Taking Turn 11 A Little Hot

Jason, Joe, Paul, Jami, Eric and I went up to Thunderhill this weekend for a little track time. It was amazingly fun. My car performed flawlessly and everyone had a super fun, safe day. Looking forward to getting back up there again soon.

Here’s my most harrowing moment of the day, when I took turn 11 a little hot… It was the first lap of the session so my tires were still cold, and I may have even blipped the throttle through that very tight turn. Oops. I remember thinking to myself, “hmm.. uh oh. the car is pushing through this turn.. here we go..”

I went fully off the track into the dirt and grass, slid sideways for a bit, but was able to smoothly apply countersteer (weee!) and get myself right back on to the track (and manage a 2:30 for that lap, not bad, considering my best lap from the previous session was 2:29 — I was able to get my time down to 2:22 by the end of the day though).


Running turn 11 a little hot at Thunderhill. from sinned on Vimeo.

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