. And we’re all gonna find out that this whole thing is just a dream that Walt had while napping on the plane ride to LA. You suck, LOST. I hate you.

Ok.. 24 is also starting to piss me off. First off, I’m kinda getting sick of all the torture. Really, think of something new to do, please. And yes, for the previous seasons, I’ve been willing to suspend disbelief for a whole bunch of things. I mean yah.. Jack runs into a room full of 30 bad guys, and is able to shoot and kill all of them. Ok, sure. It took you 5 minutes to get a court order from a judge at 3am? Sure, whatever. I’ll let that one go. But, Jack is able to kill one of his captors after being held in a Chinese prison for 2 years by BITING HIM IN THE NECK!?!? Come on. Next thing we know he’s gonna start having super mutant powers to bend space & time… oh wait.. ok, maybe that’d be cool. But seriously, this dude has had like 6 really bad days already. I think season 7 should be the day that Jack just did nothing but sit around. Maybe go to Home Depot. Bed, Bath and Beyond, if there’s time.

angie and matt got married


Congrats to Angie and Matt, who got married this weekend.. It was a gorgeous weekend for a wedding, and the ceremony and reception were perfect. So this is the first of this San Francisco crew to get married off — I feel like SF people definitely get married a little later than the rest of the country (albeit Angie and Matt are a little younger than me)…

Also observed,

Sign #47 that you and your friends are getting older:
At a party with an open bar, you order a soda.

Woohoo. It was an awesome party for a terrific couple. All pics here.

more cops walking around hayes valley.. er, western addition

gavin speaks in the hv

Oh, the summer… We’ve had a few shootings and it looks like the SFPD is going to do something about it, and today, Gavin walked over to our hood (it’s like 3 blocks away from his office, so it’s not THAT big of an effort) and announced that they’re going to increase foot patrols in the hood.


In other Hayes Valley news (found whilst looking for the police stories).. Hayes Valley is the epitome of cool.

tahoe bound..

snowfest 2007

Headed to Tahoe for the weekend with Shooey and a bunch of her friends… it’s Mountain Mardi Gras time, and the kids from the Space Cowboys are throwing down at Squaw. And, with the epic snowfall that they’ve been getting these past few weeks, it should be an awesome time. So if you’re gonna be up there too, drop me a line.

Oh yah — don’t forget, there’s a Lunar Eclipse tomorrow. Europe and Africa will get a fantastic look, East Coast folks should get a good look right at sunset, but here on the Left Coast, we might not see it at all. Poop.


carnie games in chinatown

Whilst having lunch at Golden King (mmm. tasty vietnamese food) today, we noticed that there was a midway setup right across the street right on the edge of Portsmouth Square right in Chinatown. How odd. Why would there be midway games? They had most of the classics — “shoot out the star”, “balloon dart toss”, “football through the toilet seat”, “basketball shoot” and “ping pong ball in the fishbowl”.. I was sad that they didn’t have “shoot the water gun in the clown’s mouth” game though — that was always my favorite, although now that I think of it.. that game isn’t really found in the traveling midway, just the more permanent ones at like Cedar Point and the like..

Anyway, $5 for a whole basket of ping pong balls seemed like a pretty good deal…

carnie games in chinatown

And after that whole ordeal, the group only got ONE ping pong ball in a bowl (good work, James). The prize? 2 goldfish, of course. In a plastic ziploc bag.

Meredith has named them Ping and Pong. I believe the over/under on their lifespan is.. um, 2 weeks right now. We’ll see how they do.