i am such a impulse buying sucker.

I love woot.

luckyvespa13 (11:53:54 AM): DUDE
luckyvespa13 (11:53:55 AM): http://www.woot.com/
luckyvespa13 (11:53:56 AM): NIGHT VISION
luckyvespa13 (11:53:58 AM): should i get it?
andrewsyang (11:54:09 AM): yes
andrewsyang (11:54:12 AM): get it
luckyvespa13 (11:54:16 AM): buying.
luckyvespa13 (11:54:17 AM): man
andrewsyang (11:54:24 AM): what are you going to do with it
andrewsyang (11:54:28 AM): don’t get it
andrewsyang (11:54:33 AM): seriously?
andrewsyang (11:54:43 AM): don’t get it
luckyvespa13 (11:55:03 AM): no?
luckyvespa13 (11:55:22 AM): it’s tiny
andrewsyang (11:55:22 AM): no
andrewsyang (11:55:32 AM): what are you going to do with it?
luckyvespa13 (11:55:36 AM): i can look at bailey
luckyvespa13 (11:55:37 AM): at night
luckyvespa13 (11:55:55 AM): ok youre right.
andrewsyang (11:56:02 AM): wtf
andrewsyang (11:56:05 AM): don’t get it
luckyvespa13 (11:57:12 AM): phew
luckyvespa13 (11:57:30 AM): NIGHT VISION!!!


I didn’t end up getting it, thanks to my brother’s rational judgement.  But c’mon.. NIGHT VISION!  Who doesn’t want to be able to see at night?  How cool is that?  It’s like being an owl.  And everyone knows owls are cool.

wednesday music video.. a few honest words barack remix..

I’ve been listening to the latest Ben Sollee album, Learning to Bend, all week (the first artist that I’ve been introduced to by the brand new Sirius XMU)… his album is awesome so go check it out if you want..

Anyway, Dj 2nd Nature took his track “A Few Honest Words,” and remixed it with some of President-elect Obama’s speeches.. here’s the video.




Here’s the mp3 if you want it.

i had the 8th most memorable election tweet

CNET called out my obama puppy tweet as the 8th most memorable election tweet.  Sweeeet!!!

As for the rest of the election, maybe I’ll find some time to write some more about this, but in general, I’m really looking forward to some good changes enacted by the Obama administration, (despite Picked Nits’ fears — interesting counterpoint reading, if you’re into it, btw…).  I’m befuddled by the whole Yes on 8 thing passing, it’s just sad.  I’m happy that the train proposition is looking like it’ll pass… and I’m annoyed that L didn’t pass.  Grr.  I’m really tired of walking around piss and poop in this city, and if something like L worked in NYC, then maybe it would work here too.  Luckily, the funding has already been approved, so hopefully we’ll get to see if it works.

bailey voted too

empire trailer

The folks at Gothamist are in love with this trailer… and after watching it, it makes me wanna jet off to nyc with my bike. Fun fun fun..

Empire from Empire on Vimeo.

This reminds me… a few years back, there was this trailer I saw at the Opera Plaza Cinemas for some bicycle movie… I think it was set in New York as well (so it’s not MASH or Macaframa), and the trailer ended with a shot of a cyclist slamming an opening taxi door shut to avoid getting doored..