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Taking Turn 11 A Little Hot

Jason, Joe, Paul, Jami, Eric and I went up to Thunderhill this weekend for a little track time. It was amazingly fun. My car performed flawlessly and everyone had a super fun, safe day. Looking forward to getting back up there again soon.

Here’s my most harrowing moment of the day, when I took turn 11 a little hot… It was the first lap of the session so my tires were still cold, and I may have even blipped the throttle through that very tight turn. Oops. I remember thinking to myself, “hmm.. uh oh. the car is pushing through this turn.. here we go..”

I went fully off the track into the dirt and grass, slid sideways for a bit, but was able to smoothly apply countersteer (weee!) and get myself right back on to the track (and manage a 2:30 for that lap, not bad, considering my best lap from the previous session was 2:29 — I was able to get my time down to 2:22 by the end of the day though).


Running turn 11 a little hot at Thunderhill. from sinned on Vimeo.

i like cars.

So Jason and I were discussing cars the other night, and we decided to start a lil’ top 5 meme.. Who knows if it’ll actually continue, or if it’ll die right here, but whatever, it’s fun.

He asked me, “if money were no object, what would my top 5 cars be?”

Jason posted his top 5: a 2006 Lotus Exige, 1991 Acura NSX, 1990 BMW e30 M3, 1998 Porsche 993 911 Turbo, and a Spoon Honda Fit race car.. Interesting… all great cars, it’s obvious that J wants speed & handling from his cars… Someone likes to drive fast.

Hmmmmm… so, without further adieu, here’s my list…

  1. Lotus Exige 265E
    lotus exige 265e
    Yah, J has the 2006 Lotus Exige on his list. But, I want the Lotus Exige 265E. Why? the 265E runs on e85, so it produces 44 more bhp, and 70% less carbon dioxide emissions… So, I can go fast AND be nice(r) to the environment. Al Gore would be proud. That’s a lot of responsible get up and go.

    Also, it’s handy if you’re ever being chased by an Apache Helicopter..

    Damn, I want that car.

  2. 1988 Camel Trophy Land Rover 110 and/or a 2008 Range Rover Sport
    land rover one-ten 88
    I’ve always loved Land Rovers, especially the old Series ones.. They’re so bad ass looking, and you can do an engine rebuild in the middle of the African desert with only a 3/8″ wrench. The Defender is the last of the line of Land Rovers in that whole series, and while I do really like the Discovery, the distinct character brought on by the boxy lines died with the Defender. So, as long as we’re in the “money no object” category, I don’t want just *any* Defender.. I want the one that raced in the 1988 Camel Trophy race through Sulawesi.

    Ok, ok.. if I can’t find a 1988 Camel Land Rover in decent condition (since, as seen in this video, they sure did go through a lot of abuse), I’d settle for a brand new 2008 Range Rover Sport.. That thing has real offroad cred, AND you look bling’in rolling up in it. After all, it’s handy if you’re ever chased by a tank. (ed: I did not mean for this post to be a running homage to the best car show on TV, Top Gear, but I guess it’s kind of turning out that way..)

    Oh yah.. one last thing. For both the Rovers and the Lotus above, left-hand-drive please..

  3. 1974 BMW 2002 Turbo
    bmw 2002 turbo
    So, originally I was going to put the 2002tii on my list (and actually, for this slot, I almost put an old Austin Mini Cooper too). I love the old 2002, and the tii is the most desirable.. But, since this is a “money is no object” list, I think I’ll go with the 1974 BMW 2002 Turbo.

    Only 1,672 of them were ever made, I believe it was only available in the classic Alpina White with the BMW blue and red decals (hot 70’s styleeee). I love that “TURBO” is written on the air dam in mirror-image, so that it proudly announces who it is as it zooms up behind you in the rear view mirror.

    HOLY CRAP!! There is one for sale on craigslist right now for $40k. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…

    (sound of gears turning in my head)

  4. 1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible
    lincoln continental convertible
    Check it out.. an American car in my list. Woohoo. Kennedy was a fan of them, and the boys from Entourage can be seen in one in the opening titles of their show. The ’66 Continental was a huge car (almost 19 feet long), a gas guzzler, and rode like a sofa on wheels. I love that it has 4 doors, 2 of which are suicide.. So frikkin’ cool.

    Aha.. craigslist strikes again.. Here’s one for sale for $23k

  5. 1991 BMW Alpina B10 Bi-Turbo
    Alpina B10 Bi-Turbo
    Yes, yes.. I know.. I already have a Bimmer on the list, but I guess I just like them or something. I love the E34 M5, and the Alpina B10 Bi-Turbo was the fastest of that breed… So… yah, that’s what I’d like. 360hp in a four door sedan is quite a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and it’s awesome to be able to share that power with four friends.

    And, here’s a video… I don’t think it’s Top Gear, but the dude has a British accent, so it’s kinda like it..

So yah… that was a little difficult to come up with this list, but I think I’m pretty happy with it. I’ve got quite a range of cars for everything from the track, to the mountains, to roadtrips.. There are a ton more cars that I really love (like a Porsche 993 Carrera 4, an old 60’s Mustang, the EV1, an Audi S8, and a ’97 RX7) , but these are my five.. for now, at least.

civic pickup truck!!

So AJ is looking for a cheap car, and i’ve been helping him look… man, i love shopping for cars (and if you have a great car for less than a thousand bucks, let me know… come on.. AJ needs a nice car).. anyway, in the search, we came across this… man… i suppose i shouldn’t make fun.. i do have a disco ball limo afterall (which happens to be the raddest thing in the world tho)..


1988 HONDA CIVIC, converted to mini pick up truck, custom blue flame job, 150k mi, 5 spd, ac, well maint, runs perfect, $1,000 obo, 510-658-7161